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General Information of China Sanjiang


Population: 0.3 Million
Location: In the north of Guangxi province and the about 500 kilometers from Liuzhou city


Introduction of China Sanjiang


China Sangjiang, a small county in the northern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is a home to Dong people, one of the most ethnic groups in China. The name Sanjaing is originated from three rivers in the city named Rong River, Xun River and Miao River. In Sanjiang County, the sceneries are beautiful and full of exotic features. The green glassland, the fresh air, the crystal clear river and the warm people make this place an ideal one for wellness holiday.


Being a home to Dong people, here you will learn lots of customs and traditions of this ethnic group and see lots of featured architectures built according to the aesthetics and concept of Dong people. All you see and learn in Sanjiang County will open your eyes to the life of ethnic groups in China. In the past, lots of people thought minorities in China are the backwardnesses, but if you come to Sanjiang, you will know the truth is that the old time has passed away and the advanced technologies have been taken to the groups.


China travel to Sanjiang County, you get closer to the life of Dong minority and have a chance to experience the most traditional life style of Chinese minorities.


Famous Attraction in China Sanjiang


Chengyang Wind-rain Bridge: It is one of the most famous Wind-rain bridges in China and a special covered bridge. Built in 1916, the bridge has a long history. The Chengyang Wind-rain Bridge is a combination of painting, bridge, corridor, veranda and Chinese pavilion. The length of this bridge is 64.4 meters.


Sanjiang Dong Village: It is where the Dong people live. This village will show people how Dong people live and the life of this Chinese minority. Traveling around the village, you will see the special architecture of Dong people and learn their traditions and customs.


Sanjiang Mapang Drum Tower: Reconstructed in 1943, the Mapng Drum Tower is one of the most famous drum towers in China. With a height of 20 meters, the Mapang Drum Tower demonstrates the distinctive architectural features of the Dong drum tower.


Food in China Sanjiang


Talking about the food in Sanjiang County, the fragrant glutinous rice, glutinous rice rum and Youcha should be mentioned.

Fragrant Glutinous Rice: It is kind of glutinous rice grown in this area. When the rice is steamed, it is translucent, soft, delicate, and fragrant and never sticks. It is often used to make the glutinous rice cake which is a special gift for friends and relatives.


Glutinous Rice Rum: Made of local fragrant glutinous rice, the rum is delicious and tasty. Local people often use it as beverage and wine.


Youcha: It is kind of special food loved by Chinese minorities such as Yao people and Dong people. Made of green tea, ginger, the root of green onion, garlic, water and oil, the Youcha is a kind of soap tasting a bit bitter and sour. It is the daily food of Dong people.


Travel Tips for China Travel to Sanjiang County


Transportation in Sanjiang County


If you want to travel to Sanjiang County, you can choose the bus or train. At present, the local government has done a great improvement to the infrastructure of this China County. The highway and subway has been finished in Sanjiang County.


Urban Transportation in Sanjiang County


There are the shuttle buses between the scenic spots and the city bus station. You can take them to the Chengyang Wind-rain Bridge, Mapang Drum Tower and other scenic spots. If you want to visit Liuzhou city or Guilin, in the Sanjiang County, there are coaches to these two famous China cities.


Best Time to Visit Sanjang County


The best time to visit Sanjiang is in spring and autumn. During these two seasons, the scenery of Sanjiang County is excellent. You can see the most ink-painting like County sight.


Sanjiang County, a China travel destination for people who are interesting in Chinese minorities, is a great place for vacation. The beautiful scenery of China Sanjiang will allure you.

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