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General Information of China Pingyao


Location: It is in the central of Shanxi province and 80 kilometers from Taiyuan city
Population: 490 thousand (2002)


Introduction of China Pingyao


It is famous for the best preserved ancient city in China and once was the financial center of ancient China. With years gone by, the ancient city of Pingyao is still well kept and the architectures here are still the same as they were in the past. Pingyao County is a county under the administration of Jinzhong city and 80 kilometers from the capital city of Shanxin province—Taiyuan. Pingyao County now is a top tourist destination in China. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its well preserved ancient city attracts millions of tourists. People who have visited Pingyao County were amazed by the condition of ancient city of Pingyao.


In the ancient time, it was the financial center of China. If you have a chance to come here, you will find lots of banks here which were set up in the ancient China especial in Ming-Qing Dynasty. Besides, the architectures in the ancient city of Pingyao are in the style of Ming-Qing Dynasty. If you are an artist or an architect, the buildings in Pingyao city will inspire you and its Chinese style design means too much to the history of Chinese architecture. At present, being award as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, local and national government have taken lots of actions to keep ancient city of Pingyao from the damage of lots of tourists and the climates.


Famous Attractions in China Pingyao


Ancient City of Pingyao: It is the only one ancient city which is best preserved. The ancient city wall, the design of the city and the architectures in the city are all the treasures for this ancient city. It has a history of 1500 years and once the financial center of China. If you visit Pingyao County, you cannot miss ancient city of Pingyao which will value your China travel to Pingyao and maybe you will get more than you have expected.


Ming-Qing Street: It also gets a name of Nan Da Jie or said South Street. In China, it is the landmark of Pingyao city where you will experience the history and culture of Ming-Qing Dynasty. The museums along the streets will tell you story of Ming-Qing Dynasty and the architectures in this street will take you back to the time of Ming-Qing Dynasty.


Qiao Family Courtyard: It is a courtyard built in 1700s by Qiao family. The whole courtyard is built in traditional Chinese style. It covers an area of 8000 square kilometers and consists of six main courtyards and 19 smaller ones. In the old time, Qiao family has a prestige in Qing Dynasty and the family motto is Descendants be righteous, brothers show mutual care so the family may prosper. Here is a folk art museum showing the folk art agricultural customs, clothing, food, shelter and means of travel.


Food in China Pingyao


The cuisine in Pingyao is a branch of Shanxi cuisine. The most famous food in this famous China city is the Pingyao beef jerky, Pingyao Wantuo and Pingyao jellied bean curd. Coming to Pingyao, you should have a try of this delicious food which will surprise with the excellent taste.


Pingyao Beef Jerky: It was created in the Han Dynasty and became popular in the Ming Dynasty. The beef jerky is made of the meat of old cattle. It is said that the older the cattle is, the better the Pingyao beef jerky is. The making process of this famous Pingyao food is complicated and it asks the maker skillful.


Pingyao Wantuo: It is kind of steaming snack. The history of this snack can be traced back to Qing Dynasty. It is made of wheat, buckwheat, oil, salt and chopped green onion and the making process is sophisticated. Local people would like to eat Pingyao wantuo with cold noodle or fired noodle. These are the most traditional way to taste the delicious Pingyao wantuo.


Pingyao Jellied Bean Curd: It is a kind of Tofu, but it is mixed with a salty sauce. About the salty sauce, the raw materials are noodle, soy, starch and spices. It will give you a different experience of the Tofu and it is nutritious.


Shopping in China Pingyao


If you want to buy some souvenirs for your Pingyao travel, there are some recommended things for you. They are handmade cloth shoes, Pingyao paper-cuttings and Tuiguang Lacquer ware (Polished Lacquer ware)


Pingyao Handmade cloth shoes: They are totally made by hand and the shoes have unique designs and exquisite workmanship. About the pattern on the shoes, it is often the figures of different animals and natural flowers. Besides the delicate design, the function of the cloth shoes is also great. It has the advantage of good ventilation, sweat absorption and comfort. If you have a China travel to Pingyao, the cloth shoes are one of the good choices for the souvenirs.


Pingyao Paper-cuttings: It is a folk art and a famous souvenir for tourists to Pingyao. The themes of the pattern on the paper-cutting are mainly human figures, animals, trees, flowers and others. The feature of Pingyao Paper-cutting can be concluded smooth lines, rough style and strong decoration.


Tuiguang Lacquer ware (Polished Lacquer ware): This lacquer ware is famous for the exquisite design and fine hand-polished skill. Most lacquer wares in Pingyao are decorated with golden and resplendent designs based on figures from classical novels, dramas or legends.


Travel Tips for China Travel to Pingyao


Transportation in Pingyao

If you are interesting in Pingyao, you can take train or bus to this China city. If you choose the train, you can take the train in Taiyuan city. For the bus, you can also take it in Taiyuan city.


Transportation in Urban Area


For travel around Pingyao city, you can choose the rickshaw, electro mobile and bicycle as the means of transportation. They are eco ones and good for the protection of Pingyao county.


Best Time to Visit Pingyao County


The best time to visit Pingyao County is from March to October. During this period, the climate and temperature is comfortable for tourists.


Pingyao, an ancient county and a UNESCO Heritage site in China, is an ideal China travel destination for people who want to learn the history and culture of China. In China Pingyao, you will see the most original architectures and experience the daily life of people living here.

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