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Romantic Capital, Dalian China


Dalian Travel Guide 1: Main Dalian Facts


Another Name: Romantic Capital
Location: Located in the eastern Liaoning Province, on the East coast of the Eurasian Continent and in the southernmost of Liaotung Peninsula.
Population: with a population of 6.69 million
Dalian Overview: Extolled as the “Romantic Capital” and “Northern Pearl of China”, Dalian is one of the most important industrial cities and a main seaport of China. Dalian is also a modern tourism city. It is famous for fashion, football and its annual beer festival. Unlike the Chinas ancient cities, Dalian China offers a totally different experience for visitors. Dalian provides the visitor a chance to relax by the sea and enjoy the clean air, while still also offering plenty of shopping, bars, and restaurants to keep busy.


Dalian Travel Guide 2: Dalian Culture


International Fashion Festival
The Dalian International Fashion Festival has made the city well known throughout the world. The national young designers' contest, the fashion show featuring Chinese and foreign models, and the large-scale cultural square party have all proved a great commercial success, promoting Dalian China to the world and letting friends from overseas feel the warmth of the local people.


Opening Ceremony for Dalian International Fest
Opening Ceremony for Dalian International Fest is a large evening performance at the city square. Except the large evening performance, the ceremony also invites the pop stars and singers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korean, and other countries.


Dalian Travel Guide 3: More Dalian Information on Dalian China Travel


Attractions in Dalian


1. Bangchuidao Scenic Area: The scenic spot is encompasses an islet, sea, mountain, and beach, with the famous Bangchuidao State Guesthouse in the vicinity. Bangchuidao is surrounded by lush pine and cypress-topped mountains in the north and vast and flat sandy beaches in the south. If a traveler looks into the distance, he will see three islands under the mist, evoking a feeling of being in fairyland.


2. Laohutan Ocean Park: Laohutan Ocean Park is situated in center Dalian China, a renowned state-level scenic area. Inside the park, the gorgeous seaside scenery comprises of hills and stones framed by an azure sky and sea. The park also boasts of a Coralarium, the largest sea creature’s park with coral reefs existing in their natural habitat.

3. Bingyu Valley Scenic Area: Binyu Valley Scenic Area is acclaimed as the “Oriental Miniature Switzerland”. Unique lava landforms, natural pinewood and deep valleys are rare sights that can be found in this region. In addition, it is home to over 200 varieties of flora and fauna.


4. Jinshitan Scenic Area: Jinshatan is the largest state-level holiday resort in China, and also the only one in the northeast. Notable for geologic features, it has the prestige of being a “paradise for gentlemen”. Encircled by the sea, Jinshitan Scenic Area has not only fresh air, clean sea water, sunshine and a spacious beach.

5. Lushun (Port Arthur): Lushun District, also known as Port Arthur, is located at the southernmost tip of Liaotung Peninsula. Port Arthur is regarded as a state-level key scenic spot, a national nature reserve, a national forest park as well as a famous historical cultural city.


6. Xinghai Park: Xinghai Park is a seashore park in Dalian China with a long history. The garden has luxuriant trees and flowers, linked by cobblestone footpaths to Qile Pavilion, Wanghai Pavilion, Jinhua Pavilion and Yinghcao Pavilion. The tranquil atmosphere attracts numerous visitors every year.

7. Dalian Shell Museum: The museum stands in the ancient castle on the east slope of Xinghai Square. Displaying some 7,000 specimens of the world’s rare shellfish; it is the biggest professional shell museum in Asia.


Food in Dalian


What to Eat in Dalian China


Dalian Food: Dalian Food belongs to Shandong Cuisine, one of the famous eight cuisines in China. By using the seafood as the major raw materials and combing both domestic and international cooking method, Dalian food forms its unique style. At most of the eateries and top restaurants in Dalian, travelers could taste the lip smacking seafood delicacies. And the highly recommended seafood here includes sea cucumber, abalone, scallop, prawn, clam, haihong, clam and oyster.


Where to Eat in Dalian China


1. Wuwu Road Food Street: Strictly speaking, Wuwu Road Food Street is actually a featured bar street, located on the opposite of the Shide Group. However, the drifting fragrance of the delicacies also attracts numerous people’s visit here.


2. Shandong Road Food Street: Shandong Road Food Street is a long street, be dotted with barbecue, hotpot, seafood, and roasted goose eateries on both sides of the road.


Shopping in Dalian

What to Buy in Dalian China


Dalian is known as “Fashion City” where the annual Dalian International Fashion festival is held. If you are lucky to travel to the city around September, you will find this festival venue a paradise to buy the most fashionable clothes from all over the world.


