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Dazu Travel Guide 1: Main Dazu Facts


Another Name: the Land of Stone Carving in China
Location: Located in the west of Chongqing city
Population: 1 million
Dazu Overview: Dazu County is 150 kilometres North West of Chongqing. "Dazu" here means "harvest and abundance". It houses some of the best preserved remnants of Buddhism including the amazing Dazu Rock carvings. It is a Nation-Level Tourist and Cultural County.

Dazu Travel Guide 2: Dazu Culture


Mt. Baoding Incense Offering Festival
Mt. Baoding Incense Offering Festival has become one of the famous incense offering festivals in the history of Bashu Area. People in Sichuan deem that "Mt. Baoding and Mt. Emei share the equal significance in terms of Buddhism.” which also proves the importance of Mt. Baoding Incense Offering Festival. This festival is famous for its longest history and impressive scale. Mt. Baoding Incense Offering Festival, an activity paying respect to the Buddha, can also be related with spring, summer and autumn outing, recreation and trading. Therefore, it has a great effect on promoting the county's economy, culture and folk custom.

Wangu Carp Lamp Dance
Wangu Carp Lamp Dance is the only dance with image of carp in China and the world. It attended the first national ethnic folk dance performance in 1957, and then performed in Zhongnanhai. The dancers were met by many top leaders of CPC including Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Dong Biwu and Li Bocheng.


Zhong'an Fiery Dragon
Zhong'an Fiery Dragon, with unique features, is one of the traditional folk and cultural activities in Dazu China. It will be performed for half a month during each Spring Festival. It was honored as "A Unique in China" by CCTV in 1999 thanks to its impressive and enthusiastic scene.

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Attractions in Dazu  

1. Dazu Rock Carving: The Dazu Rock Carving is a piece of great work of China's grotto art.  It's not only rich in content but also carved with marvelous technique. It skillfully combines the scientific principles of mechanics, optics, and clairvoyance with statues themselves and landform. The Dazu Rock Carving is reputed as "Artistic Palace of the Tang and Song Dynasties".


2. Baoding Shan: A centre piece of the Dazu Rock carvings is Baoding Shan or Treasured Summit Hill. The master piece is the 32 metre long, 5 metre high reclining Buddha protected by the temple in stunning gold. It is an incredible sight to behold, a highlight amongst the 800 year old statues found here.

Food in Dazu


There are numerous restaurants located within the city. The buffet breakfasts at Dazu Bingguan are a good deal at ¥15. Dazu is located in China's spice bowl and famous spicy hotpot is widely available for those who wish to test their intestinal fortitude.


A minimarket is located next to the Longzhong Road bus station and every block has a couple of stores selling food.


Cold beer is plentiful in restaurants throughout Dazu and water and soft drinks are readily available at the rock carving sites. Anything near the site will be price inflated as expected.

Shopping in Dazu


There are plenty of opportunities to buy trinkets within Dazu city and at many of the cave sites. One local specialty to look for is purple stone jadeite, which is carved into a variety of trinkets, from pendants for ¥10 to large statues running into the thousands of yuan.

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Best Time to Visit Dazu China

Dazu weather belongs to the humid subtropical monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of 16-18ºC. It is humid due to its long rainy season and dominant cloudy days. The annual average rainfall concentrates in summer and autumn. Therefore, the best time to visit Dazu China is spring and winter.


Information on Dazu Transport  

How to Get in & Get around in Dazu China


Dazu is located two hours west of Chongqing City and four hours south-east of Chengdu and can be reached via the bus station in either city. The fare is ¥4 from the Caiyuan Ba Bus Station in Chongqing.

Within Dazu city transportation options include taxis, motorcycle taxis, pedal-taxis and three wheeled vehicles called sanlunche. Taxis fares start at ¥3 and motorcycles, pedal rickshaw and sanlunche can ferry you around the city for ¥5-10.


There are two bus stations located in Dazu, the main long-distance bus station on Nanhuan Road and the bus station at 15 Longzhong Road that services the local area, including the rock carvings.

How to Get to Dazu Rock Carvings


You may take a bus at the Caiyuan Ba, Chongqing Municipal to the Dazu County Bus Station. There are two bus stations at the Dazu County, one for long distance another for short distance which is the one to the spot area. After arrival at Long-Distanced Bus Station of the Dazu County two hours later, you may hire a rickshaw to the Short-Distanced Bus Station. Then taking a bus to the Baodingshan will take you twenty minutes and later you will arrive at the entrance of this spot. At last you will take a rickshaw to the ticket office of the spot.

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