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Sanya Travel Guide 1: Main Sanya Facts


Another Name: Spring City
Location: located on the southernmost tip of Hainan Province
Population: with a population of 685,400
Sanya Overview: Sanya China is a noted tourist resort with mountains, sea, river and city. The favorable climate is hot in summer but warm in the three other seasons so attracting large numbers of followers from both home and abroad every year. The whole of Sanya is related to the sea.  Here you can enjoy a unique tropical oceanic landscape that is totally different from the other provinces of China.


Sanya Travel Guide 2: Sanya Culture

Ethnic Culture in Sanya

More than 20 ethnic groups including Han, Li, Miao, Hui inhabit Sanya becoming a wonderful place to appreciate the various cultures of China. Sanya China has an abundant and diverse array of culture to interest tourists to the area, such as the prehistoric Luobi Cave, and the ancient tombs in the coastal area of Haitangwan. The banishment of expelled notable officials and scholars to Hainan allowed those people to establish their own schools and cultivate many talents, founding Zhongyuan Culture and advancing technology, and also contributing to the colorful folklore culture that was created by the local people and Han people together.


Sanya Travel Guide 3: More Sanya Information on Sanya China Travel


Attractions in Sanya

1. Tianya Haijiao (Edge of the Sky, Rim of the Sea): Tianya Haijiao, a romantic and beautiful scenic spot, lies to the west of Sanya China. It receives many visitors from home and abroad every year since its open in 1988. It also attracts thousands of young lovers from every corner of the world to hold their wedding ceremonies here.


2. Yalong Bay: Yalong Bay boasts unparalleled beauty. The 7.5-kilometer long, crescent-shaped bay with an area of 18.6 square kilometers is one of the famous scenic spots in Hainan Province. The scenery is amazing, with endless rolling hills, serene gulfs, clear blue sea and silvery sand beaches--three times as long as any in Hawaii.

3. Wuzhizhou Island: With an irregular butterfly-like shape and a total coastline of 5.7 km, the island is about 30 km north-east of Sanya China. As the island is in a tropical marine zone, the climate is temperate and pleasant all year round. It is an ideal place for vacation, winter swimming as well as entertainment.


4. Dadonghai: One of the most popular tropical seaside holiday areas in Hainan Province is located 3 kilometers southeast of downtown Sanya China. Dadonghai has a crescent-shaped beach 2.3 kilometers long and clear blue sea, sunshine, white sand and green trees creating a beautiful location in the Torrid Zone.

5. Luhuitou Peninsula: About 5 km south of Sanya China lies a hill extending in the shape of an enthralling deer looking back. This hill is the very same one mentioned in the legend of the Li Minority Group. It is not only a romantic peninsula, but also a lush, natural environment covered with deciduous trees and plants.


6. Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone: Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone is located 40 km southwest of Sanya China. Countless visitors flock to the area, drawn by the beauty of Nanshan Mountain, making it a principal eco-tourism zone. Visitors also are attracted to the area because of the profound Buddhist influence on the surrounding culture.

7. Monkey Island: Nanwan Monkey Island is the only tropical island-type nature reserve for macaques. It boasts of so many special sites, such as the longest transoceanic ropeway in China, the charming coconut palms, the enchanting sand beach, the natural bathing place, multicolored coral reefs, and the unique fishing rafts, as well as being the monkeys' paradise.


8. Nanshan Temple: Situated 40 kilometers from Sanya China, Nanshan Temple ranks as one of the attractions in the Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone. Occupying an area of 66 acres, it is the biggest Buddhist preaching site established since the founding of the People's Republic of China.

9. Sanya Bay: Sanya Bay is an ideal place for vacation and leisure in Sanya China. Lying to the west of Sanya city center, it stretches for 6.2 miles from Sanya Harbor. The bay is surrounded by beautiful tropical scenery with a boundless sea view. The crystal clear blue sea stretches to the edge of the sky, while the waves lap the soft white sand.


Food in Sanya  

What to Eat in Sanya China


Sanya's abundant, pollution-free seafood resources are attributed to the bounteous South Sea which encircles this city. Abalone, sea cucumbers and sea urchins are three kinds of rare seafood in Sanya. In addition, shrimps, crabs, fresh fish, trumpet shells and other exotic foods are common dishes served in any star-rated and common restaurant in Sanya. Fresh is the most accurate word to describe the seafood of Sanya.

Where to Eat in Sanya China


Resort Golden Palm, Resort Horizon, Gloria Resort, Sheraton Resort and the other star-rated restaurants assembled in Asian Dragon Bay each have their own high-class dining-rooms that serve top quality seafood dishes. Therefore, visitors have the convenience of tasting a variety of seafood without having to leave the one restaurant. Of course, the price of the dishes in this type of restaurant is higher than in other ones.

Sanya also has some restaurants that serve various seafood dishes at a reasonable price. Among them, Chunyuan Seafood Stall is the most popular one where more than 40 private stalls are assembled in one area. At night, throngs of locals and tourists come here to eat the locally harvested seafood. An important fact to remember is that each person must choose their seafood before coming here because the food is only cooked or prepared in each stall.


Mingji Stall, which is noted for seafood gruel and fried seafood, is another recommended place to eat seafood in Sanya. You must try the Lailiao shrimp which is quick-fried with chilies.

Additionally, the high income people in Sanya often eat seafood in Dadonghai Coconut Seafood City because of its delicious specialties and comfortable environment. The price is higher than in Chunyuan and other stalls.


