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Welcome to China DIY Tours

Welcome to China DIY Tours, a new and unique China tour operator in Guilin. Our motto is "Discover and Save!" different from other online tour operators in China, we provide more humanized China travel services for you. Here, no one is in charge of your China trip expect you. You can design a tour package based on your interest and budget, choosing start date, number of travelers, hotel category, transportation between cities, scenic spots to visit and meals. All these will come true by our DIY system. Just four steps, your own itinerary is made. Come and have a try! Let's explore and enjoy the beauty and mystery of China together. If your would like to know more about China DIY Tours, please to contact us through contact@chinadiytours.com or call 1-888-267-6495 ( In USA & Canada ) 800-8793113 ( In China )

Who We Are

China DIY Tours is a online China travel agent owned and operated by China WANWIN Technology Guilin Co., Ltd. It is an officially licensed China tour operator, staffed with professional sales team. At China DIY Tours, a new online platform shows in front of you. It is what we have studied and discussed over the years.

In comparison with other China travel agents, we chinadiytours.com specializes in guiding travelers designing tour packages of their own. We just offer some travel information in China, such as city guide, introductions of tourist attractions, hotel information, China travel tips and so on. All these are for your preference and the detailed itinerary is under your control.

China DIY Tours provides online China travel services directly to the tourists for english-speaking people from all over the world. Our aim is to meet your need and make you delight, through DIY itineraries, cheap traveling cost and intimate China travel services. China WANWIN Technology Guilin Co., Ltd. Also operates greatwalldiscovery.com and greatwallvacation.com, which mainly provide ready-made tour packages.

What We Do

As a top China travel agent, China DIY Tours offers you well rounded travel services for you on your tour to China.

DIY China Tour
We China DIY Tours doesn't provide well-designed itineraries about every corner of China. You can totally arrange your trip to your heart's desire and gain a greater degree of individual attention that will ensure maximum flexibility and comfort. However, if you don't want to DIY a tour package or find it troublesome, welcome to ask us! We'll conjure up a customized tour for you!

Hotel Booking
Maybe you will be worried about where to live during China tour, especially in peak tourist season. We China DIY Tours can help you. We offer hotel booking service for you. It is believed that you may find what you want in a wide range of budget to luxury accommodation. We ensure that all hotels we recommended here are reliable, safe and comfortable. Book in advance and save a lot.

China Flights Booking
You don't need to worry about the flight tickets for your China tour. We China DIY Tours can help you deal with it, for we can get more discounted air tickets from some reliable ticket booking service. We book the flight tickets between their departure city and destinations for a large number of tourists yearly, with this service covering Chinese domestic flights, flights from or to Hong Kong and Macau and some international flights. Book early and you may save your money.

China Train Ticket Booking
Instead of by air, traveling by train may save you money. And actually, taking a China train tour is a memorable and comfortable experience with the well-developed railway network and high-speed train in China. China DIY Tours offers train tickets booking service for you. Here, you could avoid crowded people in the railway station and get the train tickets early.


What Make Us Different

Almost every traveler wishes a tour of a foreign country to be a golden opportunity to learn not only about its culture and history but also to experience the delights of the local food and comfortable transportations and other amenities to ensure a completely stress-free holiday. This is particularly true of travelers to P. R. China. Our private tours with Travel China Guide are designed to make your wishes come true!
We customized your China tour itineraries. If you do not find a satisfying itinerary on the tour menu, then you can just tell us your ideal travel plan, including the cities, attractions, accommodation, transport mode and other specific requirements. We'll customize all the details and give you a unique and perfect China tour.

Why Choose Us

Officially licensed tour operator
China DIY Tours is a reliable China Tour Operator which is also the member of ASTA and PATA. We offer global tourists as well as business travelers not only comprehensive travel information but also tour, hotel, air ticket and train ticket booking service. You can totally trust us and travel with us.

Our dedicated team
A successful business can not live without a professional team. China DIY Tours is no exception. Our professional team consists of travel advisers, sales managers and network managers. We aim at providing the wide and practical knowledge which will benefit you a lot in understanding China and its inner spirit, carefully plan every aspect of your trips, and always watch over you throughout your China trip to make sure your tour runs smoothly.

