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Area: It is located in the mid-south of Guangdong Province and in the east of the Pearl River Delta


Population: 8.22 million

Features of Dongguan City


Currently, Dongguan plays a vital role in the communication between Guangzhou and Hong Kong. A number of historical sites are left in the city which has experienced a long and splendid history.


Culture of Dongguan City


Dongguan has always been an open and inclusive city. It was one of the important birthplaces of the Lingnan culture. In recent years, Dongguan has used the Lingnan culture as a foundation to recreate itself as a renowned cultural city with unique local character.


Dongguan is one of the major homes of Cantonese opera, which it is extremely popular in the area. Daojiao has been awarded the names of “Home of Chinese opera” and “Home of folk Chinese opera” by the China Opera Association and the Ministry of Culture.


Attractions in Dongguan


1. Humen Naval Battle Museum: it is located at the east end of the Humen Bridge. Covering an area of about 200,000 square meters (about 49 acres), the museum looks much like a huge warship. The museum's theme is the naval battles during the Opium War (1840-1842) and betrays a graphic view of the struggling Chinese people in the war.


2. Humen Bridge: The Humen Bridge is not only a substantial part of the expressway net in the Pearl River Delta area, but also a landmark tourist destination in Dongguan.

3. Keyuan Garden: Keyuan Garden is one of the four famous gardens of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) in Guangdong Province. Lying in the west of Dongguan, it occupies an area of 2,200 square meters (0.54 acres) in a triangular-shape. In fact, the garden is a splendid architectural work. It is a multifunctional garden which joins the living room, villa, yard, garden and study together skillfully in a limited area.


4. Opium War Museum: Located in Humen Town in Dongguan, the Opium War Museum is where the historical materials and the relics of Lin Zexu destroying opium and the Opium Wars (1840-1842 and 1856-1860) are preserved, exhibited and researched. The museum is a National AAAA Tourist Attraction as well as one of the one hundred National Patriotism Education Base Models.

5. Yinxian Resort: The picturesque Yinxian Resort is situated in the Licheng Development Zone, 15 kilometers (about 9 miles) away from Dongguan City. 'Yinxian' means 'the place where a worthy person lives in a secluded life'. Influenced by the local landscape and historical sites, the Yinxian Resort is an integration of charming natural scenes, traditional Chinese culture and several modern amusements.


Dongguan Nightlife


In Dongguan, after a day's work, the majority of locals prefer to eat later at night in Cantonese restaurants with family or friends. Eating dim sums and chatting is the best way for locals to relax and unwind after a day at work. Therefore, nearly all Cantonese restaurants in Dongguan opening until late at night and this makes them the best places to observe locals going about their daily lives.


If you want to soak up the atmosphere of the city completely, the best way to do this is to visit the local bars. Everyday, a large number of businessmen and immigrants from both home and abroad will assemble in Dongguan. The ideal place for them to spend the long night in the strange city is a comfortable pub or club. Dongguan is sometimes called the paradise of nightlife. This is probably because most of the towns in Dongguan have their own amusement centers.


Dongguan Food


Although Dongguan is a mid-size city in area, a large number of restaurants and hotels have opened here, serving almost all of the flavors of China. Even with these various cuisines, the local special dishes and snacks of Dongguan will definitely give visitors a pleasant surprise.

Among the Dongguan local snacks, you should not miss the cakes which are made from the local quality rice. These cakes are usually made by families and can be preserved until the following spring. During some festivals, they are also the most favored food to entertain relatives and friends.


In Dongguan, there are several streets which will provide you with a good dinner. The Garden New Village located in Huayuan Street of Dongcheng District boasts a great number of restaurants and snack-bars. Xinwan Street in Humen Town and Xinmin Street in Chang'an Town are also ideal places for seafood.


Shopping in Dongguan


Humen, a town located within the south China city of Dongguan, is catching the world's eye with its booming garment industry--Sometimes it known as the 'factory of Hong Kong'.

In addition to the international chain stores, there are numerous shopping centers featuring locally owned establishments. Virtually every section of Dongguan outside of downtown has pedestrian malls or shopping centers including restaurants, hotels and amusement centers.


An ideal place for visitors to savor the unique commercial atmosphere of Dongguan is the Global Plaza. Located in the central section of Dongcheng District, the plaza includes the Haiya Department Store, one of the top shopping destinations in the city. The Trust-Mart Su permarket and Yongle Electrical Shop are also here. After an exciting time shopping, you can relax in a KFC or McDonald's or one of many other restaurants. If you wish to spend the night, Global Business Hotel is known for its quality service.


Dongguan Travel Guide


1. Yinxian Resort: in Dongguan City, special route bus from Guancheng to Yinxian Resort (CNY 7 for the ticket)

2. Humen Bridge: Visitors can catch the special-line autobuses going from downtown Dongguan to Weiyuan Emplacement for CNY 7.


3. Humen Naval Battle Museum: Take tourism bus L1 (58) to Haizhan Guan (Naval Battle Museum) Station.

4. Keyuan Garden: Mini Bus Route--3, 4, 7, 15, 20, 21, 27, 30


5. Opium War Museum: Bus Route--Take tourism bus L1 (58) and alight at Linzexu Park.


China Travel in Dongguan


Under the influence of the tropical and semi-tropical monsoon climate, the weather of Dongguan is mild with plenty of rainfall allyear round. Rainstorms and typhoons often occur from June to October. However, a series of local festivals are held during these times, attracting lots of visitors every year. Travelers should check the local weather forecasts prior to attending one or more of these events. Otherwise, autumn is a better time to visit Dongguan.

A number of annual festivals may be of interest to visitors:


In November, the China (Humen) International Fashion Fair is held in Humen Town, Dongguan City. The fair is a great showcase for many famous fashion brands, both domestic and foreign.

The Lichee Festival is held in Hengli Town, Dongguan City, at the end of June.


The Tourism Festival for Hong Kong is held in Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan City, from July to August.


Water-sprinkling Festival is a traditional festival that originated in the Ming Dynasty. It is held on February 2nd of the Chinese lunar calendar, in Dongkeng Town, Dongguan City. On that day, people swarm into the streets, splashing water on each other. The locals believe that water will wash away any bad fortune, leaving only the good for the upcoming year.

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