Oriental Ancient Capital, Hometown of Great Wall


General Information of Beijing


Another Name: Beiping ( 北平 in Chinese)
Location: Located in northern China
People: A population of 19,612,368 as of 2010





Forbidden City in Beijing City, a top attraction in Beijing China

Interesting in Beijing

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Introduction of Beijing

Tiananmen in Beijing, the landmark of Beijing city.

Beijing Tiananmen


Beijing, the capital of China, also serves as the center of politics, economy, and culture of the nation. As one of China's six ancient capitals, with long history, splendid culture and many stunning scenic sites, Beijing has something for every traveler.


Language: People native to urban Beijing speak the Beijing dialect, which belongs to the Mandarin subdivision of spoken Chinese. This speech is the basis for Putonghua. Your Beijing Tour can pick up some Beijing dialects.

Peking Opera: it is a traditional form of Chinese theater well known throughout the nation. Beijing opera is performed through a combination of song, spoken dialogue, and codified action sequences involving gestures, movement, fighting and acrobatics. Our Beijing Travel Guide will bring you fantastic Peking Opera shows.


Famous Attractions in Beijing


Badaling Great Wall: The Badaling Great Wall is the most visited section and popular destination for Beijing tour.

Forbidden City in Beijing, a top attraction in Beijing and a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Forbidden City, an Imperial Palace

Forbidden City: Forbidden City in Beijing also known as Palace Museum was home to 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In the ancient time, the emperor claimed to be the son of the heaven and therefore their supreme power was conferred upon them from the heaven.

Summer Palace: The Old Summer Palace, known in China as the Gardens of Perfect Brightness, and originally called the Imperial Gardens, was a complex of palaces and gardens, where the emperors of the Qing Dynasty resided and handled government affairs and it is the must-see attraction in Beijing tour.

Temple of Heaven: The Temple of Heaven is seen as the most holy of Beijing’s imperial temples. It has been described as "a masterpiece of architecture and landscape design". The Temple of Heaven was where the emperor came every winter solstice to worship Heaven and to solemnly pray for a good harvest.


Hutong: The Beijing Hutong areas have a very special and important position in the rich history and culture of Beijing. The alleys give a wonderful glimpse into the world of yesterday in Beijing.


Tiananmen Square: Tiananmen Square is the largest city square in the world, at 440,000 square meters, and can hold about one million people for public celebration or gatherings.


Ming Tombs: there are 13 Ming Dynasty emperors buried there, thus it is also called The 13 Mausoleums in Beijing. These tombs are the best preserved Chinese imperial tombs and have been nominated by UNESCO as world cultural heritage.


Nightlife in Beijing

Peking Acrobatics Show in Beijing, a popular nightlife activity in Beijing

Peking Acrobatics Show


Pubs: In comparison to Shanghai and Hong Kong, Beijing's nightlife is not so bustling, but still owns its unique flavor. Nightlife venues are mostly in the city center. In recent years, the city has witnessed a mushrooming of foreign theme pubs, new exotic bars and locally run clubs.


Beijing Teahouse: As the pub or cafe in the west as integral to social interaction, the teahouse has been a meeting place for local residents, artists, philosophers and the melting pot of ideas, debates and revelations.


Peking Acrobatics Show: Chinese acrobatics are spectacular, with an uninterrupted history of over 2000 years, thus, enjoying the Peking Acrobatic show in the evening is really fantastic in Beijing tour. 


Beijing Kung Fu Show: The magnificent wushu is the crystallization of human wisdom. Its broad and profound connotation, its mysterious and subtle skills command respect among heroes all over the world. Popular theater to see the Kung Fu Show is the Red Theater in Chongwen district.


Food in Beijing

Delicious Beijing Roast Duck, a famous Beijing food

Beijing Roast Duck


Beijing cuisine is the local style of cooking. Peking Roast Duck is perhaps the best known dish

Fuling Jiabing, a traditional Beijing snack food, is a pancake resembling a flat disk with a filling made from fu ling, a fungus used in traditional Chinese medicine. 


