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Nyingchi Travel Guide 1: Main Nyingchi Facts


Another Name: Linzhi
Location: Located in southeastern Tibet Autonomous Region on the Brahmaputra, bordering Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province in the east and Lhasa in the west.
Population: with a population of 159,200
Nyingchi Overview: Nyingchi is noted for its verdant mountainous terrain and clear waterways. The Himalayan and Tangula mountains wend their way from west to east to join the Hengduan Mountains. Because of the large number of river valleys and alpine gorges, Nyingchi China is sometimes referred to as the 'Switzerland of Tibet'. Tibetans, Monba, Lhola and other minority groups with their unique customs populate the area. The geography and human diversity make this rarely visited, sparsely populated land an ideal destination for traveling, sightseeing, scientific research and adventure.


Nyingchi Travel Guide 2: Nyingchi Culture


Customs in Nyingchi China

Like those in other Tibetan regions, the major local residents here are Tibetan. There are also many other nationalities like Menba, Luoba and Nu whose living customs differ from each other. The local Tibetan’s dialect is close to that spoken in Lhasa though; their dressing style is more like that of the “warrior at the border”. Both men and women wear “Guoxiu”, a sort of long shawl and Gongbu hat, which seems to tell their long national history. But today less and less people have such hats.


Gongbo New Year in Nyingchi China

Among the traditional festivals in the Nyingchi area, the most representative is the Gongbo New Year. It is said that the people in Gongbo used to observe the Tibetan New Year, as the people in other Tibetan areas do.


Bear-Fighting Festival in Nyingchi China

Another famous festival is the Bear-Fighting Festival in the Shiba Village of the Bomi area in Nyingchi. Every year, on the fifteenth day of the fifth month of the Tibetan calendar, every villager will dress in festival costume and go to the Tara Mountain to burn aromatic plants for auspicious smoke, praying for favorable weather and happy life from the God of Mountains and the Heaven.


Nyingchi Travel Guide 3: More Nyingchi Information on Nyingchi China Travel

  Attractions in Nyingchi


1. Basumco Lake: Located about 90 kilometers west of Gongbo’gyamda County, the BasumLake is an alpine lake at the middle and upper reaches of the Ba River, which is the largest tributary of the Nyang River. It is a notable holy lake of Nyingmapa order of Tibetan Buddhism.


2. Ranwu Lake: The Ranwu Lake, the largest in southeast of Tibet, is in the Village of Ran about 90 km from the Baiba Town neighboring the Nyingchi China. The green grassland around the lake, the sky-blue lake water and the white snow mountains constitute a very pretty watercolor.


3. Great Cypress Nature Reserve: Covering a total area of 21 acres, the nature reserve was established in 1982 to protect the vast forest of hundreds of huge cypresses. It's not unusual for the trees to reach a height of 30m and a diameter of 1m. The king cypress, as the largest and oldest tree in the forest, is believed to be the 'life tree' of Tonpa Shenrab, founder of Bon.


4. Yaluzhangbu Grand Canyon: Yaluzhangbu Grand Canyon is a world-class scenic spot in Tibet and it is of the same significance as the Potala Palace and Qomolangma. Used to be a treacherous canyon hidden in inner Tibet, it has been “rediscovered” today as a new and challenging tourist destination in the east of the world.


5. Lulang Forest Area: Lulang Forest Area is about on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway some 80 km from the Nyingchi China. Lulang means Dragon King Valley in Tibetan, also known a place of Forget Home. With a high of 3700m, it is a typical highland meadow strip, and both sides of Castle Peak from low to high from the dense bushes, spruce trees and pine. In the middle of the valley is a meadow.


6. Sacred Sejila Mountain: Having climbed up to the 4,728 meters high mountain pass, one will observe the sunrise, cloud sea and boundless forest and the grand Nanjiabawa from afar. The Benrila Mountain near the Daze village at the hillside of Sejila, the holy mountain of Ben, is among the four Tibetan holy mountains.

  Food in Nyingchi


Apart from the traditional Tibetan food and beverage like the highland barley wine, pies and ghee tea, people in Nyingchi can also taste lots of local delicacies. As “the Jiangnan of Tibet” there grow a wide variety of fruits here: pear, peach, lemon, banana, watermelon, orange, pineapple and grapes among others.


