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General Information of China Huangshan


Location: In the southernmost part of Anhui province and bordered by Chizhou to the northwest.
Population: 1.47 million


Introduction of China Huangshan


Comprised by three urban districts ad four counties, Huangshan city is a prefecture-level city in Anhui province. Famous for the Yellow Mountain, the most area of Huangshan city is covered by the famous Mountain in China – Yellow Mountain. The history of China Huangshan dates back to the period of Qin Shihuang (The First Empire of China) and this city covers much of the Huizhou region which is famous for the Huizhou history and culture.


Besides the historical and cultural background, Huangshan city is also a leading tourist destination in mainland China. It is the home to Huangshan Mountain and Hongcun and Xidi (Ancient villages of southern Anhui), which are the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Having Huangshan travel, these two sites should be list on your agenda. The Yellow Mountain is called the most beautiful mountain in China and Hongcun and Xidi will show you the original history and culture of Huizhou.


Famous Attractions in China Huangshan


Yellow Mountain: A famous UNESCO World Heritage Site in China and famous for its pine, stone, cloud and thermal spring. Besides, watching the sunrise on the Yellow Mountain is a must-do thing when you travel to this spectacular mountain. It is said whenever you visit Yellow Mountain, you will see the beauty of this mountain.


Hongcun and Xidi: They are the ancient villages at foot of Yellow Mountain. If you have watched the famous Oscar movie directed by Ang Lee -- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and attracted by the scenes, you should not miss these places. There is where the movie filmed. Hongcun and Xidi have well-kept all the architecture of Huizhou and they are the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Here you will find the trace of Huizhou history and culture. They are good places for your discovery of ancient China.


The Food in China Huangshan


Being a city at the foot of Yellow Mountain, the famous food in Huangshan city will be the Hui cuisine. It is one of the most famous cuisines in China features use of wild herbs, easy preparation, less of frying and stir-frying and frequent use of stewing and braising. It can be called the healthiest cuisine among the Eight Culinary Traditions of China. The most famous dishes in Hui cuisine are Mandarin Fish which is braised in soy sauce, Steaming Shiji(shiji is kind of batrachian), Stewed Shi’er and Chicken (a kind of fungus steamed with chicken) and Huizhou Odorous Bean Curd.


The Must-have Food in Huangshan city


Mandarin Fish: The fish is got from the Xin’an River. The fish is needed to be salted then braised in soy sauce. It tastes fresh.


Stewed Shi’er and Chicken: It is a dish cooked the fungus with chicken.

Huizhou Odorous Bean Curd: It is a special dish in Huizhou cuisine. The material bean curd must have a layer of hypha, then braised in soy sauce, steamed and baked.


Shopping in China Huangshan


Having a Huangshan travel and wanting to do some shopping in Huangshan city, you should not miss the four treasures of study, Bamboo Shoots, mushroom in Yixian and Huizhou Chrysanthemums. They are the top recommended products for shopping in Huangshan.


1. Four Treasures of the Study: It refers to writing brushes, ink sticks, paper and ink stones. You may know them from the articles about Chinese calligraphy and Chinese culture. If you want to know how to buy it and how to buy the best the one, Huangshan is a place to solve your problem. Why? Two treasures of them are made here. The ink and paper. The most famous paper and ink are made here. If you want to learn Chinese calligraphy, you should buy the paper and ink in Huangshan city. They are the best ones in China and cheaper than other places in China. The paper and ink are made by the traditional technical which can be only found here.

Top Recommended Places to Buy Four Treasures of the Study: Tunxi Ancient Street


2. Bamboo Shoots: The bamboo shoots here are organic and with the fertile land of Huangshan city, the bamboo shoots here are rich in nutrition and good for health. It tastes tender and fresh.

3. Huizhou Chrysanthemums: It is a famous tea in China and one of the four chrysanthemums in China. It smells great and taste lightly in flavor. Being the top one beverage, tea is healthy known by people in the world, so if you are looking for a healthier life style, it is worth to have a try of the Huizhou chrysanthemum which will take you a different experience of tea.


Travel Tips for Huangshan Travel


Transportation in Huangshan City


Talking about the transportation in Huangshan city, it is very convenient for tourists here. There are Huangshan Airport, Huangshan Railway Station and two bus stations in this place.


Huangshan Airport: It is the only one airport in Huangshan city. Here you can find the flights to Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chongqing. Besides the domestic destination, the international flight to Seoul can also be found in this city.


Huangshan Railway Station: It is in the downtown of Tunxi District. You can buy the train tickets to the major cities of China such as Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou and Xiamen.


Long Distance Bus Station: There are two long distance bus stations, one is in the center of city and the other is at the foot of the famous scenic spot—Yellow Mountain. The buses in the two bus stations can take you to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hefei, Suzhou even the scenic spot—Jiuhua Mountain.


As we know that Tunxi is next to Yellow Mountain, but friendly reminding, there is no shuttle bus between these two places. If you want to visit Yellow Mountain from Tunxi, you have to take a bus from the Huangshan City Bus Station then get down in the Tangkou Town which is near the south enterance of Yellow Mountain. Besides, if you want to travel from Yellow Mountain to cities that are neighbors of Huangshan city, there is New National Line Bus Station which can provide you the service.


For the transportation in the urban area, there are 20 public bus lines in Huangshan city, all these buses can take you travel around the whole city and some routes of buses include the scenic spot Yellow Mountain.


Best Time to Visit China Huangshan


Being a humid sub-tropical monsoon climate, the four seasons in this city are distinct. If you want to find out when the best time is to visit Huangshan city or Yellow Mountain, the four seasons are suitable for your Huangshan travel.


The sceneries of Yellow Mountain are beautiful in all the seasons. In different season, Yellow Mountain has its own charming. In spring, you will see the luxurious pines, in summer, it is cooler on the mountain, in autumn, you can see the Yellow Mountain wears beautiful yellow clothes and in winter, the snow decorates Yellow Mountain with crystallized ornaments.

If you have time to visit China Huangshan, you can come in four seasons. Huangshan city is a city with charming sceneries and convenient transportation. It is believed that Huangshan travel is a must-have one among all the China travels and it will value your time in China.

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