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Kashgar Travel Guide 1: Main Kashgar Facts


Another Name: Kashi
Location: Located in the western extremity of China, near the border with Tajikistan.
Population: with a population of 3.5 million
Kashgar Overview: Kashgar is China's Muslim center. It used to be an important stop on the centuries-old Silk Road. The city of Kashgar China has one of the richest patchwork histories of any city in the world, especially in terms of past ethnic, religious and cultural diversity. Kashgar was truly a crossroads in every sense.

Kashgar Travel Guide 2: Kashgar Culture


Uyghur Custom in Kashgar

Uyghur people are the main residents in ancient Kashgar where the local color is strong and symbolic in Xinjiang region. Uyghur people believe Islamic religion; therefore, their clothes, food, housing, etiquette, wedding and funeral are affected accordingly.

Country of Dances and Songs

Kashgar China was called “Country of Dances and Songs”. A thousand years ago Kashgar dances and songs were delivered into central plains and it was famous in Chang during the period of Sui-Tang Dynasty. Now, Kashgar ethical dances and songs are more famous and unique which has become an indispensable part of Chinese music and dance art.

Kashgar Travel Guide 3: More Kashgar Information on Kashgar China Travel


Attractions in Kashgar  

1. Id Kah Mosque: The Id Kah Mosque is the biggest mosque in China, capable of holding 20,000 worshippers at one time. The Mosque was first built in 1442 and has a history of over 500 years. The building complex is in grand Islamic style, with strong religious features consisting of a gate tower, a courtyard, a doctrine-teaching hall, and a large Hall of Prayer.


2. Kashgar Old Town: Kashgar is famous for the winding narrow streets of its historic old town. Old town demonstrates a fascinating architectural style of mud built houses with supporting wooden beams and beautifully carved wooden ceilings. The inhabitants of old town are 100% Uyghur’s.

3. Sunday Bazaar: Sunday Bazaar is renowned as the biggest market in Central Asia, a pivotal trading point along the Silk Road where goods have been raded for more than two thousand years. The Sunday Market is acturally active everyday but Sunday is the special day for sellers and buyers and the most busy and lively day for a visit.


4. Karakuri Lake: Karakuri Lake, situated at the foot of Mount Muztagata, lies 191 kilometers from Kashgar China. The lake is surrounded by a series of mountains, such as Mount Muztagata and Kongur Shan. At the lakefront, there is grassland with roaming flocks and herds. At dawn, Karakuri Lake looks as pure as a jade mirror.

5. Stone City: The Stone City is located in the north of Tashkurgan County, Xinjiang Province.
The Stone City was famous for its location at the junction of the middle route and southern route of the ancient Silk Road.


6. Tomb of Yusup Has Hajib: Yusup Has Hajib Tomb is located in the southern newer part of Kashgar China. Yusup Has Hajib is one of the most famous poet, scholar and thinker o fhe Uyghur people. He is highly respected by the Uyghur people who visit his tomb to pay their respects.

Food in Kashgar


Kashgar is a place where delicacies from all over the world get together. Local delicacies like Roast Whole Lamb, Doner Kebab, Rice eaten with fingers will all make your mouths water. And the restaurants in Kashgar will provide you the chance to have a taste.

Roasted Meat: Roasted meat is the most popular and commonly seen food in Kashgar China. Street stalls cluster everywhere around the city, selling a wide variety of roasted meat. Kabobs are very easily tried here.


Rice Taken by Hands: Rice Taken by Hands is a popular food at festivals. The main materials are fresh mutton, carrots, onions, vegetables, rice and raisins. Before eating, one washes one's hands three times and dries them with handkerchiefs.

Yogurt: Yogurt is a kind of sour dairy product, which very popular among the locals. Muslim people enjoy drinking it all over the year. Yogurt is a nutritious food containing a great variety of mineral substances, vitamin.


Shopping in Kashgar  

Kashagr is the handcraft centre of Uyghur people. Kashagr Sunday market is regarded the largest market in central Asia. The main production and best souvenirs from Kashagr is as follwoing

Uyghur Traditional Hat
If you go to villages of Kashgar China, you can see almost every lady in embroidering a kind of traditional hats. There are mainly 3 different kinds of hats according to the work. One is computer designed Machine made,whicht is the lowest quality and cheapest one. The other one is handmade and man power machine made mixture, which is the medium quality one. And what we highly recommend to you is the 100% handmade one, which is the highest quality.

As everybody knows carpet is loved by many people in the world. Kashgar became home for carpet for centuries. You can buy a carpet from Sunday market or in the streets of Kashgar China. If you want to buy a very high quality Silk carpet or wool carpet, we recommend you to visit Kashgar carpet factory.

Uyghur Knives
Uyghur knives is regarded the symbol of Uyghur man’s manhood and traditional weapon. There is a town named Yingsar which is about 70 km away from Kashagr China, it is the most famous town for Uyghur knives. You can buy a knife from Sunday market or near Id Kah mosque, almost everywhere of Kashgar China.


Nightlife in Kashgar  

After a whole day’s tour, you should never miss the nightlife of Kashgar as it is a good way to relax and understand the hidden side of Kashgar. Some visitors might want to visit bars, and others might wish to take a walk around to appreciate the night view of the city, go shopping, or visit the theatre. Whatever you choose, if you are in the mood to enjoy Kashgar’s nightlife, you will most certainly find it.


Kashgar Travel Guide 4: China Travel Tips for Kashgar Tour

Best Time to Visit Kashgar China


Kashgar China is located at the continental climate region, with relatively longer summer time and shorter winter. The coldest season is January having an average temperature of minus 6°C and the average temperature for the hottest July is about 27°C. The period from April to October is a best time to visit Kashgar while the most comfortable weather condition and ripe fruits in that region make August and September the best two seasons to visit. Moreover two of the most popular local festivals (Corban Festivals and Lesser Bairam) take place during this period when visitors can enjoy many colorful celebration activities.

  Information on Kashgar Transport


By Air
There are about 7-8 flights a day from Kashagr to Urumqi. There are 2 in the morning. The price for the ticket is depends on when you book. It is about from 500yuan to 1230 per person.

By Train
Kashgar China is one of the most important cities on the Silk Road. It is also a transportation hub in western China. Kashgar Railway Station, being the last station in southern Xinjiang, is only about 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) away from the city center and takes about 15 minutes' drive. There are daily trains running between Kashgar and Urumqi.


By Bus
There 2 bus stations in Kashagr one is local bus station, another one is international bus station.
If you want to go Urumqi, Turpan, Korla, Kucha, Aksu, Yining, Pakistan, Kygystan or Tajistan you have to go International bus station. If you to go any counties of Kashagr like Kaghilk (Yecheng), Yarkand (Shache) or Hotan you have to local bus station. You can buy bus ticket one day in advance or same day.

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