Try to meet the standard of what our customers need
For years in China travel business, we well understand what our customers need and the service standard we should offer. Your satisfaction is our commitment and pursuit of Forever. We give you choices here! China DIY Tours has a great variety of hotels, meals and means of transportation with many exclusive features, catering for any tourists with different budgets.

30 years experience & professionalism in tourism
Over 30 years of professional service has earned us a strong reputation for our knowledge, experience, efficiency and integrity. We ensure we can offer comprehensive and detailed travel information in China, including tourist attractions, cities, hotels, transportations between cities and China travel tips.

A Environmentally-Friendly Operator
We employ more local people and use more local products and services than foreign tour operators. This benefits local economies and contributes to a better social environment in the areas our customers visit.
We specialize in DIY tours, most of which are arranged in small private groups. Keeping tour groups small reduces the impact of tourism on the environment, e.g. no noise pollution from loud hailers, and smaller vehicles mean less damage to roads.
We educate our customers about the local wildlife, environment and cultures, which helps travelers keep in harmony with the local environment.

No Hidden Charges
Everything is above board. We absolutely promise that the quotation includes all the fees as indicated in the itinerary and there will be no hidden charges during your trip! This is important for you to better control the budget and mutually agreeable for your smooth and pleasant stay in China.
Chinadiytours keeps our promises to our valued clients: Our policy of no hidden charges and guaranteed net prices assure you a most enjoyable China trip.

As a traveler, you will be aware that lower prices catch the eye and are consequently one of the most competitive elements for a travel company. Some companies may release a very low advertised price to attract tourists, which will not always be the true cost of the trip if you want comfortable and guaranteed service.

Chinadiytours offers a truly inclusive price to those who wish to visit China with full value for every penny spent ensuring that their journey is a pleasant one. 

How We can Save for You

1. Rich resources and considerable network of national contacts

We are a large scale travel agent with professional and experienced staff. With over 30-year experience, we gain a huge number of travel information and have nice cooperation with some well-known national and international travel agencies and booking agencies. We promise to try our best to get the most affordable price for you. We are able to provide extensive information including diversified tours, local tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels, flights and any other information likely to be of the interest to the tourists. You can take what you want to know from our website.

2. Guarantee to maximize your profit
Your satisfaction is our honor. We always stand by your side and get the price in your best interests. We must communicate with local travel agencies and booking agencies for the cheapest price and remove the unreasonable terms. Besides, we can give you some suggestions about how to save money, time and energy during your trip to China.

3. Offer a rare and unique platform to design your own budget tour package
Maybe your travel plans often fail due to poor budgeting. Maybe the ready-made tour packages don’t meet your need, for some included attractions you don’t want to visit increase budgetary pressures. It is believed that China DIY Tours may meet your need like that of timely rain. At China DIY Tours, you can take a special experience in creating a tour package just based on your taste and budget.

Our Honor

Membership and Partnership
China WANWIN Technology Guilin Co., Ltd. is proud to be a member of ASTA and PATA. See the following and learn more details:

1. ASTA: The American Society of Travel Agents
Member ID #: 900190750
Member Since: 2009
Official Website: www.asta.org

How to verify that we are a member of ASTA?

Please visit http://www.asta.org/about/memberconf.cfm and type "China" in the country field to search. In the result page, you will find our membership information of China WANWIN Technology Guilin Co., Ltd.

Who is ASTA?
ASTA, short for the American Society of Travel Agents, is the world's largest association of travel professionals. Our members include travel agents and the companies whose products they sell such as tours, cruises, hotels, car rentals, etc. We are the leading advocate for travel agents, the travel industry and the traveling public.

ASTA has been dedicated to travel agents and the traveling public for over 75 years.

ASTA members continue to thrive as more and more travelers see the benefits of consulting an expert when making travel arrangements. Our progress enables ASTA and our members to stay focused on the needs of future customers.

