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General Information of Shanghai


Another Name: Shen City (申城 in Chinese)

Location: Located in the Yangtze River Delta in eastern China

Population: a total population of over 23 million as of 2010





The night-view of The Bund in Shanghai city

Interesting in Shanghai

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Introduction of Shanghai

Shanghai Pudong District at a Glance

Shanghai Pudong District


Shanghai is the largest city by population in China and the largest city proper in the world. It is one of the four province-level municipalities in the People's Republic of China.


Because of Shanghai's status as the cultural and economic center of East Asia for the first half of the twentieth century, it is popularly seen as the birthplace of everything considered modern in China.



Famous Attractions in Shanghai

Nightview of Yuyuan Garden, a famous Shanghai attraction

Shanghai Yuyuan Garden


The Bund: The Bund is the long corridor of Shanghai. For more than 100 years, it has been the symbol of Shanghai. Shanghai people are proud of the Bund. It shows the culture of Shanghai and the creation of modern civilization to people.


Yuyuan Garden: This small park is located in the heart of Shanghai’s old Chinese quarter and links to Yuyuan Market. The Yuyuan Garden was considered the best garden in Southeast China.


The Huangpu River: The Huangpu River is the symbol and embodiment of Shanghai. This river is synonymous with the History of Shanghai, being inextricably intertwined with the social and economic life of the city and having nurtured its prosperity and witnessed its honors and disgraces. 


Oriental Pearl TV Tower: The Oriental Pearl TV Tower has become one of the modern symbols of Shanghai. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is located in Pudong Park in Lujiazui, Shanghai. Your Shanghai tour should take a photo with it as background.


Zhouzhuang: Zhouzhuang is located in the southeast city of Suzhou and in the Southwest of Kunshan. As the river into the street, giving Zhouzhuang a simple, vivacious and bright quiet. Therefore, it is the southern typical symbol “small bridge, flowing water, people”. Zhouzhuan likes a pearl embedded in river in Shanghai tour extended area.


Nightlife in Shanghai

Night View of the Bund, a famous Shanghai scenery

The Bund


Generally, nightlife in Shanghai is full of fun and excitement, bars nightclubs, dance clubs and halls, opera-shows, live music etc. Almost every 5 star hotel has a bar and other entertainment venues. Aside of nightclub style entertainment you could see a Peking Opera, acrobatics, some dances and singing or hit the disco. In recent year’s great looking theme pubs, exotic bars with totally unique styles brought nightlife in Shanghai to new heights. 

Dance Clubs & Discos: Shanghai has some of the most sophisticated and elaborate dance clubs and discos in China. Shanghai's dance club scene relies heavily on DJs, whether foreign superstars brought in on a short engagement or increasingly sophisticated locals.

The Bund Night Scene: The Bund is a must-see if you want to experience nightlife in Shanghai. The Bund concentrates almost all of the beauty of the shades in Shanghai, attracting folks to enjoy the night. Many tourists are attracted by its illuminated night scene during Shanghai tour.


Xin Tian Di: A Shopping area offers the most choices and favorable appreciation. It collects international galleries, fashion shops, themed restaurants, coffee house and bars.  

Mao Ming Road: Shanghai Maoming Road is the place to go for a fun at night. Maoming Road is an upwardly mobile bar street. This is where the foreign guests like to stay. The old but noted bars like Judystoo are still popular with visitors.


Food in Shanghai

Shanghai dumplings, a local special food and a famous snack in China.

Shanghai Dumplings


As an international metropolis and China’s the biggest city, Shanghai is an all-embracing city, including numerous famous dishes from many countries. Restaurants in Shanghai featuring various kinds of dishes, like Beijing food, Yangzhou food, Sichuan food, Cantonese food, Suzhou food and Hangzhou food. Shanghai food, of course is the highlights among those variety of food.

Shanghai dishes are usually characterized by the use of heavy and highly flavored sauce. Sugar is commonly used in Shanghai cuisine, especially when used in combination with soy sauce. The most notable dish of this type of cooking is "sweet and sour spare ribs". "Red cooking" is a popular style of stewing meats and vegetables associated with Shanghai.

