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Area: Chuxiong City lies at the south of Yunnan Province, 160 kilometers away from the Kunming City, covering an area of 29,258 square kilometers.

Population: It is home to almost 2.45 million people among which Yi ethnic group accounts for 24.6%


Features of Chuxiong City


Chuxiong is known as one of the birthplaces of Chinese humanity and a treasure house of ancient living things' fossils. The fossils of ancient ape of Lufeng about 80 million years ago, "Yuanmon Man” about 17 million years ago and Lufeng dinosaur of 1.8 billion years ago were excavated here.


Culture of Chuxiong City


The fossilized remains of Yuanmou Man who lived 1.7 million years ago were discovered in Yuanmou County in 1965. After hundreds of years of multiethnic fusion, Chuxiong became a residential area with Yi ethnic minority as its largest group. However, this was to change during the early Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), when the Han became the largest group in this area due to the large number of migrants from Central China.

Attractions in Chuxiong


1. Yuanmou Clay (Earth) Forest: The Clay Forest is a natural landform shaped by the erosion of rocks over the centuries by water. In the main, the clay forests in Yuanmou County are made up of three scenic spots: Hutiaotan, Banguo and Xinhua among which the Banguo Clay Forest is the largest, boasting the grandest clay landscape.


2. Exhibition Hall of Yuanmou Man: Following the discovery of Yuanmou Man, the earliest human in Asia, Chuxiong is regarded as the cradle of Asia. The Exhibition Hall of Yuanmou Man is located in the Longchuan Jie in Yuanmou County seat.


3 Banguo Soil Forest: this is one of the largest among all the soil forest in Yuanmon, covering a total area of 14 square kilometers. It is located at the Pingtian Township, which is 18 kilometers in the west of the Yuanmon County, near the Shahe River. It is a representative of the aged residual hills of the soil forest, with an average height of 3-8 meters. The highest part is about 12 meters.


4. Fossils of Lufeng Dinosaurs: Since 1938, dinosaur fossils have been found constantly in Lufeng. 24 genuses of 33 species and hundreds of complete dinosaur fossils have been unearthed, which were considered as one of the most origin and age-old vertebrates fossils in an internal shape around the world.


Chuxiong Food


1. Roast pig: Yuanmou pig roast along with a local flavor is the traditional cuisine, raw materials, which use lean pig, get it clean and then, coated with a variety of condiments, baked on charcoal fire until cooked skin yellow flesh.

2. All the sheep pot: this is the hospitality of a Ming Yao Yi people, will be slaughtered sheep in all parts of all cut into pieces, placed in a pot, cook the time in addition to salt, not to put any seasoning, pepper came alive again when the time consumed, chili powder, mint.


Shopping in Chuxiong


1. Special Local Products: Mountain delicacies including edible fungus, ornaments and traditional Yi garments, totem masks, and silk products.


2. Dayao Preserved Fruit: Daoyao County is rich in producing peach, pear and other fruits. With advanced equipments and technology, combination of traditional method, various fruits are preserved.

3. Chuxiong Vermicelli: Every county is abundant in producing vermicelli. Chuxiong Vermicelli has more than one-hundred-year producing history.


Chuxiong Travel Guide


1. Railway: Railway road runs across Chuxiong. No.986 express train passes the city every day at 12:30, with the fee of RMB 20 from Kunming. There are trains going to and from Yuanmon and Lufeng too.


2. Highway: Chuxiong lies to the west of Kunming City and the transportation is quite convenient. National highway 320 connects Chuxiong with Kunming, with distance of 160 kilometers. Meanwhile, there are roads leading to almost every county in the area. The Kunming-Dali Expressway passes through Chuxiong. And it takes about 2 hours to go from Kunming to Chuxiong by bus.


3. City transportation: in Chuxiong, taxi charges 5 Yuan within the city. If you are going out of the city, you may negotiate the fee with the driver.


China Travel in Chuxiong


Chuxiong enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate with neither extreme heat nor cold. It has defined dry and wet seasons. May to October is the rainy season. The average annual temperature falls to around 15-21°C (59-69.8°F). Like most cities in Yunnan, the temperature varies greatly during the day but only slightly during the course of the year.


June to September is the rainy season of Yuanmou Clay Forest. Neither the road nor the landscape in the scenic area is in good condition at this time. October to March is the best months in which to visit Yuanmou. Chuxiong is halfway along the highway from Kunming to Dali. Visitors can arrange their journey to Dali and Lijiang together with the tour to Kunming and Chuxiong.    


The Yi Torch Festival in Chuxiong is held during the sixth lunar month (August) every year. When traveling in the prefecture during the rainy season, warm clothing and rainwear are vital for comfort.  

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