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Millennium Ancient Capital, the city of Peony


General Information of China Luoyang


Another Name: City of Peony
Location: Situated on the central plain of China and borders the provincial capital of Zhengzhou to the east
Population: 6.54 Million


Introduction of China Luoyang


Talking about Luoyang city, the first thing you must know is China Luoyang is one of the Eight Ancient Capitals in China and it is the city of peony. In Tang Dynasty, the Empress Wu (the first female empire in China) set her capital in Luoyang called Dongdu meaning the Eastern Capital. It was the first time Luoyang had been the capital of China. Being an ancient capital in China, Luoyang attracts lots of tourists each year with its special position in Chinese history and Chinese culture.


With a China travel to Luoyang, you will experience the charm of this ancient capital in China, know more about Chinese history and culture and offer you a chance to get close to the ancient China. In the China travel to Luoyang, you will see the Longmen Grottoes which were listed by UESCO in the list of World Heritage Sites, the White Horse Temple, the Guanlin, Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum and Luoyang Museum.


Nightlife of China Luoyang


You may think Luoyang is ancient city which is lack of colorful nightlife, but in fact, the nightlife in Luoyang is colorful and fashionable. When the dark comes, all the lights lit, you can find lots of people dance on the square and appreciate the beautiful lights along the streets and Luohe River. Besides, the bars and KTV pubs are also the programs of the nightlife in Luoyang city. The nightlife in Luoyang is passion and full of fun and exciting!


Food in China Luoyang


The culture of cuisine in Luoyang has developed for thousands of years. Here you can find the imperial dishes as well as the folk snacks, all of which will satisfy your curiosity of cuisine in this ancient capital.


The Must-have Food in Luoyang City


Luoyang Shui Xi (Luoyang Water Feast): It is a banquet that is as famous as Dumpling Banquet in Xian and is an imperial dish. The history of this banquet was started from Tang Dynasty in ancient China. All the dishes in the banquet are soup that is why this banquet is named Shui Xi. In the banquet, you will taste the flavors such as sour, sweet, hot and salty.


Liyu Yue Long Men (Dish made of carp): The main skill of cooking this dish is stream. The time needs to calculate carefully and the seasonings should be cooked well too. It tastes fresh.


Jiang Miantiao (Noodle Paste): The cooking way is to boil the noodles in thick bran milk until they take on paste shape. You can take seasonings according to your need.

Zhang Family Wonton: It is a local snack with a history of 150 years. It is famous for the taste and the making method. It tastes fresh, sour and hot. The stuffing of the wonton covers the materials such as chicken, egg, shrimp and pickle.


Pan Jinhe Roast Chicken: The name of roast chicken is from the name of the creator’s son. The roast chicken is in golden color, the meat is tender and the flavor is so attractive that people having China travel to Luoyang will not miss it.


Shopping in China Luoyang


In Luoyang, you can lots of handicrafts and fruits. The apple and pear here are famous and in excellent quality.  The most special handicraft in Luoyang is the palace lantern which appeared in the Eastern Han Dynasty. It is often made in different styles such as dragon, butterfly and horse. If you are not interesting in lantern, the Tang Sancai glazed pottery may be the one you are interested in. It originated from Tang Dynasty and got the name from the colors it used. The pottery often just uses the color of red, yellow and green. At present, the Tang Sancai glazed pottery is often as a gift for distinguished guests in big events.


If you want to go some department stores or shopping malls, you can choose the Shanghai Market Pedestrian Street of the Wangcheng Park. Both places will satisfy you.


China Travel Tips for China Luoyang


Places for cuisines in Luoyang city


  1. Luoyang Zhen Bu Tong Restaurant: Located in No.359, East Zhong Zhou Road, Lao Cheng District.
  2. Hai Jing Westerin Restaurant: Located on 2nd floor, No.1 Building, Tong Yuan Garden, West Kai Xuan Road.
  3. Bi Sheng De Pizza: Located in middle section of Shanghai Market Pedestrian Street, Jian Xi District
  4. Dio Coffee: In the South Sha Chang Road and Kai Xuan Road meet in Xi Gong District


Transportation in Luoyang city


In Luoyang city, the public buses are the most common means of transportation. It can take you to reach nearly all the corners of Luoyang city and the price is reasonable. Besides, Luoyang city provide tourist buses passing many famous sites in the city. Near the railway station regularly scheduled buses to tourist spots outside the city. In addition, taxis are readily available.


China Luoyang is an ancient city in China and its history and culture attract many tourists. If you want to have a China travel discovering the beauty of ancient cities in China, Luoyang is the one you must visit.

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