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City of Miao People and Dong People


General Information of Guizhou Kaili


Another Name: Pearl of the Chinese Miao People Residence
Location: In the Southwestern China and in the Qiandongnan Prefecture
Population: 0.552 million (2009)


Introduction of Guizhou Kaili


Kaili, a city in China, is renowned for its ethnic features and ethnic customs. The population of minorities has accounted 74% of the whole population in Kaili. The main ethnic groups are Miao and Dong. Besides, here you can find the minorities such as Yi, Bai, Dai, Zhuang, Hui, Lisu, Lagu, Wa, Naxi, Yao, Tibetan, Bulang, Buyi, Achang, Hani, Mongolian, Nu, Jinuo, Shui, Man and Dulong. The local minorities in Kaili create the splendid ethnic culture here.


Guizhou Kaili is a city with a long history. In the ancient time, it is so prosperous that in Qing Dynasty, Kaili got the name “small Beijing”. At present, Kaili is hot tourist destination for people who are interesting in Chinese minorities or love the ethnic features and customs. It is awarded the “China’s Excellent Tourism City” and the “Harmonious City Chosen by Chinese people”.


Taking your China travel to Kaili, the most attractive thing is experiencing the life of minorities here. If you have enough time, you must go to villages here which will introduce you how ethnic groups live and the customs of them.


Famous Attraction in Guizhou Kaili


1. Various Minorities Villages: Being a city full of ethnic groups, the most famous tourist destinations in Kaili city are the minority villages. By visiting the local minority villages, you can learn more about the lives of the ethnic groups in your China travel and can take part in their daily lives.

Recommended Minority Villages: Shiqiao Miao Village, Qingman Miao Village, Zhouxi Miao Village, Datang Short Skirt Village and Matang Gejia Village.

2. Kaili Ethnic Museum: It is a museum that shows you the local collection of handicrafts, written documents, paintings and other works of folk art, representative introduction to the history, demographics, and customs of the various ethnic minorities. It is a place briefly introduce you how the local ethnic minorities are.


Shopping in Guizhou Kaili


Being a city with lots of ethnic groups, shopping here is for people who love traditional handicrafts and exotic artworks. You can buy lots of local made clothes, accessories and some other crafts. All these are made by hand and without any modern chemical additive. The fabrics and materials are made with most traditional technology of the ethnic groups. If you are a person loves environment and the traditional culture of minority groups, shopping in Kaili city will a good choice for you.


Food in Kaili


The main ethnic group here is Miao people. The food of Miao people has been the representative of Kaili city. The most favorite food of Miao people is the sour food. Sour fish, sour meat and other sour food are their favorite ones. Besides the cuisine of Miao people, a dish from Dong people is also a representative of Kaili city. The dish is the Pickled Fish.


Recommended Dishes in Guizhou Kaili


Sour Fish: It is the most popular food in Kaili city. It is also the favorite food of Miao people. Although it tastes a bit sour, with the perfect seasoning, you will find this dish a special one and you will love it. Most time, the sour fish will cooked with chill, tomatoes and soybean sprout.


Pickled Fish: It is a traditional food of Dong people. It needs some time to be made. It is made by fresh fish, tomatoes, and pepper. Then it will be stored in a clay jar. This dish taste soft and tasty.


Travel Tips for Guizhou Kaili


Tips for Transportation in Kaili City


If you want to visit Kaili city, you can take plane. There is an airport in Liping County. But you must pay attention to the destination planes heading to from here. There are just two air routes. One is Kaili to/from Guilyang and the other is Kaili to/from Guilin. Besides airplane, the train is also available here. You can take train in the local train station.


For the transportation in urban area, you can choose buses and taxis here. There are shuttle buses between Kaili city and counties around it. Besides, shuttle buses between Kaili and Guiyang are also easy to be found in Kaili bus station.


Best Time to Visit Guizhou Kaili


When is the best time to visit this beautiful city? It is from the late January to February. During this period, you can join the festival celebration here. Besides, the period from August to early November is also a good time for you.


Talking about festivals in Kaili, the famous ones are Sisters Meals Festival and Lusheng Festival. You should not miss these two festivals.


Kaili is a city with lots of minorities. It is a best place for you to learn the Chinese ethnic groups. Guizhou Kaili, a famous city in Southwestern China, is a China travel destination for people who love culture of Chinese minorities and it is a chance for you to get closer to know the Miao, Dong and other minorities in China.

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