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General Information of China Anshun


Location: In the Midwestern Guizhou and 90 kilometers far from capital city of Guizhou—Guiyang
Population: 2.29 million


Introduction of China Anshun

Cityview of Anshun City


Anshun, a small city in Guizhou province, is a popular tourist destination in China. Located in the Midwest of Guizhou province, it boasts the rich natural resources and culture relics. Anshun city is located in typical Karst geomorphic focus area and the climate belongs to the plateau type humid subtropical monsoon climate. All these conditions make Anshun a city with spectacular natural sceneries.


Since the ancient time, Guizhou Anshun is one of the economic and political centers of Guizhou province and known as "the belly Guizhou, Yunnan's throat, Sichuan and Guangdong's lip teeth".


Here besides the fantastic natural sceneries, the local culture is also one of the features of Anshun city. The relic site of Puding Chuandong ancient people here is called the light of Asian Civilazation. The Tunbao villages and Guanling Ridge Biome paleontology are rarely found in the world. The Batik of Anshun is renowned as the top one in the East. The local opera is even called the Chinese drama living fossils. China Anshun is also the home of waterfall in China. The most famous waterfall in China—Huangguoshu Waterfall is in Anshun city.


Famous Attractions in China Anshun


Huangguoshu Waterfall National Park: It is where the most famous waterfall Huanguoshu Waterfall is in China and an AAAAA scenic area in China. Huangguoshu Waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls in China and East Asia. It is located on the Bashui River and 77.8 meters high and 101 meters wide.


The Water-Curtain Cave: It is a scenic spot in the national park of Huangguoshu Waterfall. It is a naturally formed cave and located in the back of the Huangguoshu waterfall.


Food in China Anshun


Sour and Spicy are the main theme of Anshun cuisine. Maybe you are curious about why local people love the flavor, the reason for it is that the location of Anshun city. It is located in Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. The climate and weather decide how the cuisine is.


The Recommended Food in Anshun


Roast Mini Xiang Pig: The pig is a special pig grown in Guizhouor Guangxi province. It is short, small and the max weight of the pig is only 5 kilograms. The meat is tender and springy. This dish is fragrant, pure and delicate and taste great.

Buckwheat Cool Bean Jelly: It is the most popular snack among the snacks in Anshun city. Made of powder of buckwheat and seasoned with spicy bean curd, chili oil, fired soy bean and pignut. It tastes hot and spicy.


Shopping in China Anshun


As known in China, taking China travel to Southwestern China, the local handicrafts are the best souvenirs. In Anshun, the most valuable souvenir is the Anshun Batik. Being the top one in the East, the batik in Anshun city is exquisite and has the artistic value and aesthetic value in the history of East Art. The special emblazonry and the content of painting will attract you and it is a creature of Anshun people and an important art for world art.


Besides the Anshun Batik, the Zhenning Bobo Candy is also a good souvenir for you. It is made by the local minorities of Miao and Buyi. It is kind of healthy candy with rich nutrition. You do not worry too much about the calories brought by the candy. Local minorities pay lots of attentions to health and all the materials are green and organic.


If you want to go shopping in Anshun city, there are lots of stores to meet your needs. You can go to the Jiahui Shopping Center which is located in the Xixiu Distirct , Anshun City Department Store which is located in Shixi Road or the Jinmate Storage Shopping Center which is located in Minzhu Road.


Travel Tip for China Travel to Anshun City


Tips for transportation in Anshun


At present, if you want to take your China travel to Anshun, it is easier. There is Hhaungguoshu airport, you can take flight there. If you find your departure place cannot get the airport, you can choose the Guiyang airport, which is only 100 kilometers from the Huangguoshu airport.


If you want to take train here, the train is available in this city. The major cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangdong and Kunming have train connect Anshun city. Besides, there is the “No. Huangguoshu” shuttle between Guiyang and Anshun.


In Anshun, if you want to go to the tourist area, you can take buses. There are Anshun South Long Distance Bus Station and Anshun West Long Distance Bus Station. It is also available for you to take buses from Anshun to Guiyang. You can find the buses in the Anshun South Long Distance Bus Station.


Best Time to Visit Anshun City


The Best Time for your China travel to Anshun is in July and August. In this period, Anshun is cooler than other places in China and due to the rainy season here, the Huangguoshu Waterfall gets enough amount of water. You will see the most beautiful Huangguoshu Waterfall during July and August. Besides, the rain makes the whole Anshun a dreamlike place, you will see the totally different Anshun city.


China Anshun, a city with ethnic background and rich culture atmosphere, is an ideal China travel destination. In Anshun city, you will see the beautiful Huangguoshu Waterfall and enjoy the delicious Anshun cuisine. Guizhou province is colorful and Anshun is beautiful.


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