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Hailar Travel Guide 1: Main Hailar Facts


Another Name: Pearl of the Grasslands
Location: Located in in northeastern Inner Mongolia
Population: with a population of 256,000
Hailar Overview: Hailar is the largest city in the Hulum Buir Prefecture. The best and most famous grasslands are here. The city had been a center of action for wandering Mongolian herdsmen. Plants used to line both the sides of Hailar River. Perhaps the most interesting feature of the city is the ethnic diversity. There are 25 different resident minority groups in Hailar China.

Hailar Travel Guide 2: Hailar Culture


For its culture features, Hailar boasts the ethnic diversity with 25 different resident minority groups within the area, including Mongol, Hui and less common ones such as the Manchurians, Koreans, Ewinki, Elunchun, and Dauer peoples.

Hailar Travel Guide 3: More Hailar Information on Hailar China Travel


Attractions in Hailar

1. Hulun Lake: Hulun Lake also named as Lake Dalai, is one of the five largest fresh water lakes in China. Hulun Lake is a summer resort with a mild cold climate and pleasant landscape. Pasted on one of the largest grasslands under heaven, the Lake is a paradise for birds and fish.


2. Hailar National Forest Park: The Hailar National Forest Park, located in western Hailar China, is one of China's most famous scenic spots. At this park, one can find the famous Hailar Pine Tree, a variety of the Japanese red pine, one of the rarest conifer species.

3. Ergun River: Ergun River is a part of Heilongjiang source. In the Qing Dynasty was called "Room to build River". It was used to be the northeast of the current Sino-Russian border river for the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.


4. Bayan Huxu Grassland: Bayan Huxu Grasslands are one of the best in China and the best in Inner Mongolia. Bayan Huxu Grassland is 39 km away from Hailar China, with very convenient transportation. Covering 5 square kilometres, it is full of verdant grass and colorful flowers, and the meandering Yimin River runs slowly through it.

5. Manzhouli: Manzhouli is a small, modern town, located in the northeastern part of Inner Mongolia. It is also called "the Window of Eastern Asia" and the transporting hinge of the Asia-Europe land bridge.

  Food in Hailar

Vast grasslands in Hailar China are natural grazing grounds for cattle, sheep and horses. Numerous lakes and rivers here teem with fish and shrimps. All these provide abundant stock for local cuisine.


Roasted Whole Lamb (Kao Quan Yang): The roasted whole lamb is a kind of precious dish for entertaining distinguished guests, sacrificing, and for opening ceremony of important events. The roasted whole lamb with special favor is famous for color, fragrance, taste and shape. A two-year-old fat lamb is selected and killed. After scalding away the fleece and fishing out the viscera, cook the lamb, stuff the seasonings into the abdominal cavity, then roast it whole until it’s done.


Whole Fish Feast (Quan Yu Yan): The abundant fresh fishes and lake shrimps produced from Hulun Lake can be made into more than 100 kinds of dishes. There are different scales of such feast, with 12, 14, 20, 24 or even more than 100 dishes for a table.


Shopping in Hailar  

Hailar has two major department stores- Friendship Shopping Center and Busen store- which are a major innovation and improvement on anything Hailar had even ten years ago and are similar to Western ones in their scope and variety, if not quite as good. On the other hand, the progress is much more dramatic in some areas than others. Whilst it is possible to buy a flat screen television there is nowhere where fresh orange juice can currently be bought or indeed, a bread knife. As yet, there is no McDonalds or Starbucks, though there is a KFC and an imitation Starbucks coffee house.


Hailar Travel Guide 4: China Travel Tips for Hailar Tour


Best Time to Visit Hailar China


Hailar enjoys a temperate continental monsoon climate with the four distinct seasons here. The annual temperature in Hailar is around 16 ºC and the annual rainfall is around 550 mm. The best time to visit Hailar China is July, August and September, since the green grassland and cool temperature there. Guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery riding on the horse.

  Information on Hailar Transport


By Air
Hulunbuir’s airport (Hulunbuir Hailar Dongshan Airport, HLD) is only 7 km from the city downtown area. Every week, there are flights that connect Hulunbuir with Beijing, Shanghai, Hohhot, Shenyang, Dalian, Harbin, and Tianjin. There is no airport bus available. A taxi ride from the city center to the airport costs around 30 Yuan.

By Train
The main railway station is the Hailaer Station. Tourists can get to Hulunbuir by taking train from Beijing, Harbin, Hohhot, Baotou, Datong and Dalian.

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