East Meets West, Cultural Inheritance


General Information of Macau



Another Name: Haojiang (濠江 in Chinese)

Location: along with Hong Kong;Lies on the western side of the Pearl River Delta

Population: Macau Population is estimated to be about 508,500 till December of 2006.





The famous scenery in Macau city

Interesting in Macau

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Introduction of Mauca

Beautiful night view of Macau city

Night View of Macau City


Macau is a fabulous travel destination in the world where east meets the west.


Culture of Macau is the wonderful inter-progeny of the Asian and European ethos. Epitomizing the cultural synthesis of two nations, Macau is the place where east meets the west. The folk men, food habits, architecture and even the names of the street all exude the unity between the two diverse races.


Culture of Macau is as much Chinese as Portuguese. Macau is the oldest European colonial enclave in Asia. About 330 years of occupation by the Portuguese over this predominately Chinese state add many amazing features to its cultural silo.


Famous Attractions  in Macau

The famous attraction in Macau--Ruins of St.Paul

Ruins of St. Paul


Ruins of St. Paul: Ruins of St. Paul's in Macau are marvelous sample of the Catholic history of this former Portuguese colony. Patronized by the colonial masters this prime spot on your Macau sightseeing tour is undoubtedly the best example of the sundry culture of Macau.

A-Ma Temple: China is the most celebrated among the temples of Macau. Dedicated to the Goddess A-Ma, it is the head shrine of the A-Ma-Gau faith spread over the world.


Monte Fortress: Monte Fortress is square shaped. Its outside wall was built with rammed earth and thus very stable. Monte Fortress was equipped with a reservoir, warehouse and barracks.

The Museum of Macau: Opened on 18th of April, 1998, this most famous one among the museums in Macau houses artifacts related to the traditions, practices and habits of this exceptional meeting point where both east and the west co-habit side by side for centuries.


Nightlife in Macau

Night View of Macau Casino

Night View of Macau Casino


Casinos in Macau

Macau has long been Asia’s gaming capital. In the past, the casinos were all owned by billionaire Stanley Ho but in 2002 a new era of Macau began. The Chinese government stepped in and halted the monopoly and has since opened its doors to many new investors including foreigners who brought billion-dollar establishments to the island.

  Coloane Island Nightlife

Known as the most peaceful island among Macau's three, Coloane Island's nightlife is an alternative choice for you to relax while rejuvenating from the stresses of work and worry. Visitors will find several romantic and private dining venues at The Westin Resort and some restaurants provide live background music, while cocktail lounges offer a backdrop of live entertainment in a relaxed yet lively atmosphere.


Downtown Macau Nightlife

Downtown Macau is an area best frequented by day when it is at its most lively. Evenings take on a more placid face, still night walks around the ruins of St Paul’s and Largo de Senado show the area under another light, away from the hordes of tourists that inhibit Downtown Macau by day.


Food in Macau

Local famous food egg tart made by the famous store Cafe e Nata Margaret's

Local Famous Egg Tart made by Cafe e Nata Margaret's


Macau Cuisine is a specialty for every tourist. The food in Macau is an astounding intermingles of Portuguese, Malay, Chinese, Shanghainese, European, Japanese, and more cuisines. This distinctive but curious existence of diverse cuisines in Macau is a byproduct of the varied culture of Macau.


Are you contemplating what to eat from the menu of the ethnic Macau Cuisine? The famed Macau sole, enormous juicy prawns and African chicken accompanied by Asia's finest continental bread rolls, variety of Portuguese red and white wines, shining vinho verde, port and brandy and many more are waiting for you in the restaurants of Macau.


Shopping in Macau

inner of the shopping heaven in Macau--The Macao Venetian hotel

Ideal Place for Shopping in Mauca--The Macao Venetian hotel


Shopping Area 1: Coloane Island Shopping

Coloane is not as developed as Macau Peninsula or Taipa Island, especially in terms of commerce and entertainment. However, visiting local markets is another recommended cultural experience that you may not find or see in the big city. Coloane Market by the Eduardo Marques Square offers local goods, household products, foods, and some imports from China.


Shopping Area 2: Downtown Macau Shopping

Downtown Macau offers markets, malls and modern shops making it the premier shopping sight on the island. For the more adventurous consumer the markets are great for picking up fresh produce, handicrafts and delicate ornaments. This is also the area to delve into the nostalgic world of antiques while exploring the back lanes of the city.


Shopping Area 3: Macau Inner Harbour Shopping

The shopping experience at Inner Harbour is different from Downtown and the Outer Harbour. Markets here are focused on local shoppers and offer inexpensive products. Red Market is an active junction where you can find food, cooking ingredients, fresh meats, and green veggies.


Macau Travel Guide


Macau Travel Tips -- Transportation in Macau
The Scenery of Macau Coloane Island, a famous peninsula in Macau

Scenery of Macau Coloane Island

1. Bus: Macau bus service provides efficient service that spans both the city and the islands. Macau bus service provides air-conditioned service and circulates around the Macau peninsula. The network is well established and the travelers can get information from all the bus stops from the information panels about various destinations and itineraries.


2. Taxi: Macau taxi services operate 24 hours a day and are available in all the main streets. The travelers need not pay any surcharge between Macau and Taipa Island but surcharge of MOP$ 2 is levied between Taipa and Coloane. The travelers also need to keep in mind that an extra MOP$ 3 is levied for each piece of luggage in the boot.

3. Pedicabs: The Macau pedicabs are commonly known as tricycle. The pedicabs can carry two persons and has become a tourist attraction in Macau. The pedicab has one extra wheel at the back and can carry people on a sitting panel. The other name for them is trishaw.

4. Ferry: Macau is now well connected to the neighboring areas with ferry service making travel more easy and comfortable. The distance between Hong Kong and Macau is 40 miles and several Macau Hong Kong Ferry service connect them by high-speed vessels. Macau Hong Kong ferry service includes more than hundred ferry travel throughout night and day.


Macau Travel Tips -- Best Time to Visit Macau

Macau has a subtropical oceanic monsoon climate with high wetness. Weather in Macau features warm and foggy spring, hot and rainy summer, fine and clear autumn and rather cold and dry winter. The annual average temperature is around 22°C (72 °F).


Macau climate is fine with comfortable temperature. Macau attracts all kinds of tourists every season according to their own cases and habits. But because of the rain and typhoon, the best time to visit Macau is from October to December with mild climate and low humidity. In these three months, the average high temperature is 25°C (77 °F) that is suitable for people to get around.


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