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Location: Situated in the northeast of Hebei Province and bordered by Bohai Sea to the south, Qinhuang Island is an important port for foreign trade in north China. It is 483 kilometers from Shijiazhuang in the southeast, 280 kilometers from Beijing in the west and is 220 kilometers from Tianjin. It covers an area of 7,813 square kilometers


Population: a population of 2.86 million.


Features of Qinhuangdao City


Qinhuangdao is an aged city with a long and rich history. It has a story in its name. In 215 BC, the first emperor of China, Emperor Qin went eastward. When he got here, he sent someone to go to the sea and search for immortals. Then the city got its name "Qinhuangdao", in which "huang" means emperor and "dao" refers to island. And thus it became the only city named after the title of an emperor.


It has abundant tourist resources including a section of the Great Wall, beaches. The most important costal attractions are distributed along the sea. Among them, there are the ideal summer resort-Beidaihe and Shanhaiguan Pass which is regarded as the "first pass of the world".


Culture of Qinhuangdao City


Qinhuangdaois a coastal city in Hebei province. It is situated about 300 km east of Beijing, on the Bohai Gulf. Qinhuangdao Harbor is the main port of Hebei province. "Qinhuangdao" means "the island of Qinhuang" ( the island of the first Emperor in Qin Dynasty ). The Qin emperor - Qin Shi Huang ( 2000 years ago ) is said to have been looking for immortality on an island here, hence the name.


Qinhuangdao is the splendid blend of the Great Wall culture, beach holidays, bird-watching and historical surveys.

Beidaihe is one of the three districts under the jurisdiction of Qinhuangdao City. The other two districts are Haigang District and Shanhaiguana District. The Beidaihe District is famous for the beautiful beaches and sunshine. The Beidaihe beach resort stretches 10 km. It is is also known as a birding haven, a perfect spot for bird watching. Beidaihe is one of nine famous sun-rise watching spots in China!

Haigang District is where Qinhuangdao Municipality is located. "Haigang"means "Harbor". It is also where the Qinhuangdao Harbor lies. In 215 BC, China’s first emperor Qinshihuang arrived here on his fourth eastern inspection and sent Lusheng and Han Zhong out to the sea to look for the immortal for him.

Shanhaiguang District is well known for the "First Pass Under Heaven", considered the No.1 pass of the Great Wall and the eastern end of the Great Wall, stretching 23 meters into the sea like a dragon drinking water, hence its name - the "Old Dragon's Head." Shanhaiguan's most exciting activity is a hike up the Great Wall's first peak - Jiaoshan Great Wall.

Attractions of Qinhuangdao City

1. Beidaihe Scenic Area


Beidaihe Area is located in the southwest of Qinhuang City. It enjoys picturesque scenery. In the west of the scenic area, Lianfeng Mountain is standing gracefully. When spring and autumn come, the mountain is painted green, covered by lush plants and colorful flowers. It has abundant cultural relics and historic sites with pavilions and cottages of different styles standing among them. In the south, it is a lengthy coast line with gradual slope. It has soft sand and clean water of moderate salinity, and thus is a good choice for sea bath, sand bath as well as sun bath. In the east, it is Geziwo Park, where you can enjoy the breathtaking sights of sunrise and tide.


It is such a great thing in life to bathe in the sea, enjoy the coolness or even have a sun bath with the body buried in sand. In the Beidaihe, you can play the beach volleyball, play with sand, ride along the sea with a rented bike, play on a swing on the beach or drive a motor boat.


2. Nandaihe Seaside Tourism Area


Nandaihe Seaside Tourism Area is located 19.5 km southeast of Funing County Town, Hebei Province. It is both adjacent to and looking out on the seaside at Beidaihe, a well-known summer vacation scenic spot. Nandaihe’s seaside bathing spot has soft sand, no strong currents, tranquil tides, moderate water temperature and overall safe and comfortable conditions. The sand of the sea bed is fine and soft and the seawater is clear and unpolluted.


The tourism area has a 75,000 square meter (800,000 square foot) sea water bathing area, more than 20 hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, shops, and other services. Tourists don’t need to worry about where to eat and stay. Now a coastal road runs through the area, linking Beidaihe, the First Pass Under Heaven; the Golden Coast, Jieshi Mountain, Beiniu Peak and other famous tourist attractions.


