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Location: Leshan is located on the southwestern fringe of the Red Basin in southern Sichuan, about 120 km from Chengdu.


Population: about 3,476,700


Features of Leshan City


In ancient times Leshan was known as Jiazhou and was reputed as the place 'Where there is the most beautiful landscape in all Sichuan, there is Jiazhou'. It was famous for its abundance of the Chinese flowering crab-apple and long ago was given the title of 'Haitang (crab-apple) Xiangguo (fragrant city)'. Nowadays Leshan is particularly well known as a city of National Key Tourist Attractions due to its natural landscape and wealth of cultural relics.


Culture of Leshan City


1. Dialect: The Leshan dialect, part of the Southern linguistic system, is very different from the dialects of other cities in the province of Sichuan, which belong to the Northern system. Some researchers say the pronunciation of Leshan dialects represent an archaic form of Chinese pronunciation.

2. Food: Falling into the Sichuan cuisine family, Leshan is noted for its food culture in that it has all the street food from its surrounding areas, which has made it the one-stop street food city. Typical specialties include: Hot and spicy soup/ Bobo chicken/ Street barbecue/ Qianwei Pancakes/ Dou-Fu-nao


Attractions of Leshan


1. Leshan Giant Buddha: The Leshan Giant Buddha is a statue of Maitreya (a Bodhisattva usually represented as a very stout monk with a broad smile on his face and with his naked breast and paunch exposed to view) in sitting posture.


The Buddha is located to the east of Leshan City, Sichuan Province, at the confluence of three rivers, namely, Min River, Qingyi River, and Dadu River. The statue makes itself the most renowned scenic spot in Leshan City.

In December, 1996, the location of the Buddha was included by UNESCO on the list of the World Heritage sites. The charm of the Leshan Buddha lies not only in its size but also in its architectural artistry.


2. Mt. Emei: Mt. Emei is located in Leshan City, Sichuan Province. In 1996 Mt. Emei was enlisted in the world natural and cultural heritage by the UNESCO. It is towering, beautiful, old and mysterious. Mt. Emei is like a huge green screen standing in the southwest of the Chengdu Plain. Looking its winding and beautiful figure, you will find that it resembles very much an eyebrow of a girl.

It is the highest one among all the famous sight-seeing mountains in China. In Mt. Emei there are four scenic regions: Baoguo Temple, Wannian Temple, Qingyin Pavilion and Golden Summit. Its main peak, the Golden Summit, is 3079.3 meters (10,103 feet) above the sea level, seemingly reaching the sky.


Nightlife in Leshan


When you wander along the streets of Leshan City at night, you can see many people leisurely enjoying their evening after a busy day. Among nightlife activity, eating is always put first.


Dining in Leshan at night might be the first thing to do for tourists. Zhanggongqiao night fair located in Zhanggongqiao Street is a very popular place where you can eat local food including 'Hot-pot', 'Hot Spicy Spicy' (the same flavor as Hot-pot), 'Stone Potted Stewed Beef', and spicy shrimp and crab.

Another well-known night fair in Leshan is close to Leshan Dock. When tourists arrive there, they will find numerous snacks to cater their appetite. Especially 'Dai Pai Dong' Restaurants located on Bailu Road in the city center, which attracts many visitors. Another kind of food at Leshan night fair is Barbecue (BBQ) and is a favorite for tourists, and Leshan Barbecue is tastier compared to other places in Sichuan.


Leshan Food


The hot & spicy cuisine flavor in Leshan matches other places in Sichuan Province and enjoys the fame of 'The Kingdom of Cooking'. There are many kinds of dishes and local snacks that arouse a desire to eat! Just some of the many are recommended here.


1. Stewed Jiangtuan Fish: In Leshan, it has a great reputation. Jiangtuan fish has tender meat and few fish bones and it tastes very fresh when it is stewed with mushroom, ham and yulan slice.

2. Dongpo Ink Fish: Another fish which lives in the Minjiang River, at the foot of Leshan Giant Buddha. After it is fried, the outer fish skin is crisp and the inner meat is tender.

3. Pearl Fish: The third type of fish in Leshan called Pearl Fish is regarded as an original creation of the food and beverage industry in the Shizhong District of Leshan City. When it is cooked, a pigeon egg will be put on the fish body like a pearl, thus giving it its name - Pearl Fish.


4. Bang-Bang (stick) Chicken: It is one of the most popular dishes with cold chicken (breast or leg) shreds topped with a spicy sauce. The chicken meat has to be percussed with a stick when cooked to get its name!


Shopping in Leshan


In Leshan, many local products, either convenient bagged snacks or tourist souvenirs, are worth buying as gifts for your family and friends. These local items are easily found in the Leshan Giant Buddha and Mt. Emeishan Scenic Areas.


Tea is the most popular souvenir of a visit to the Mt. Emeishan Scenic Area with teas such as Zhuyeqing, Pu'er and Yupingchun being top of the list.

Bamboo Shoot which is another notable local product grown on the high mountain and it can be bought in several forms such as dried, fresh and salted which contains many nutrients.


The area also has a good selection of Buddhist souvenirs such as the Kwan-yin sculpture and the eighteen arhats sculpture. Bamboo-weaving, root-carving and iron-painting, which embody the natural scenery and cultural landscape, can also be bought in Mt. Emeishan Scenic Area of Leshan.


Leshan Travel Guide


Leshan Travel Tips: Transportation in Leshan


1. Railway: To get to Leshan by train, get off at Emei station. This station is 10 kilometers (about six miles) away from the gate of Mt. Emei, and 31 kilometers (about 19 miles) away from Leshan City.

2. Road: It is 162 kilometers (about 100 miles) from Chengdu City to Leshan City if one travels by the expressway. Emei City and Leshan City, with a distance of 31kilometers (about 19 miles) are connected by a freeway, and there is a regular bus every ten minutes. Besides, there are buses to Chongqing City, Neijiang City, Zigong City, Yibin City and Ya'an City from Leshan City. Buses to nearby counties are also available.


3. By water: There are very many ferries to the site of Leshan Giant Buddha every day. Ferries to Yibin City, Luzhou City and Chongqing City are available at Leshan Port.

4. By air: Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (CTU) is 150 kilometers (about 93 miles) away from Leshan City by freeway. Many train and air ticket offices are set up in the city.


China Travel in Leshan


Generally speaking, the best time to visit Leshan City is spring and summer. But in the Mt. Emei Scenic Area, tourists can visit in all seasons, especially in summer when one can prevent sunstroke in the mountain as well as in winter when it is possible to ice-skate at Mt. Emei Ski Resort. Also, other places of interest around Leshan City can be visited in all seasons.

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