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General Information of Chengde City

Area: In the northeast of Hebei Province, is close to Beijing, about 230 kilometers (140 miles) away, Tianjin, Tangshan and Qinhuangdao.

Population?3.7 million


Introduction of Chengde City

As one of the first famous historic and cultural cities of the nation, Chengde has plenty of sceneries, with some of them being renowned both at home and abroad. The Mountain Resort and Eight Outer Temples are listed as the world cultural heritage.


Chengde, originally called Rehe was once the summer resort capital of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It holds rich culture related to this history as well as many historic relics dating as far back as the Neolithic Age in this city. Ethnic groups such as Xiongnu, Xianbei, Qidan, Nvzhen, and Mongolian once led a nomadic existence in this region from the Qin (221BC-206) to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).


Famous Attractions of Chengde

1. Chengde Summer Palace: it also called Hot River Palace is located in the north of Chengde city and is where emperors from China's ancient Qing dynasty spent their summers to escape the summer heat in Beijing. It contains emperor's residential buildings, royal gardens and some magnificent temples. Nowadays, the historically important Chengde not only serves as a tourist destination but also as a live museum to explore and define the history and culture of the Qing Dynasty because of its legacy that remains.


2. Puning Temple: Puning Temple in Chengde is also called Big Buddha Temple because it houses a large statue of Buddha. The temple was built from the twentieth year to the twenty-third year of Emperor Qianlong in the style of the earliest monastery of the Tibetan Buddhism-Sanmoye Temple.


3. Putuozongcheng Temple: The most conspicuous characteristics of this temple display its Tibetan style. Emperors used this platform to hold great religious rituals and to meet high officials and tribal chiefs from important ethnic groups.


Nightlife in Chengde

After having a good time in Chengde during the day, you have a rich variety of leisure places in which to relax when the night lights are lit. Folk singing and dancing, bowling, karaoke all form part of the attractions, while strolling through the night market or just enjoying a coffee or maybe a bottle of wine in a quiet bar will add yet more pleasure and romance to your travels far from home.

Most of the bars in Chengde are located in Shaanxi Ying; some are noisy while some have a quiet atmosphere. Jinshengyuan is one of the bars providing a peaceful environment to enjoy life's simple happy pleasures. Tea shows in Wulie Lu are good choices as well. If you would like to have a taste of the local snacks in a night market, Nanyingzi Dajie will serve your appetites.


Food in Chengde

The story of local food in Chengde has a long and interesting history, going back to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Cooking culture of both royal and folk converged in Chengde after the construction of the Mountain Resort. Then it gradually formed its own feature after an amalgamation of a diversity of other diet and an innovation of new tastes.


The dishes of Chengde are representative of court dishes in the north of the Great Wall. Being far removed from Beijing, venison can be found without effort in Chengde. In addition, there is food of Manchu features, glutinous and cold as Chengde is place where Manchu are gathered. Red bean gruel, Youmian (a kind of food made of oat flour) and hot pot with Chinese sauerkraut are popular in this city as well.

Dining in Chengde demands that the color, smell, and taste of every dish be superb and there is a diversity of the culinary skills like frying, sauting, heating up, braising, and fumigating, etc.


Some famous dishes in Chengde are five spiced venison, game hot pot and chilled hare of Pingquan, etc. The flavor snacks include crisp cake, eight-treasure rice pudding, bean-starch jelly, haw sheets, nansha cake, and Shaomai (steamed dumpling with the dough gathered at the top), etc. All of which are of unique local style.


Shopping in Chengde

The city of Chengde, lies to the north of the Great Wall, and teems with a variety of local products due to its abundant natural resources. In addition, its profound cultural heritage has contributed to the city's unique folk arts and crafts. While traveling in Chengde, you are provided with many options should you wish to buy local specialties or just do some leisurely window shopping.


The special natural products to be found in Chengde are wild almonds, walnuts, Chinese chestnuts, hazelnuts, mushrooms, hawthorn and nasturtium, etc. Most of this produce can be found in Kangqian Tourist Shopping Mall which is located at B1B, Rongji Garden, Puning Lu.


One of the most popular products with tourists visiting Chengde is Teng's Cloth-Pasted Painting which is regarded as a 'unique talent of Cathay'. It is a new style of painting combining brushwork with sculpture, embroidery, paperhanging and paper-cutting, an art form invented by the folk artist Teng Teng.


Chengde Travel Guide

1. Chengde Summer Palace: Pick up No.5 bus through to the destination from Chengde railway station or the coach station.

2. Eight Outer Temples: To get there, you can take bus No. 6 outside the Mountain Resort of Chengde.


China Travel in Chengde

1. Fengning Grassland: in summer, it is extremely cool with the average temperature of 17.4 centigrade degree and is thus a good place to avoid the summer heat in Chengde. As a tourist, you can enjoy the beauty of the grassland's scene on horseback riding in the gentle breeze and taste as much as you like the strong local conditions and customs of Man and Mongolian nationalities.


2. Saihanba National Forest Park: The scenery is especially spectacular in summer.  With so many shades of green from the variety of trees and bushes that billow in the breeze, the immense forests rise and fall over the undulating countryside and the wide grassland being nearly all covered by golden flowers. Temperatures in this season are usually no more than 25 centigrade degree. It is cool and the air fresh making the park is an excellent place to avoid the intense heat.


In autumn, flaming maple leaves, golden birch leaves and the dark green pine needle-like leaves mingle all over the mountain, with nature making an extremely beautiful carpet to walk through. This also makes it the best season for color photography.


In the cold of winter, however, it takes on another dimension altogether; the ground is a blanket of white with a capping of snow while ice pieces can hang from the bare branches of the trees. Early mornings with the fresh snow are a great time to get out, play games and warm up making snow-men and just having fun.

3. Contest of Dragon Boat of Mountain Resort: June every year

It is a joyous and exciting festival that draws people's attention in Chengde. In addition to the dragon boat contest, there are gliding acts, water performances, as well as gong and drum performance, etc.


4. Best times to visit the Mountain Resort

To pass the summer: June to October
To go on a spring outing: April to May
To appreciate the scenery of red autumnal leaves: late October to middle November
To enjoy the beautiful snowy scenery: late January to middle February

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