General Information of Longsheng

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General Information of Longsheng


Another Name: Longsheng Various Nationalities Autonomous County
Location: Belongs to Guilin city and is 63 kilometers away from the Guilin.
Population: 1.7 million


Introduction of Longsheng


Guilin Longsheng is a county nearby the Guilin city and has abundant tourism resource and lived various ethnic groups such as Miao, Zhuang, Yao, Yi and Hui. Longsheng is also the home of world-renowned attraction Longji Rice Terrace. Being a place with various ethnic groups and fantastic landscape, Guilin Longsheng has been the top destinations for people from all around the world. At present, lots of foreign tourists come to Longsheng for watch the Longji Rice terraces and here it is also the heaven of photographers.


Nearby Guilin, Longsheng is a must-see place when people have the Guilin tours and is also recommended by UNESCO as one of the most beautiful place for the tourists. If you want to get close to the nature or you want to know more about ethnic groups in China, Guilin Longsheng is the one you should not miss.


The Famous Attractions in Longsheng


1. Longji Rice Terraces: It is the one attracts lots of people to visit Longsheng for sightseeing or photography. It is also the masterpiece of people in this place. Longsheng Rice Terrace is a testimony to the ingenuity of agriculture in mountainous areas where are belt-shaped, narrow and long, most of which are only wide enough for two rows of crops.

2. Longsheng Hot Spring: It is a must-go place when you arrive in Longsheng. The hot spring is from rock cracks halfway up the mountain, and the water of it is colorless, tasteless, pure and clear, 54-58 degrees centigrade. The hot spring here can help improve your skin quality.


The Food in Gulin Longsheng


Talking about the food in Longsheng, the first one should be mentioned is the sour food which mainly contains the sour meat and fish. They are favored by local people.


Food in Longsheng is kind of food made by the local family. All the food here are made from the organic material and cooked in the traditional way. All there will take you the healthiest food. Eating in Longsheng is a way to experience the rural life. The most delicious food cannot find in the restaurant but in the farmer’s home. The enthusiastic people will welcome you and prepare lots of the amazing local food for you.


The Must-have Food in Guilin Longsheng


1. Sour Meat and Fish: It is favored by Dong people in this area and it taste really good. It is made in a traditional way in which is healthy. It is often served in the banquet in the tradition of Dong people.

2. Bamboo Rice: Made from the local organic rice and the local fresh bamboo, the bamboo rice is delicious with the scent of bamboo and rice. The rice smells good and tastes sweet. It is a food you should ignore.

3. Rice Wine: Brew from the local rice, the rice wine is delicious with low alcohol. Sometimes, the local people take it as the water. You do not to need to worry about how it will affect your health. In China, the wine has some effect on strengthen people’s physicals.


Shopping in Guilin Longsheng


Not as in the big city, there is not shopping center or big Commercial Street in Longsheng. Being a county with various ethnic groups, here you can buy lots of products made by the local minorities such as the embroideries and the silver accessories. Souvenirs here include the local specialties and the crafts made by the local ethnic groups.


Longsheng Travel Guide


1. The Famous Products in Longsheng


Longji Four Treasures: Longji Chili, Longji Yunwu Tea, Longji Water Wine, and Longji Xiangnuo (fragrant sticky rice). The Longji Yunwu Tea was once the empire tribute in Qing Dynasty.


2. Transportation in Longsheng


Distancing 63 kilometers northeast of Guilin City, Buses between Guilin and Longsheng are frequent. If you want to go to the Longji Rice Terrace, you can take the shuttle bus from the Longsheng Station. It is convenient and comfortable.


Guilin Longshen, an ideal destination for tourists who are looking for the rural life and a chance to close to the nature. Longshen travel will be an amazing travel for your China travel, the Longsheng county will surprise you and delight you.

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