Take the Luoba people as an example; they drink white and yellow wines. The yellow wine, the locals’ favorite, is made from chicken feed grain and corn. After being distilled, it will become white wine. Their daily foodstuff is rice and corn pastes, vegetables, grilled meat and chili. On their dining table the food is divided on the average base by the hostess. The diner can get the food with their fingers directly from the container- the bamboo tube.


Additionally the most special Luoba dish is the grilled rat, which is for VIP guests only. In some remote parts of Nyingchi China there live a few ethnic groups whose cuisines and dining customs are very well preserved. In east Tibet the grilled mountain rat is the best dish for guests that may scare away those from cities. Due to the humid climate, hot chili is a must on their dinner table.

  Shopping in Nyingchi


What to Buy in Nyingchi China


The “Mt. Everest” green tea, “Giant Panda” woolen blanket and “Qizheng” pain killer bandage made in Nyingchi China are good sellers in both home and world market. Nyingchi possesses a wide variety of plants, among which, many are of high economic values. Good examples are mushroom, fungi, bamboo shoot, pepper, Bajiao (a sort of spice), oil melon (70% plus oil), 100 meters long white vine, and fern erne etc. There are more than 1,000 kinds of herbs here as well,.


The local handicrafts are also known to the outside world such as the Menba wood bowel and bamboo ware, the Luoba stone pan and pottery. The Luoba stone pan is famous for its unique material and design. The pottery is rough pottery, which the locals use for barter. The Menba wood bowel is made of some hard wood like that of azalea, willow and birch. It gives a special flavor to the wine or ghee tea it contains. The portable bowel seldom splits open. It is color fast and not easy to alter its shape. They are therefore the favorite of the local Tibetans, especially those made of rock cypress, and birch root, which the locals believe can detect poisons. The bowels made in the Dawangshangjielin Village Motuo are thought to be the best.


Where to Buy in Nyingchi China


As a crucial logistic center in southeast Tibet, every day various commodities come to Bayi from Lhasa, Chengdu, or even Beijing, Canton and Shanghai for trade. In the meantime local products sell out from here. Probably due to the fact that it has been aided by Canton, Bayi looks more like a Cantonese town than a Tibetan one and its living pace is even faster than that of Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. In the Hongji Market at the heart of the town shoppers can easily buy things ranging from fruits, vegetable and seafood that come from inner China to local goods such as mushroom etc. The downtown also abounds with a large number of teahouses, bars, hotels, Internet cafes and supermarkets.

  Nightlife in Nyingchi


Nightlife in Nyingchi is peculiar, which is of high distinctive ethnic minority features and typical Tibetan characteristics. The following are highly recommended in Nyingchi China:


1. Nyingchi Soho Bar
Solid wood-made desks and chairs with burly mainstays created the unique style of simplicity.
Address: No. 63, Gongyuan Rd. Chengzhong District, Nyingchi China


2. Nyingchi the Old Tree Café
It is a nice place to enjoy buildings and crowds and mood in the air with comfortable facilities and atmosphere. The Old Tree Café-The North Station Branch in No. 114, Southern Station Rd, Nyingchi China and the Old Tree Café-Huaxi Branch in The first Floor, Huaxi Hotel, Guizhong Rd, Nyingchi China


Nyingchi Travel Guide 4: China Travel Tips for Nyingchi Tour


Best Time to Visit Nyingchi China


Nyingchi has a highland temperate semi-arid monsoon climate. Generally the May Day Holiday is the beginning of the traveling season. The May Day is the peak tourist time in China, so it is advisable to avoid these days. But after the peak time, it is real the starting time for Nyingchi traveling.  The best time to visit Nyingchi China is the period from last March to early November.

  Information on Nyingchi Transport


By Air
Nyingchi Airport is located in Miling County, about 55 km away from the administration center of Nyingchi, Bayi Town. At Present, only have flights between Nyingchi and Chengdu, and the Kunming – Nyingchi flight is expected to be opened recently. There are five flights a week, respectively on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.


By Coach
The most acceptable route is to take a coach from Lhasa along the Chuanzang (Sichuan-Tibet) Highway, via Kongpo Gyamda County into Bayi Town. This section of Chuanzang Highway, which is frequently affected by landslides, is actually exceptionally safe and features exhilarating of the picturesque Nyang River and snow-capped mountains en route. Direct coaches to Bayi Town and Pome County of the Nyingchi region can also be taken from Chengdu, the journey taking approximately three days.

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