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General Information of China Dengfeng


Another Name: Yangcheng
Location: In the Central China and at the foot of the Mount Song, one of the most sacred mountains in China.
Population: 0.63 million


Introduction of China Dengfeng


Located in Henan province, Dengfeng city is one of the most famous spiritual centers of China. It is also the home to religious institutions and temples. Here you can find the Taoist Zhongyue Temple, Zhongyue Temple and Confucian Songyang Academy. The Dengfeng city is famous for Shaolin temple. In 2010, the Shaolin temple has been on the World Heritage List under the title “Historic Monuments of Dengfeng in "The Centre of Heaven and Earth".


Famous Attractions in China Dengfeng


Shaolin Temple and the Center of Heaven and Earth: It is on the list of World Heritage List. The Shaolin temple here is named the “No.1 Temple under heaven”. It is also the cradle of Chinese Zen Buddhism and the Shaolin Martial Arts such as Shaolin Cudgel and the cradle of Chinese Kung Fu. Here you can find the magnificent historic buildings which are in the style of Han, Wei, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. They just like a story teller telling you the Chinese architecture history.


Pagoda Forest in Shaolin Temple: It is about 300 meters west of the temple, is the cemetery of monks of all generations of Shaolin Temple. Composed of more than 240 brick or stone pagodas built in the Tang, Song, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Pagoda Forest is the largest ancient pagoda group in China.


The Nightlife in China Dengfeng


If you are looking for an exciting nightlife in Dengfeng city, it may disappoint you. Nightlife here is not as same as the ones in the big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Although it is not so exciting, it is also colorful. The entertainment places such as KTV, Cinema and Bars are easy to be found in Dengfeng city. Besides, the teahouse is part of the activities in the nightlife in Dengfeng city.


The Food in China Dengfeng


In Dengfeng city, the famous food here are Chinese style baked roll and Songshan vegetarian food. The baked roll here needs the exquisite workmanship and it taste crisp outside and soft inside. The ingredients of the baked roll include matural wheat flour and white sesame seeds.


Songshan Vegetarian Food: It is a traditional food in Dengfeng city and originated from the Shaolin temple. The food cooked with the soy oil and all food made by soy products, edible fungus and vegetables. It is a healthy food and the nutrition is rich and it tastes fresh, tender, crisp and delicious.


Shopping in China Dengfeng


Talking about shopping in Dengfeng city, maybe it will disappoint you a little. There are not many big department stores for shopping, but here you can buy lots of local specialties such as dates, persimmons, pomegranates, watermelon and cherries. In Dengfeng city, the best things to buy are the Shaolin Ginkgo Leaf Tea and Paulownia Lacquer ware.


Shaolin Ginkgo Leaf Tea: Kind of Gingko tea. It is made from the gingko trees planted in Shaolin temple and is drunk by local people. It is natural leaf tea without any pollution and pesticide.


Paulownia Lacquer ware: With a history of 2000 years, the Paulownia Lacquer ware is one of the folk craft in China. Made of paulownia wood and with the traditional skill, the lacquer ware is beautiful and exquisite. This ware features lots of advantages such as none-distortion, acid resistance corrosion resistance and heat resistance.


Friendly reminding: Maybe you are interesting in the weapons in Shaolin temple, but it is the trouble for security inspection of the flight, automobiles and train.


Dengfeng Travel Tips


1. Bars and Teahouse for nightlife in Dengfeng


Number 7, Manyao Bar: Located in 57, Chonggao Road
Golden Gate Music Teahouse: Located in 49, Chongfu Road, Dengfeng City


Transportation in Dengfeng City


In Dengfeng, the most common transportation is Taxi. If you want to leave for Luoyang, there are buses for you which are begin from 7:00am to 5:00 pm every day. If you want to other cities such as Zhengzhou and Pingdingshan, there are shuttle buses for you.


Dengfeng, a city with the famous Shaolin temple, is a city for people who are enthusiasm for Shaolin temple and Kung Fu. China Dengfeng welcomes people from all the corners of the world. China travel to Dengfeng will be an unforgettable China travel for you.

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