Beijing Roast Duck is dubbed as “the Number one delicious food in the world”. Most visitors coming to Beijing will never forget to have a try. Eating Peking duck is considered to be one of the two things visitors are absolutely supposed to do while in Beijing; the other is climbing the Great Wall.


Mutton Hot Pot, inherited from the hearty Mongolian, is important to the Chinese table. Mutton Hot Pot is famous for its large variety of materials and seasonings, such as paper-thin mutton slices, sesame jam, leek sprout, bitter shrimp oil, frozen bean curd, dried rice noodles and fresh vegetables like cabbage and radish slices.


Shopping in Beijing


Shopping in Beijing is extremely exciting and interesting owing to Beijing’s wide variety of commodities. It is an ideal place for foreign visitors who are looking for goods with Chinese characteristics. Chinese handicrafts, unique souvenirs and local specialties like Chinese calligraphy, silks, ceramics, as well as many cultural stuffs are available here for your selection. Why not buy something meaningful during your Beijing tour?

Street view of  Liulichang Antiques Street in Bejing, a famous street for virtuosity

 Liulichang Antiques Street


The world-wide renowned Chinese handicrafts are the Cloisonné, Color Glazed Ware, Dough Figurine and Lacquer Work. They are representative of Chinese folk life and exquisite craft.


Famous Places for Shopping in Beijing

Wangfujing Street: It is one of the largest mall streets in Beijing, China. It is the center of these well-known chain stores, such as Wangfujing Department Store, Green House Department Store, Hong Kong Gourmand City, Foreign Bookstore and Linsheng Sports Article Store and so on. If you spend 3 minutes in each chain store, it will take several days to visit them all.


Liulichang Antiques Street: The street in Beijing is considered to have originated from Qing Dynasty, which is evidenced by the ancient wooden architecture lining either side of the street. Products sold here include jewelry, antiques, and ancient calligraphy and paintings. The Liulichang Culture Street, a few minutes' walk from the south of Hepingmen Subway Station, is a great place for shopping in terms of both variety and atmosphere in Beijing tour.


Beijing Travel Guide


Beijing Travel Tips -- Transportation in Beijing

Taxi: Foreign visitors to Beijing can usually afford to take a taxi everywhere they want to go. 

Subway: The subway in Beijing is rather limited at the moment with just 4 lines in operation.

Bus: There are many different kinds of buses with prices starting at 1 RMB for a non-air-conditioned crowded bus. 2 RMB might buy you some air conditioning and a few less people.

  Beijing Travel Tips -- Best Time to Visit Beijing
Beautiful Autumn Scenery of Beijing Fragrant Hill which is a popular destination for people to Beijing in Autumn

Beautiful Autumn Scenery of Beijing Fragrant Hill

Autumn (September to November) is considered to be the best time to visit Beijing when warm and dry days with clear skies and favorable cool evenings are the norm. Besides, there is lots of sunshine to keep the spirits high while touring Beijing. If you decide to have a Beijing tour in autumn, there are 2 spots you must see:


1. Fragrant Hills Park : Fragrant Hills Park is the most recommended scenic spot on your autumn tour in Beijing as it is the best place to witness the charm of autumn in Beijing. When autumn arrives, the natural scenery of Fragrant Hills Park turns spectacular with shining golden red maple leaves covering the mountain side.


2. Mutianyu Great Wall: Mutianyu Great Wall in Beijing is the most beautiful section of China Great Wall, well known for its autumn foliage. In golden autumn, Mutianyu section of Great Wall is covered with fabulous red leaves, making it an ideal destination to appreciate the grandeur of Beijing Great Wall in autumn.


Spring is the second-best time to visit Beijing (from March to May) which is also cool and short, having similar temperatures with those of autumn. Beijing weather in spring is windy and temperatures vary greatly between day and night.


When cool winds blow away the pollution, but also sometimes bring sandstorm for a day or two which may delay trips. So the sandstorm in spring has kept people on alert when planning a rewarding tour to Beijing. However, the condition will become better in May, making it one of the best months to tour Beijing.


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