Bordering the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea that foster the growth of an array of sea life, Dalian exports much of its seafood to different countries and regions in the world. Locals consider the un-missable Eight Treasures to be: sea cucumber, abalone, scallop, prawn, mussel and oyster, etc.


Dalian is renowned in China for its apple harvest and produces more than 100 varieties. The cherries, peaches and grapes grown here are also popular in the northern part of China.


There is a variety of artworks sculpted out of shells. The products included hanging paintings, screens, lamps and ornaments. Embroidery and glasses ornament product are also popular choices.


Where to Buy in Dalian China


Qingniwan Area
Like Beijing's Wangfujing and Shanghai's Nanjing Lu, Qingniwan area close to Dalian Railway Station is a commercial landmark of the city and a popular tourist destination. With a good location in front the railway station, a group of large shops and malls make this area the busiest shopping center in the city. Qiulin Women Shop and Dalian Shopping Center are two main choices in this area.


Tianjin Walking Street
This was a century-old shopping street with numerous shops and stalls. In recently years, the government turned it into an extravagant European style shopping area with all sorts of well-known brands housed in a great number of skyscrapers. The top-end shopping building, Friendship Shopping City, is on this street.

Xi'an Lu
This is a popular choice for locals with many supermarkets including Carrefour, Parkson, Wal Mart and other domestic retail outlets.


Nightlife in Dalian


The various squares in Dalian China are popular nightlife venues for local people. In the evening, parents with children, young lovers, elder people and sightseeing tourists come to squares to stroll, play tennis and to exercise. They usually stay till midnight. Though not as flourishing as those in Beijing, bar and pubs close to Wuwu Road and Sanba Square areas in the city are still one of the main choices for local people.


People in Dalian China have two popular day-time sports——hunting and kart sports. These days, the challenging hunting games have become popular with local people and Jinshi International Hunting Club in Jinshitan Scenic Area is reputed to be the best. The hunting ground provides forest hunting games, target archery and other sports. People satisfy their urge to steal prohibited fruits. Karting is another fashionable sport in the city and Di Shi Cart Racing Center in the eastern part of the city provides car lovers with a chance to compete.


Moreover, people in Dalian China like to go to any of dozens of seaside bathing places or to a enjoy sauna or massage service in a bathing center in the city after work.


Dalian Travel Guide 4: China Travel Tips for Dalian tour

  Best Time to Visit Dalian China


May, June, July, August and September are the best time to visit Dalian China. Located at the southernmost of the Liaotung Peninsula, surrounded by sea in there directions, Dalian China is a well-known tourist resort to Prevent sunstroke summer. From June to September, travelers could go to sea for swimming and experience the cool and refreshing of the seawater. However, the tourist peak season starts from every May when the Locust Tree Festival is held and ends at September after the finish of the International Fashion Festival.

Information on Dalian Transport


Special Tourist Buses in Dalian China
Bus 801, 801 (B) and K901 are three main tourist buses which cover almost all the tourist attractions in the city except Golden Pebble Beach (Jin Shi Tan) scenic area at the northern end of the city.


Tourist Bus 801: Starting from the Shengli Square in front of the Railway Station, this bus runs a circuit through the southeastern part of the city. Most of the tourist attractions are in this area. The trip is divided into four sections - Shengli (Victory) Square section, Laohutan Park section, Fujiazhuang section and Xinghai Square section. Five yuan is charged for each section and the total is twenty yuan. There are bus conductors and you need not to prepare the changes.


Tourist Bus 801 B: Unlike the circle route above, this route starts from the Dock of Dalian Passenger Port and runs across the busy downtown area from northeast to the southwestern end of the city. All 801 (B) buses have no conductors and you need to prepare change of two yuan before getting on the bus.


Tourist Bus 901: This route covers most of the southwestern part of the city and then goes northwards to the bustling downtown area.


Taxi in Dalian China
The city area of Dalian is not very large and a taxi would be a good choice for travelers who want to quickly see the city. The rates start from eight yuan for the first three kilometers (1.86 miles) with 1.8 yuan per additional kilometer (0.62 miles). Rates for the night service from 22:00 - 05:00 (next day) are 30% higher, starting at 10.4 yuan for the first three kilometers (1.86 miles) and 2.34 yuan for each additional kilometer.


The taxi drivers in Dalian China have a good reputation for their hospitableness and trustworthiness - they are very kind to foreign visitors.

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