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General Information of Kaifeng


Other name: Bian Jing (汴京)
Population: 4.67 million
Location: East-central Henan province, Central China


Introduction of China Kaifeng


Kaifeng, one of the seven historical capitals in China, is a city in Henan province and it is “Metropolis of Seven Dynasties”. In this city, you will find lots of traces of the ancient China. The architectures in ancient style and old streets will take you back to the ancient time of China. The historical and cultural background makes this city an ideal destination for people who are looking for the traces of ancient China and are interested in the ancient China architectures. China travel to Kaifeng is a trip to experience the history and culture of China.


Besides it is one of the seven ancient capitals in China, Kaifeng city is the city of calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting and city of traditional opera. The four famous calligraphy styles Su (initiated by Su Shi), Huang (Initiated by Huang Tingjian), Mi (Initated by Mi Fu), and Cai (Initiated by Cai Xiang) were born here and the Xiang Fu Yune in Yu Ju (Henan Opera) and Henan Zhuizi too.


Famous Attractions in China Kaifeng


Iron Pagoda: Located in the Iron Pagoda Park in the northeast Kaifeng city, the Iron Pagoda is a famous attraction in Kaifeng city and a must-see attraction in Kaifeng travel. The Iron Pagoda has lots of original names such as Kaibao Temple Pagoda, Linggan Pagoda and Shangwen Temple Pagoda. Built in 1049 in Song Dynasty, it is called the First Pagoda under Heaven for its exquisite architectural design and magnificent structure.


Millennium City Theme Park: A large-scale historical cultural theme park shows you the lively flourishing scenes of Kaifeng in Northern Song Dynasty. In this park, you can experience the life in Northern Song Dynasty in China.


Dragon Pavilion: It is the main part of Dragon Pavilion Park which is in the northwest Kaifeng city. It is also the most famous and the largest scenic spot in Kaifeng.


Nightlife of China Kaifeng


Being one of the ancient capitals in China, the nightlife in Kaifeng city is not as colorful as it in other cities. The bars and clubs are less than other places. In Kaifeng, the main activities are having a walk in the city, bargaining at the night market or tasting the local snacks at Drum Tower Night Market.


Food in China Kaifeng


The famous food in Kaifeng city is Yu Cai (Henan Dish). The food of Yu Cai has a unique Bianjing taste. In Kaifeng city, you should not miss the dishes such as Li Yu Bei Mian (Carp with noodles in sweet and sour sauce), Tuo Zi Ji (spring chicken in salt), Tao Si Bao (made of duck, chicken, pigeon and quail). Besides the dishes, the snacks in Kaifeng are also great. You can have a try of the Xiao Long Bao (Steamed Small Meat Dumpling in Basket), Huang Men Fish, Xing Ren Cha (almond tea), Yang Rou Kang Mo (thin cake with minced mutton in it), Chao Liang Fen (stirred agar-agar jelly), Ba Bao Fan (rice pudding) etc. are all representatives.


The Must-have Food in Kaifeng City


Xiao Long Bao: It is the Steamed Small Meat Dumpling in Basket. It is the most famous food in this China city. The Xiao Long Bao in Kaifeng city is delicious and there two shops renown for it. One is Di Yi Lou and the other is Huang Jia Bao Zi Guan. The two shops are the best places for you to get the Xiao Long Bao.


Address of Di Yi Lou: At the crossing of Zhong Shan Road and Sheng Fu Qian Street. It is right opposite to Xing Gong.

Address of Huang Jia Bao Zi Guan: No. 330 of the west part of Bin He Road and No. 1 of Song Cheng Road


Shopping in China Kaifeng


If you are a person like shopping, in Kaifeng city, there are several things you should not miss. They are the best gifts for your friends or relatives and the best souvenirs for your Kaifeng travel. These things are Bian Embroidery, New Tear Pictures of Zhuxian Twon and Straw Weaving of Kaifeng City.


Bian Embroidery: It is an old skill with a long history. The Bian Embroidery is skillful in craftsmanship and fine and closely stitched. It is exquisite in pattern, elegant in style and beautiful in color. The representative work of Bian Embroidery is the embroidery of Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival, a famous painting done by Zhang Zeduan, an artist in Bei Song Dynasty.


New Year Pictures of Zhuxian Town: It is the Chinese board watermark New Year pictures. It is embodied with clear local characteristics. The topics of the pictures are usually about the people, stories and legends that the pubic are familiar with and the portrait on the board is always romantic and exaggerated.


Straw Weaving of Kaifeng City: Popular in Song Dynasty of China. It is kind of art famous in Kaifeng city now. The main products of straw weaving contain straw-made hats, straw-made crafts of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, artistic hanging panels, facial make-up in Chinese operas and the Eight Landscape of Bianliang Area etc. The products are rich in volume, beautiful in design, skillful in craftsmanship and lifelike in image-making with a three-dimension effect.


Kaifeng Travel Guide

  The Night Fairs and Shopping Places in Kaifeng city


In Kaifeng, the night fairs are popular and most delicious food can be found there. The Gu Lou Night Fair and Xi Si Night Fair are two fairs for your destinations of food.


If you want to buy some clothing in this city, there are two places recommended to you. The first one is the Zhongshan Road. You can buy clothing, shoes and accessories here. The second one is the Tongluo Wan Department Store which is most famous department store in Kaifeng. Here you can find not only clothing, shoes and accessories, but also the handbags, cosmetics and etc.


Tips for Transportation in Kaifeng City


In Kaifeng city, you can choose bus, taxi and tricycle for your China travel in Kaifeng. The Bus is convenient in this city. Nearly each scenic spot has a bus station. The public transportation connects all the spots in Kaifeng city and it is helpful for tourists in this city. The price is One Chinese Yuan. Besides, the local government has starts a tourist line which can take you to all the scenic spots in this ancient capital of China.


If you are in hurry or do not want to spend too much time on transportation, the taxi will be your top choice. The price of hiring a taxi is reasonable and the driver is skillful.


In Kaifeng city, if you want to travel from one scenic spot to another one, you can take the tricycles. It is drawn by man and is comfortable.


Friendly reminding: Kaifeng does not have any airport, if you want to take plane to other city, you will have to go to Zhengzhou. You can take train or bus to Zhengzhou. People can take train in Kaifeng to go to other cities in Henan province such as Zhengzhou and Luoyang. The railway station in Kaifeng is convenient and there are buses heading to the railway station.


Best Time to Visit Kaifeng


Four seasons here are beautiful, but if you want to know which one is the best, it is the autumn when weather and rainfall is moderate. Besides the climate, in this season, people can appreciate the beautiful chrysanthemum.


Kaifeng, an ancient capital in China, is a city with abundant wealth of history and culture. Being a city in new century, Kaifeng city also has passion and energy. If you want to have a China tour combines ancient time and modern time, Kaifeng travel is one of your best choices.

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