Shopping in Sanya  

What to Buy in Sanya China


Seafood and Beautiful Shells
Along with its bright sunshine, Sanya can bring you an adventure in shopping. Fresh seafood sold at a reasonable price is a most attractive purchase for visitors from both China and abroad. You can also buy pretty decorations and handicrafts made of shells or trumpet shells: a gift from the sea. Perhaps, however, it is more diverting to pick up some unique shells and trumpet shells along the beautiful beaches of Sanya by yourself.

Seawater Pearl and Crystal
There is no reason for despair, since the rare seawater pearl and crystal products of Sanya will delight every bit as much. You can find some high quality pearls in Sanya where the best pearls are cultivated. Sanya also prides itself on its beautiful, luminous crystal. It is said that the crystal produced in Yanglan Town which is located in the north of Sanya City is the best gift for your lover.


Tropical Fruits
Various tropical fruits offered in Sanya are especially appreciated by both locals and visitors. Small banana, guava, durian, mangosteen, wampee, litchi, procession of lanterns or torches fruit, carambola, jackfruit and the most beautiful rose apple are delicious fruits to buy and sample.

Local Clothing
A suit of colorful local cloth is a must for you. These clothes are usually printed with numerous tropical pictures, such as coconut trees, sea and sunshine. Combine this with a pair of comfortable beach shoes, and your stay will be much more comfortable. Favored by more and more visitors, this cloth has become a signature of Sanya item.


Where to Buy in Sanya China


Jiefang Road
This is a newly opened street, and the longest in Sanya. It offers local products, dining, entertainment, tours, housing, and temporary accommodations. KFC, Mcdonald's, and a variety of department stores and supermarkets are assembled here. Located at No.7 on Jiefang Road 2nd, Tiancheng Department Store is an all-round place offering clothes, non-staple foodstuffs and household electrical appliances. Some world brands of merchandise are available here.


Hongqi Street
This street is more favored by people concerned with economy since various items of a reasonable price are sold here. About 300 meters long, this street could be divided into two parts: clothes are sold in the south part while groceries and commodities are sold in the north part. The shopping centers of this street are the First Market, Sanhe Business City and Yangguang Shopping City.

The First Market is the biggest free market of agricultural products in Sanya City. Various local products, including all of the seafood and local fruits, are sold here at a reasonable price. In addition, the Business Street near Hongqi Street is the best place to buy pearls and shell decorations. Prices are reasonable, especially for these beautiful shells, but the price of pictures consisting of shells is a little high. The Sanya DC City is another ideal place to buy some souvenirs: local products and all sorts of decorations can be purchased here.

Nightlife in Sanya


Night Diving
Wuzhizhou Island is the top zone for diving where water visibility can reach 27 meters. Having a night diving is a pleasurable and worthwhile experience. Night diving is similar to shore diving. After dusk, underwater scenes are totally different from daytime. The sea is more mysterious at night.


Owning to Sanya's tropical climate, most of the locals' activities takes place after dusk. Therefore, experiencing Sanya's nightlife is the best way for you to participate in the local life. There are nightclubs where you could feel the vigor of this newly emerged tourist city. Generally, these clubs are in star-rated hotels. For example, Lidu Night Club of Sanya Maintint Hotel and Huangchao Night Club of Sanya Guoxi Hotel are two popular places for nightlife. If you want a quiet place to enjoy the night beauty of Sanya, the Coffee Time Western Food Restaurant is recommended. Located in the Lanhai Garden of Bin Hai Road, it is a lovely place to enjoy the sea while sipping a cup of exotic coffee. Besides these, some beachside hotels have charming barbecues.

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Best Time to Visit Sanya China  

Sanya China can be visited throughout the year because of good weather and colorful activities it offers. Generally speaking, from October to March, they are the peak tourist season of Sanya's most popular destinations since the weather is the most comfortable, neither too hot nor too cold.


In spring, a great number of special activities such as national sports competitions, cattle races, shooting competitions, and others are held, and are interesting to attend. In summer, besides the beautiful seaside scenery, other scenic attractions such as the forest park and the butterfly Valley of Yalong Bay are enjoyable. You can also dive, surf, fish, and swim in the sea. In autumn, the Tianya Haijiao Mid-autumn Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, is held at the Tianya Haijiao scenic spot. You can take part in many interesting and special activities, including appreciating the moon and lanterns, enjoying the singing and dancing performances of the minority nationalities, and tasting moon cakes and so on. For winter escape in China, Sanya China is one of the best choices.

Information on Sanya Transport


Sanya Bay
It takes only 5 minutes driving from Sanya Phoenix International Airport (SYX) directly to Sanya Bay; You can also take a taxi with a fare of CNY8 or bus No.206 from Sanya city center to Sanya Bay; Sightseeing bus (30 minutes once) in Yalong Bay can take you to Sanya Bay in 50 minutes.

Tianya Haijiao
You can take the bus to Nanshan or Tianya from the West Station of Sanya City, the ticket price is CNY4.


Yalong Bay
For an easier time getting to Yalong Bay, take a taxi when you arrive in Sanya. The taxi fee is CNY 50.

Wuzhizhou Island
It is about 38km from the Sanya Fenghuang (Phoenix) International Airport to Wuzhizhou Wharf. It takes just over fifty minutes by taxi.


As there is no direct bus available from Sanya city center to Wuzhizhou Wharf, the best options are a taxi or a self-drive hire car to the Wuzhizhou Wharf. It takes about CNY50 for a one-way trip and CNY150-CNY200 for a round trip. There are ferries from 7:40 am to 6:00 pm every 20 minutes to the island. It takes 10 minutes to reach the island by ferry.

Transportation: Bus or taxi from Sanya Phoenix International Airport directly to Dadonghai
Taxi or bus No.2 or No. 4 from Sanya downtown area to Dadonghai. Sightseeing bus (10 minutes once) special for tour line (from 7:15 to 19:00) to Dadonghai 

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