5 Days Best Beijing Join-in Group Tour
Destinations: Beijing
Duration: 5 Days/ 4 Nights
Tour Code: DIY-CGT-001
Type of Tour: Fixed Departure Group Tour
Price p/p from: $383
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Day 01

Arrive in Beijing. Be met at the airport and transferred to the Beijing International Hotel (5-star). Just relax and take a leisured stroll around the city. You can excurse and reveal this charming city by person. Happy travel!
Meals:No Meals
Accommodation: Beijing International Hotel


Beijing, China’s capital and a well-known tourist city of the world, offers sights and cultural relics found nowhere on earth. The city has its own individuality that is the flavor of Beijing. The quadrangle, small alley, tricycle, boiled mutton, roasted duck, Peking Opera, arts and crafts you can see, hear and feel them all only when you come to the city yourself. Relax and wander around the city. You can take your pace to explore the city.

Day 02

Today's must-see attractions of 5 Day Best Beijing Join-in Group Tour are Tian’anmen Square, Forbidden City and Hutong tour with pedicab ride & home visit.
Accommodation: Beijing International Hotel

Forbidden City

Tiananmen Square: Largest city square in the world, at 440,000 square meters, the Tiananmen(the Gate of Heavenly Peace)Square can hold about one million people for public celebration or gatherings. In the square tourists can climb the Tiananmen Rostrum, attend the national flag raising ceremony every morning at sunrise, visit the National Museum of China, and go to the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong, in which one will see the body of the great Chinese leader.

Forbidden City: Also known as Palace Museum, Forbidden City was home to 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The construction of the grand palace lasted 14 years from 1406 to 1420. In the ancient time, the emperor claimed to be the son of the heaven and their supreme power was conferred upon from the heaven. So their residence on the earth was built as a replica of the Purple Palace where the God lived in the Heaven. Such divine place was certain forbidden for the ordinary people, so it is called the Forbidden City.

Beijing Hutong: The Beijing Hutong (old lane) areas have a very special and important position in the rich history and culture of Beijing. The alleys give a wonderful glimpse into the world of yesterday in Beijing. While visiting the Beijing Hutong, you can appreciate the dramatic changes that the rest of Beijing has undergone. You can see evidence of the history of Beijing, experience the old way of life and experience traditional Beijing culture. Longer Beijing tours usually include a visit to a hutong area.

Day 03

Today's full-day excursion of 5 Day Best Beijing Join-in Group Tour will take you to the Badaling Great Wall ,Sacred Way of Ming Tombs, Jade stone workshop and photo stop at the Bird Nest & Water Cube. The Legend of Kung Fu Show is recommended for your today's itinerary, which is exclusive in our quotation. Feel free to contact our travel advisor about the details and cost.
Accommodation: Beijing International Hotel

Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall: The best preserved portion of the Ming Great Wall, Badaling Great Wall was widely realized as the essence of the Ming Great Wall. Standing on the top of Badaling and looking to the distance, one will be amazed at the great wonder of the Wall.

Sacred Way: Part of the Ming Tombs complex. It is a long, straight path flanked by statues first of ancient government officials and then by animals. The Sacred Way ends at a pavilion sheltering a stone tablet.

Bird Nest: The Beijing National Stadium, also known as the" bird's nest" was the main track and field stadium for the 2008 Summer Olympics and host to the Opening and Closing ceremonies. The stadium's appearance is one of synergy, with no distinction made between the facade and the superstructure. The structural elements mutually support each other and converge into a grid-like formation - almost like a bird's nest with its interwoven twigs. The spatial effect of the stadium is novel and radical, yet simple and of an almost archaic immediacy, thus creating a unique historical landmark for the Olympics of 2008.