Qinhuangdao, a beautiful coastal resort in North China, has a great reputation for the perfect, natural, all-weather Port of Qinhuangdao, distinguished and historical Shanhaiguan Pass and the ever stunning summer holiday resort, Beidaihe. It has abundant touristresources, including forests, rivers, lakes, springs, beaches, harbors, temples,gardens, villas, and ancient passes through its mountains. However, the Great Wall and the seashore must be the first temptations for most visitors to Qinhuangdao.


Along the seashore, stretching from the northeast to the southwest, there are five popular tourist zones: Shanhaiguan District, Haigang District (Harbor District), Beidaihe Scenic Spot, Nandaihe Tourist Resort and the Golden Coast.


3. Shanhaiguan District

Shanhaiguan is an enclosed area encircled by walls linked with the Great Wall. Laolongtou (Old Dragon's Head) is the east end of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). In the center of the old town, the First Pass under Heaven (Shanhaiguan Pass) is the first pass of great military importance in the Great Wall. Starting north from the Jingbian Tower is the Shanhaiguan Great Wall Museum, which contains a detailed history of this world monument.


Two kilometers (1.2 miles) west of Laolongtou, Ledao (Shanhaiguan Happy Ocean Park) has the largest shark aquarium in China and the largest diving club in North China. In addition, carnival activities are held at various times.


4. Haigang District

Qinhuangdao is the only city in China named after the title of an emperor. Qinhuang refers to the Emperor Qin Shi Huang of the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC), the first emperor in Chinese history. The Tang River estuary, where the emperor searched for the Xian (Chinese "Immortals", who attained their immortal status by favor with the gods and possessed magical skills), is also a famous attraction in Qinhuangdao. It is recorded in 215 BC, during an imperial visit to Jieshi, both to the city proper and Changli County, that Qin Shi Huang made a grand obeisance to the sea. After that he sent two groups of people into the sea to look for the "Immortals" and beg for certain elixirs. At the site of his obeisance, he built a large viewing area with a sculpture of himself, standing at the seaside. This area neighbors present-day Dongshan Bath, a fascinating place for bathing in the sea and sun-bathing. For people who love sea-life in general, Xin'ao Submarine World is undoubtedly a perfect choice.


5. Golden Coast Scenic Spot

The Golden Coast covers an area of 376 square kilometers (145 square miles) in Changli County. During the 1980s, people built a sand-sliding area there. That was the first International Sand-skating Sports Center, which brought the Golden Coast quite a bit of fame in this new outdoor sport.


Nightlife of Qinhuangdao City



To enjoy life to the full in Qinhuangdao, one can not get away from the charming sea, soft beach and brilliant sunshine. One can revel outside in the sunshine, walking and exploring, or can go to recreational centers to participate in entertainments and games.

The city has built multitudes of recreational facilities. Nandaihe International Recreation Center, Nandaihe Water Park, Xin'ao Submarine World, International Sand-skating Sports Center, the recreation center in Xianluo Island and the aquarium in Shanhaiguan, as well as the children's playground, are all fascinating all-around entertainment centers, providing facilities for surfing, diving, sand skating, batting, drifting on the sea and bungee. Various sports can be found there, however agreeable and exciting. Most of these recreation centers are located in Beidaihe and Nandaihe. Other places for leisure include Haigang District, the downtown area of Qinhuangdao City where most of the sports centers, fitness clubs, bars and cafes can be found.

People can go to the gym and fitness centers to keep active. Asia Sports Village and sport pitches constructed for the 11th Asia Games are fine. To prepare the Beijing Olympics, many stadiums and gymnasiums are newly built and restored. Some may choose fitness clubs. Here some information about Qinhuangdao's fitness centers recommended by the local citizens.

Yaohua Impulse Total Fitness

Address: No.14, Wenhua Nan Lu, Haigang District

Description: It should be the best fitness club in Qinhuangdao with full equipment for rock climbing can be found there.


Chanyu Yoga

Address: No.116, Jianshe Da Jie, Haigang District

Description: Daily exercises of Yoga, hot yoga and belly dancing guided by teachers.




Nightlife in Qinhuangdao is limited. Supermarkets usually close before 19:00. Bars, cafes, teahouses and cinemas are also nice places to spend some time.