2. PATA: Pacific Asia Travel Association
Member ID: 76337
Member Since: 2009
Official Website: www.pata.org
How to verify that we are a member of PATA?
Please visit http://www.pata.org/Membersverify, type “Wanwin China” in Profile Search and choose “China (PRC)”. In the result page, you will find our membership information of China WANWIN Technology Guilin Co., Ltd.

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) is an association that acts as a catalyst for the responsible development of the Asia Pacific travel and tourism industry. In partnership with PATA's private- and public-sector members, it enhances the sustainable growth, value and quality of travel and tourism to, from and within the region.

PATA provides leadership to the collective efforts of nearly 100 government, state and city tourism bodies, more than 55 international airlines and cruise lines, and hundreds of travel industry companies. In addition, thousands of travel professionals belong to more than 30 PATA chapters worldwide.

PATA's Strategic Intelligence Centre offers unrivalled data and insights, including Asia Pacific inbound and outbound statistics, analyses and forecasts, as well as in-depth reports on strategic tourism markets.

Year                            Honor
2011             Advanced Tourist Enterprise
2008             The Travel Agency Satisfied with the Guests
2007             Best Collaboration
2006             Best Collaboration
2004             The Travel Agent Satisfied with Travelers
2003             Most Popular Unit


About Brand “GreatWallDiscovery” & Three Websites

GreatWallDiscovery, as a top China based tour operator providing China tours and Yangtze River Cruise, owned by WANWIN China. The brand name “GreatWallDiscovery” has come to mean a reliable company.


Actually, we have three web sites —Greatwalldiscovery(GWD), Greatwallvacation(GWV), Chinadiytours(DIY), based on the business need of our company currently. All these are owned by WANWIN China and managed by Guilin Li Tour International Travel Service, Co., Ltd. But we use brand GreatWallDiscovery when making tour arrangement, offering travel services and contacting with our customers.


Guilin Li Tour International Travel Service, Co., Ltd is a five-star China travel agency of Guangxi, with above 75000 tourists arrived in China in 2012. We believe that we will become a reliable assistant for your visit to China. 

Our Websites

Under the brand of "GreatWallDiscovery", we have built 3 other websites, each with its own theme.


www.greatwalldiscovery.com: GreatWallDiscovery is a major China travel website of Wanwin China. As a leading China based tour operator in the field of China Inbound tours, our aim is to provide those who are interested in China tours with useful, interesting, original and up-to-date information.


Our website covers comprehensive information about tour packages, attractions, hotels, flights, activities, pictures and much more. We provide more than 30 types of private China tours by theme to suite various customers’ desires, in which you not only have fun but also have a feast of splendid culture and breathtaking landscapes of China.


Moreover, with exclusive experience in handling International tourists for past years and professional and in-time trade elites, our GreatWallDiscovery is successful among the forefront of China inbound tourism.


www.greatwallvacation.com: GreatWallVacation is one of the biggest and most professionally experienced tourism enterprises in China. We are registered with PATA and ASTA. We have close working relationships with most of the significant travel suppliers in China.


We offer a wide range of services, including organized and independent tours, local travel and guide services, special interest and incentive trips, and FIT (Foreign Individual Tourists) arrangements as well as booking services for accommodation and transport. 


Over 30 years of expert service delivery and co-operation with our counterparts in the trade has earned GreatWallVacation a strong reputation for the depth of our knowledge and experience, our efficiency and our integrity.


www.chinadiytours.com: China DIY Tours is a new form and trend of China inbound tours. Chinadiytours (DIY) is a new affiliated website of Greatwalldiscovery (GWD). Both of these websites face international customers, but adopt different ways.


Based on the traditional form of tourism, Chinadiytours weed through the old to create the new.  We get rid of ready-made tour packages, and make you create or design China tour itinerary of your own with the help of offered China travel guide to destinations, hotels, tourist attractions and China travel tips.


Just according to what you think and where you want to go, make your China tour packages steps by steps. We think the DIY tour will make your visit to China more memorable and meaningful.

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