Water Cube: The National Aquatics Centre, also known as 'The Water Cube', is one of the most dramatic and exciting venues to host sporting events for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Located inside the Beijing Olympic Green, it is axially related to the National Stadium on the north part of Beijing Central Axis. The National Aquatics Center is the venue for swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and water-polo final during the Olympic Games. The total seating capacity is 17,000, including 6,000 permanent and 11,000 temporary for Games which was removed post-Games, and now the National Aquatics Center is the venue for various activities such as aquatic sports, swimming, fitness and recreation.

Legend of Kung Fu Show follows the story of a young boy who found wander outside an ancient temple. Like every boy in China, he dreams of becoming a Kung Fu master. The show has English subtitles shown above the stage to keep you informed of the story line. The actors do not speak, and the show is all Kung Fu, dance and acrobatics. It is the fusion of modern dance with Chinese traditional arts which make this performance unique and spectacular. 

Day 04

Today's full-day excursion of 5 Day Best Beijing Join-in Group Tour will take you to the Temple of Heaven, Pearl workshop visit and Summer Palace. Lunch is included. Rest of day is free. And Peking Duck dinner tonight.
Accommodation: Beijing International Hotel

Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven: The Temple of Heaven is a large park and temple complex situated in more or less the south central area of Beijing. Its center piece is a large tower built, it is said, entirely of wood and not using a single nail. It is said that the main features of the park are its trees and inhabitants. The park is filled with more than a thousand species of tree, some of which are hundreds of years old, despite their relatively small size. One thing you could notice here is that most of the architecture here. The park also attracts local residents by the thousand each day, which come to practice singing, martial arts, Peking opera, chess, dancing, and calligraphy. Of course, this can be said of many parks in Beijing, but the Temple of Heaven attracts more than its fair share. Chinese Kung Fu Show: In this optional program by GWD, you can have a look at the Chinese historic essence - Kong Fu.

Summer Palace: UNESCO has this to say of the Summer Palace: "Amasterpiece of Chinese landscape garden design. The natural landscape of hills and open water is combined with artificial features such as pavilions, palaces, temples and bridges to form a harmonious ensemble of outstanding aesthetic value." The Summer Palace is said to be the best preserved imperial garden in the world, and the largest of its kind still in existence in modern China, The Chinese call it Yihe Yuan (Garden of Restful Peace), and the landscaped gardens, temples and pavilions were designed to achieve harmony with nature, to soothe and please the eye. Small wonder that UNESCO added this 300 hectare site to the World Heritage was listed in 1998.

Peking Duck is thought to be one of the most delicious dishes all over the world; most visitors coming to Beijing will never forget to have a try. Eating Peking duck is seen to be one of the two things you are absolutely supposed to do while in Beijing.

Day 05

After breakfast, you will be driven to the airport for departure from Beijing to your next destination. 5 Day Best Beijing Join-in Group Tour is finished.
Accommodation: Beijing International Hotel

Beijing Overview

In the past few days, you have had a wonderful time in Beijing. You must be fascinated about Beijing. We are sure that you have enjoyed its splendid culture and unique scenery and you can be our best ambassadors to share that experience with your friends and neighbors. We sincerely hope to see you revisit China again with your friends. In addition, we hope you are satisfied with our GWD’s information and service.

Fixed Departed Date for Group

1. This Tour is from 1st, April ,2013 to 28th March , 2014.

2. Daily guaranteed departure based on minimum of 2 passengers.

Departure Date Year Package Rate(twin or triple share) Single Room Supplement Availability
04-01~08-28 2013 USD 429 USD 183
08-29~08-31 2013 USD 452 USD 206
09-01~10-28 2013 USD 473 USD 231
10-29~10-31 2013 USD 452 USD 206
11-01~11-29 2013 USD 429 USD 183
11-30~12-31 2013 USD 383 USD 150
01-01~02-26 2014 USD 383 USD 150
02-27~03-28 2014 USD 429 USD 183
02-27~03-28 2014 USD 429 USD 183
02-27~03-28 2014 USD 429 USD 183

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