The Perfect Life Bar

Average cost per person: above CNY40

Opening hours: 18:00~02:00

Address: Middle section of Hebei Da Jie, Haigang District

Bus Routes: 6, 31, 32, 34

Matsa Music Club

Minimum Charge: CNY100-300

Opening hours: 20:00-03:00

Address: No.82, Mafang Jie, west gate of Jinjie Shopping Mall, Haigang District

Biluota Bar Park

Average cost per person: over CNY140

Opening hours: 10:00-24:00

Address: Donghai Lu near the Dove Nest (Gezi Wo) Park to the east of Beidaihe District



UBC Coffee

Address: No.312, Jinjie Shopping Mall, Wenhua Lu, Haigang District

Liang'an Coffee

Address: No.68, west gate of the Jinjie Shopping Mall, Haigang District

Opening hours: 09:00-02:00

Fairyland Coffee

Address: No.28, Xinyuan Guangchang (Xinyuan Square), Haiyang Lu, Haigang District

Opening hours: 09:00-24:00

Xingfu Coffee

Address: opposite Yanshan University, Haigang District

Mingtian Coffee Language

Address: No.9-11, I/F, commercial building in the People's Square, Haigang District

Xin Shang Dao Coffee

Address: No.159, Yingbin Lu, Haigang District



Qingxin Chapin Chayi Guan

Average cost per person: CNY100

Address: No.202, west section of Gangcheng Da Jie, Haigang District


Fu Xiang Ju Chayuan

Address: No.115-117, Yanshan Da Jie, Haigang District

Zi Yun Xuan Chalou

Address: No.18, Zhujiang Dao, Qinhuangdao Economic & Technological Development Zone

Guyun Chalou

Address: Donghuan Lu, Haigang District

Shanhaiguan Yuyuan Chazhuang

Address: No.52, Nan Da Jie, Shanhaiguan District



Incool Cinema

Address: Lower floor of the People's Square, Kangle Lu, Haigang District

Bus Routes: 6, 16, 33, 34


Internet bars

Changcheng Net Bar

Address: Opposite the north gate of the Northeast University at Qinhuangdao, Haigang District

Bai Yu Xing Net Bar

Address: Yuhua Lu, Beidaihe District

(Tanglaoya Wangluo Shalong) Donald Duck Internet Saloon

Address: Kangle Lu, Haigang District




Shengmingshu Tarot Shop attracts many girls who like fortune telling. It is an interesting shop and is usually busy. Around it, there are some nice shops. It is located to the west of the Incool Cinema. One can also get to the Tianlong Gekido International Club in Yijie Xincun to learn Gekido boxing.


Qinhuangdao Food


The local food in Qinhuangdao has its roots in Hebei Cuisine (also known as Ji Cuisine). Dishes are cooked using local meat and vegetable produce, and are usually accompanied by a starchy sauce. Foods are generally salty, with great attention paid to the cuts of the meat. Due to its location on the coast of the Bohai Sea, seafood features heavily in Qinhuangdao cuisine.

Naturally, flavors from outside the Shanhaiguan Pass have also made their way onto local menus; Cantonese, Sichuanese, Moslem, vegetarian, Japanese and Korean dishes, as well as western and fast foods are now found in the region. This has allowed the food-loving locals to enjoy new foods while also providing a greater choice for travelers.

Local Speciality Snacks

Roasted Prawn - Served in both Chinese and Western restaurants, this main dish is made from local Beidaihe prawns, served in a scrumptious dressing and usually accompanied by a soup.Changcheng Bolo Bing - A type of cake made from flour, starch, the leaves of the Bolo tree and a variety of other fillings. It was first cooked in war time by Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) soldiers garrisoned on the Shanhaiguan Pass.

Sitiao Baozi - This stuffed bun is named after a famous baozi stall which has stood for 50 years on a street named Sitiao in the old town of Shanhaiguan. Buns in the shop have won great acclaim from both visitors and locals alike for their appearance and distinctive taste.


Huiji Lvdougao - Otherwise known as mung bean cake, was introduced to the area by Muslim groups. The shop where the cakes were originally sold was first established in 1945, and can still be found in the old town of Shanhaiguan.

Laoerwei Majiang Shaobing - This cake's principal ingredient is sesame seeds, and it can be picked up from the Laoerwei Hotel. It is recommended that it be eaten with hot pot and the local mutton broth.

