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General Information of China Haikou


Another Name: Coconut City
Location: It is situated on the northern coast of Hainan, by the mouth of the Nandu River.
Population: 2.04 million (2010)


Introduction of China Haikou


China Haikou is the capital of Hainan province and the center of politics and economy in Hainan Island. It used to be the port and it became the capital of Hainan province in 1988. Since 1949, it has been the main port of Hainan Island. In Haikou city, you can find the modern buildings as well as the old ones. In the old town, you can find lots of oldest buildings which are a mixture of styles including Portuguese, French and Southeast Asian. Besides the old buildings, the old streets here also tell you a story of that time. If you have a China travel, Haikou is a good choice.


Famous attractions in China Haikou


Haikou Crater Park: It is a 4A-level scenic spot in Haikou. Located in the Shishan and Yongxing Town, the Haikou Crater Park is also an international geographical park. The volcano craters were formed by the eruption of the ancient QIongbei Volcano. At present, the crater park is an important research center and it is called“Garden in the City” and honored as “Haikou’s Green Lung”


Five Lords Temple (Wugong Temple): Built in Ming Dynasty, the Five Lord Temple was dedicated to the five people who once were officials in Tang Dynasty. The five lords were Tang Prime Minister Li Yude, Song Prime Minister Li Gang, Li Guang, Zhao Ding, and a famous official named Hu Quan. There are lots of cultural relics such as the the Forbidden Bell in Ming Dynasty, the ancient copper drum, and Xuande Stove of Li people.


Tomb of Hai Rui: It represents people’s esteem towards Hai Rui, an upright and uncorrupted official. Hai Rui is a famous people in China for his honesty, his clean life and his performance of duty. The Tomb of Hai Rui has been the Key Cultural Relic Preservation of Hainan Province now.


Dongzhai Harbor Mangrove Natural Reserve Area: The largest and the first mangrove natural reserve area in China. The natural reserve covers an area of of 3337.6 hectares (about 8247 acres). Here is also the heaven of birds. This natural reserve has about 159 kinds of birds which inhabit here. The wetland in the reserve area creates an ideal environment for the birds. In the Dongzhai Harbor Mangrove Natural Reserve Area, there is an underwater sight—72 villages in the ancient time.


The Nightlife of China Haikou


Being a tourist city in the south China and a city on the international tourism island, Haikou has lots of entertainment programs for people’s nightlife. Here you can find bars and clubs even the night market. The nightlife in Haikou is an experience of the unique of Hainan. Lots of bars and clubs are on the Guomao Avenue in Haikou. If you want to find some of them, Guomao Avenue is the one you should visit.


The Food in China Haikou


Being a city near the sea, maybe you think the main food in Haikou is the seafood. In fact, the most famous cuisines in China Haikou are not the ones related to the seafood. The famous foods in Haikou include Hainan Rice Noodle, Wenchang Chicken, Dongshan Mutton, Jiaji Duck and Hele Crab.


Cooking with less seasoning and in a healthy way, the Haikou cuisine is recommended to urban people and people who are tired and in a sub-health condition. In the Haikou city, there are Food Streets for tourists. On the streets, you can find the seafood whose price is reasonable, besides they are delicious.


Shopping in China Haikou


About shopping in Haikou city, you must choose these souvenirs for your Haikou travel such as coconut carving, coral bonsai, Xilong coffee, crystal and pearl. All there can be bought in the local shops. Besides the shops, the Haixiu Avenue, Dadongmen Market and Bailongnan Fruit Market are three famous shopping places.


Haikou Travel Guide


Famous Bars and Cafes for Foreign Visitors


SOHO Bar: 1st Floor, Jialing Mansion, 36 Guomao Road
MM Clubs MM: Address: 16-1 Guomao Avenue, Haikou City
Mingjian International Club: Address: 1st to 3rd Floors, Huayin Mansion, 38 North Longkun Road
Mule Café: Address: 2nd Floor, Building 2, Shangbang Baihui City, 98 Jinlong Road, Hailou City
No.1 Mansion Coffee: Address: 1 North Shimao Road, Haikou City
Coffee World: Address: 2nd Floor, Jinmao Shopping Mall, 28 Guomao Avenue


The Famous Places for Shopping in Haikou City


Haixiu Avenue: It is the most prosperous business street in Haikou. There are many shops selling souvenirs, clothing and other things.
Dadongmen Market: The distributing center of the seafood. It is an ideal place to buy some dried squid and other fish products. Across the Dadongmen Market, there is an antique street and you can buy some antiques there.


Bailongnan Fruit Market: Located at the Bailong South Road, you can buy fresh mangos, pineapples, coconuts, jackfruit, durian and other fruits of the season in this fruit market.


Tips for Transportation in Haikou City


In Haikou, the main means of transportation include the bus and taxi. Due to the climate, the buses in Haikou city are all equipped with air-conditioners. If you want to take short time to reach your destination, the taxis here will help you. The well-developed taxis system in Haikou is great news for tourists here.


Being capital city, the airport here has lots of domestic and international flights. It is the most convenient way for you to reach here and leave here.


Best Time to Visit Haikou

The four seasons are all suitable for your China travel to Haikou. It is a China travel destination for people who love the beach and sea and who want to have a Chinese Hawaii holiday. There is a tip for you: if you travel to Haikou in summer, please take the sun-block cream and other things protect you from sun-burning.


China Haikou, a city of entertainment, is an ideal travel destination in China. Haikou city welcomes people from all around the world. If you are looking for a destination which has cool breeze, fresh air and clean water, do the China travel to Haikou, you will get all you want!!!!

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