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General Information of China Hefei


Another Name: Lu Zhou
Location: Located in the central Anhui province and on the bank of Chao Lake
Population: 7.08 Million (2011)


Introduction of China Hefei


Hefei, the capital city of Anhui province, is a famous city in China and an important China travel destination in Anshui province. It covers an area of 7048 square-kilometers and is the biggest city in the Anhui province.


Got the name in 2nd BC, Hefei has a long history in China. Here you can find lots of heritages left by the ancient time such as the Sanhe Ancient Town, Memorial Temple of Lord Bao. Besides the heritage, the amazing natural scenery makes this China city an ideal place for sightseeing and leisure travel. In Hefei, you can find the Huaihe River, Yangtze River and Chaohu Lake are surrounding the city and the luxurious Yulan trees and fresh air create the green bar for people who want to release from the busy urban life and get more close to the nature.


In China Hefei, you cannot miss some famous scenic spots. They are Chao Lake, Memorial Temple of Lord Bao, Mingjiao Temple and Xiaoyaojin Park. All these scenic spots will show the history, culture and natural scenery of this China city during your China travel.


Famous Attractions in China Hefei


Chao Lake: Being one of the five largest fresh-water lakes in China, Chao Lake is an important lake to residents in Hefei and is the national key scenic spot. When you travel to Chao Lake, you can see the Laoshan Island, Zhongmiao Temple, the three famous hot springs - Bantang, Tang Pool and Fragrant Spring, four national forest parks and five water-eroded caves.


Memorial Temple of Lord Bao: It is the most famous one among the memorial temples built to memorize the renowned officer Bao Zheng. The lord Bao Zheng is well respected due to the excellent personality, fair minded judgments ans strict family education.


Mingjiao Temple: Being one of the China’s state-protected Buddhist complexes, it is one of the most important scenic spots in Heife city. With a history of 1500 years, you will see lots of relics in the temple and the architecture of this temple is also delicate. It is mainly consisted by the Mountain Gate, the Son of Heaven Palace and the Grand Treasure Palace, the Dizang Palace and Liao room.


Xiaoyajin Park: In the period of the Three Kingdom, this place is a famous battlefield. Here you can find the tomb of the famous general and the rebuild Feiji Bridge adds the charm of the Xiaoyaojin Park.


Nightlife in China Hefei


The nightlife in this China city is rich and colorful. Sometimes, people use leisure and romance to describe the nightlife in Hefei. At night, the Lu Opera (a traditional opera in Hefei) begins to entertain people. It is excellent and a treasure of people in Hefei. If you like opera, the Lu Opera is another opera worth to learn which is different from the Peking Opera. If you want to enjoy the time in pub, bar or club, nightlife here will satisfy you. Lots of clubs, bars and pubs are easy to be found in this city.


Food in China Hefei


The representative of Hefei food is the Anhui cuisine. Being one of the Eight Cuisines in China, Anhui cuisine is famous for its use of wild game and herbs and simple methods of preparation. In the capital city of Anhui province, the Anhui cuisine in Hefei is the most traditional one. The Anhui cuisine in Hefei keeps the original flavor of the Anhui cuisine in the ancient time. If you come to Hefei, the Anhui cuisine should be put on top of your schedule.


Famous Dishes in China Hefei


Luzhou Roast Duck: You may have define the Beijing Roast Duck is one of the most dishes made of duck, but if you have been in Hefei, the Luzhou Roast Duck will also impress you. It is one of the imperial dishes in ancient China. The golden yellow shininess, crisp skin and tender meat of this Hefei dish will attract you and different from the Beijing one, the Luzhou Roast Duck has moderate fat and salt, rich taste and plentiful nutrients.


Lord Bao Fish: The dish gets the name from the source of the fish. The material--fish is originated from Lord Bao River. It is a traditional cold dish. You can will impressed by the tender meat and dark reddish crisp skin.


Hongzhang Hodgepodge Cuisine: It is a cuisine invented by famous Chinese foreign affaire official named Li Hongzhang. The cuisine combines lots of flavors and the raw materials include holothurians, sleeve-fish, chicken, ham, pig liver and spinach.


Shopping in China Hefei


China travel to Hefei city, there are something worth to buy. The first one recommended to tourists is the 'Four Treasures of the Study' which is famous in China refers to the four tools of Chinese calligraphy including brush, ink-stick, paper and ink-stone. The second one is Poker-picture. It is a area and precious handicraft in Hefei and an art with a history tracing back to Ming Dynasty. The third one is the Zhuhuang painting whose themes are birds, flowers and natural landscape. The forth one recommended to tourists is the hair embroidery. This kind of embroidery is achieved by use of the long hair of man or animal instead of thread, and the resulting pictures show different shades of color and an elegant lustre.


Travel Tips for China Travel to Hefei City


Transportation in Hefei City


Currently there are around 100 bus lines in Hefei City. They usually operate from early morning (06:00) till evening (20:00, or as late as 23:00).


Transportation within the city is very convenient although buses are sometime every crowded. There are regular buses to most of the scenic spots in Hefei. If you feel tired or you want to save time, you can choose a taxi instead of the bus. If the taxi drives more than 10 kilometers, it will normally add 50 percent of the general fee to the cost. When the taxi drives at night between 23:00 and 05:00, an additional 20 percent allowance for night-driving is normal. According to different types of cabs, additional fare is charged differently at night


Best Time to Visit Hefei City


April to October is the best time to travel to Hefei. But do remember to avoid the period from 1st October to 7th October when is the one-week long national holiday because it’s extremely crowded everywhere.


Hefei, an important city in China, is a destination for tourists to China. In China Hefei, you can learn the past of this city while you can experience the modern life of this city. If you plan a China travel, Hefei should be put on the plan.

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