Other popular local snacks include: Mengheshang Sausage, Jinfa Donkey Meat with Soy Sauce and Xiaoxiao Fried Pork Chop.


Qinhuangdao's cuisine is characterized by seafood, with various dishes served in almost every hotel, restaurant and eatery in the area. Some visitors may have hotel rooms equipped with a kitchen, and can go directly to the fishing port to source ingredients for their own dishes. The fish and seafood products here are often much cheaper than from other retailers. Seafood can also be bought from the local markets, although it is suggested that you take care when purchasing from individual peddlers. One should bargaining, confirm the price and weight.

The price of seafood in the more popular scenic spots is more expensive, so it is recommended that visitors try and stick to restaurants in less touristy locations. Service is generally of a good standard and the food reasonably-priced.


Shopping in Qinhuangdao


Qinhuangdao is a coastal city, hence the major local specialties in the city are marine products, and almost all the art wares are made of shell-fish. Visitors who want to buy the local specialties can go to Shitang Road Market in Beidaihe(北戴河石塘路市场). The market is the largest shopping place in Qinhuangdao City, offering pearl, agates, emeralds, jades, necklaces, art wares, tourist souvenirs, marine products and clothing and so on. In addition, the market is also the largest terminal market for oearl in North China.


There is a commercial district (Taiyang Cheng Commercial District) in Jiangdong Road, Qinhuangdao. Most of the large or middle shopping malls are there, including Qinhuangdao Shopping Mall, Jinyuan Marketplace, Liangma Shopping Plaza, Hualian Marketplace, Jindu Shopping Plaza, Taiyang Cheng Pedestrian Street, etc. Visitors can buy various products there, including things for daily uses, clothing, shoes, bags, cosmetics and home appliances and so on. In addition, there are some shops selling some unique commodities and art wares.


Shopping Malls


Leduhui 乐都汇
In the shopping mall, Floor 2 and 3 is a large supper market, recreational center and catering center is located in Floor 4, and the rest parts are room for some shops selling clothing, shoes, accessories and bags and so on.

Address: Wenhua Crossing, Haigang District (海港区文化路口)


Modern Shopping Plaza 现代购物广场
It is a shopping mall mainly offering middle-grade products, including clothing, shoes, bags, etc. In addition, entertainment facilities such as KTV and cinemas are also available there.

Address: 42 Minzu Road (民族路42号)


Book Stores


Longmei Book Store 龙媒书店

It is a quite characteristic book store in Qinhuangdao City, with quiet atmosphere and good service. If a customer can not find the book he/she looking for, the customer can ask the store buy it on its behalf.

Address: Room 312, Yinahi Mansion, Taiyang Cheng Area, Haigang District (海港区太阳城银海大厦312室)

Hours: 08:30–18:30


The Light of City 城市之光
Address: 424 West Section, Hebei Avenue, Haigang District (海港区河北大街424号西段)

Tel: 0335-8072 986

Qinhuangdao Travel Guide

Qinhuangdao Travel Tips 1: Transportation in Qinhuangdao


By City-bus

Currently, there are city-buses No.1 to No.37 running to almost every corner of the city, and many of them can get to the famous resorts. Thanks to the construction of the coast road, taking these sightseeing buses has become a fascinating part of the tour in Qinhuangdao. In addition, there are regular buses to suburban areas and places in neighboring cities and provinces.

Quite distinct from many other cities, Qinhuangdao has opened some special lines, such as night bus and summer bus lines. These buses may still be running at 22:00 which is later than other common bus lines.


Night Lines

Bus No.8

Operating hours: 19:15-22:00 (summer); 19:15-21:00 (winter)
Main stops: Qinhuangdao Railway Station - Newspaper Office - Job Market - the Third Hospital of Qinhuangdao - Hualian Commercial Building - Qiu Xian Ru Hai Chu (the place where the Qin Shi Huang asked for the immortals) - Dongshan Bath


Bus No.19
Operating hours: 19:10-21:00 (every September 1st to June 30th the next year)
Main stops: Qinhuangdao Railway Station - Chinese Medical Hospital - Worker's Culture Palace - People's Park - Hualian Commercial Building - Waimao Hotel