Yummy Shanghai local Snacks

1. Xiao Long Bao: A notable Shanghai delicacy is the Xiao Long Bao, sometimes known as Shanghai Dumplings in English-speaking countries. Xiao Long Bao, or "small steamer bun" is a type of steamed bun that is filled with pork or minced crab, and soup. 


2. Shanghai Fried Plain Bun: It is made of semi-fermented flour wrapped with secret filling, a mixture of lean meat, pork skin jelly and cooked chicken breast slices. The combination of the aroma of meat, scallion, oil and sesame will arouse your appetite most.

3. Crispy chicken: One of the local favorites in Shanghai is Shanghai crispy chicken. Crispy chicken is made by first boiling the body of a chicken until its flesh is tender and then roasting it for long periods of time or until the skin goes dry and crispy.


Shopping in Shanghai

Street View of Shanghai Nanjing Road, a famous pedestrian street in Shanghai.

Famous Shanghai Pdestrian Street --Nanjing Road


Shanghai is an ideal place to do shopping in China. There are department stores, shopping centers, century-old shops, shops for special commodities and super-markets row upon row with each showing its own domain. The famous, special and superb commodities from home and abroad are a feast for eyes with everything that one could wish for.

Clothing: The Shanghainese being connoisseurs of fashion and style, shops selling fashionable clothing in cotton, wool, silk, and just about any imaginable material are abundant here, and the prices are low. 


Silk: Shanghai is known for its selection and low price in silk. Shanghai is one of China's most important regions for silk production and export.

Embroidery and Carpet: In Shanghai, one can find excellent weaving and embroidery in many different styles. Shanghai rugs are finely detailed creations with traditional motifs and designs, and are mainly made by hand with wool. Rugs and carpets of silk are also made in Shanghai.

Jade and Ivory Carvings: Shanghai jade and ivory carvings are relatively famous throughout China. Jade, a beautiful stone, comes in an array of colors and can be carved in many styles.


Famous Places for Shopping in Shanghai

Shanghai Nanjing Road: As No.1 Commercial Street of china, Shanghai Nanjing Road has been the premier choice for shopping. It is the first commercial street since sea traffic was started in shanghai. It is enhanced recently by the building of the Nanjing Road pedestrian mall, where modern and traditional modes of retailing commingle.

Huahai Road: As a tourism and shopping street Huaihai Road shares a good reputation with the Nanjing Road. Huaihai Road, has a total length of about 6 km. The most luxuriant and busy part is the shopping street from the Shaanxi Road to the Tibet Road. Your Shanghai tour should have a walk on it.


Naughtiness City: It has tourist souvenir, art ware, indigenous specialties, daily commodities, coins, stamps and magnetic card, where shopping, tourism and business are synthesized in one which is famed for "A bright pearl on the land gate of Shanghai".


Shanghai Travel Guide

Zhouzhuang, a famous water town in Shanghai

Famous Water Town -- Zhouzhuang

  Shanghai Travel Tips -- Transportation in Shanghai

Bus: Shanghai also has the world's most extensive network of urban bus routes, with nearly one thousand bus lines, operated by numerous transportation companies. The system includes the world's oldest trolleybus system. 


Taxis: Taxis are plentiful in Shanghai. 


Railway: Shanghai has three major railway stations: Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai South Railway Station, and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. All three are connected to the metro network and serve as hubs in the railway network of China.

Shanghai Travel Tips -- Best Time to Visit Shanghai

Every season in Shanghai has its appeal and unique features, so the best time to visit Shanghai is mainly based on your interests, your budgets and the kind of weather you prefer.


Spring in Shanghai, which starts in late February or early March and ends in May, is one of the best seasons to visit Shanghai when Shanghai weather is comfortable with the average temperature at 15ºC (59ºF). There are occasional rainfalls. However, it will not disturb your Shanghai tour.


Except for spring, autumn in Shanghai is the best season in a year for traveling in Shanghai, when Shanghai weather is generally sunny and dry with the average temperature at 20ºC (68ºF). Autumn in Shanghai is from October to November, relatively short compared with summer and winter.


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