Bus No.27
Operating hours: 19:10-21:00
Main stops: Qinhuangdao Railway Station - Newspaper Office - Job Market - City Government - Leyuan Community


Bus No.31
Operating hours: 19:00-21:00; 19:00-21:30 (July 1st to August 31st)
Main stops: Qinhuang Community - Hualian Commercial Building - Sidaoqiao Bus Station - Jiahui Supermarket - Tanghe Park - Northeast University- Zhujiang Dao - Qinhuangdao Education Institute


Bus No.32
Operating hours: 19:15-21:30 (summer); 19:15-21:00 (winter)
Main stops: Yanshan University - Olympic Sports Center - Tanghe Park - Jiahui Supermarket - Sidaoqiao Bus Station - Hualian Commercial Building


Summer Lines (July 1st to August 31st)


Bus No.19
Operating hours: 05:50-19:10; 19:10-22:00
Main stops: Qinhuangdao Railway Station - Chinese Medical Hospital - Worker's Culture Palace - People's Park - Huanlian Commercial Building - Waimao Hotel - Tanghe Park - Yacht Club - Xin'ao Submarine World



1. Ticket price for most of the buses is CNY1, except for Nos.6, 25, 30, 33, 34, 35 and branch lines of Nos.30 and 33. Ticket price for these buses depend on the distance. It costs CNY1 for every 10 kilometers (6.2 miles).


2. In Qinhuangdao, service times are different in summer and winter for common lines. In general, they run later in summer, the period from April 26th to October25th.

Here below are some buses passing by well-known spots in Qinhuangdao:

No.22: Beidaihe, Nandaihe

No.23: Laolongtou, Shanhaiguan Pass, Temple of Mengjiangnv

No.24: Laolongtou, the First Pass under Heaven, Yansai Lake

No.26: Laolongtou, Longevity Hill

No.34: Qinhuangdao Wild Animal Zoo, Beidaihe International Club, Beidaihe Olympic Avenue Park


Qinhuangdao, together with Tianjin, Shanghai and Shenyang, will be host to the football games of the 2008 Olympic Games. Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Center Stadium is the playing field. Buses Nos.6, 32 and 34 can lead to the stadium.


By Taxi


Qinhuangdao taxi companies are mainly Xiali, Santana, Jetta and Fukang. Except Xiali, taxies of other brands are bicolor mint blue with crystal silver, white or silver with red. The minimum fare of the taxi is CNY 5 for the first 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) and every additional kilometer charges CNY 1.4 for Xiali, CNY1.6 for other brands. Additional fare will be charged for an overrun of five minutes waiting.


Taxis in Qinhuangdao operate independently. Vehicles registered in Haigang District can not carry passengers in Beidaihe and Shanhaiguan Districts, except for chartered vehicles. In the tourist season, business in Shanhaiguan and Beidaihe is picking up, while it suffers in the Haigang District. At that time, it is economical to rent a vehicle there while visiting. The charter rate should be much cheaper than that in other districts. Usually, chartered taxis charge for every 100 kilometers (62 miles), or the charter fare can be negotiated ahead of time.

By Bicycle


In Qinhuangdao, what could be a more agreeable choice than to enjoy the beauty of coastal scenery by bicycle made for two or more people.

These are available at:
Haigang District: in the beach of the Water Sports Center in Olympic Village, nearby the Xin'ao Submarine World
Beidaihe District: Laohushi, Rest House of Beidaihe (Bwidaihe Qu Zhao Dai Suo), Donghaitan, Jinshanzui
Nandaihe: around Tianma and Zhongbao Hotel (hotel of China National Packaging Import and Export Corporation)

The rent can be charged by hour or by day. The price is a matter for negotiation. CNY10 per hour, CNY 50 for half the day, CNY80 for one day is typical.


Qinhuangdao Travel Tips 2: Best Time to Visit Qinhuangdao


Qinhuangdao is an ideal summer resort. It is situated in the temperate monsoon zone with mild climate and moderate moisture. It does not rain a lot in spring and thus is dry. In summer, it is cool and fine in most of the days. The winter is long with freezing. The average temperature is about 11°Cwith the average highest temperature 24.9°C and the lowest 4.3°C. The annual average rainfall is 736.3 mm.


The average July/August temperature is 25ºC (77ºF), excellent natural conditions for sea bathing, sun bathing and beach activities.

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