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General Information of China Shangri-La


Another Name: Zhongdian
Population: 130,000
Location: In the Deqin Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in northwestern Yunnan province.


Introduction of China Shangri-La


Getting name from the fiction Lost Horizon in which the Shangri-La is described as a mythical Himalayan utopia — a permanently happy land, isolated from the outside world, Shangri-La now is famous for its amazing scenery and its myth. Lots of people have a Shangri-La travel in order to get closer to paradise.


In Shangri-La, the well-kept nature environment, the fresh air, the exotic charm and the quiet life will make you fall in love with this land. Each day, when you wake up, the blue sky, breeze and fresh air are waiting for you. It is said if you want to away from the noisy urban life and purify your soul, China Shangri-La is just the one which you cannot found in other places. It is an ideal China travel destination.


Famous Attractions in China Shangri-La


Potatso National Park: It is the first national park in mainland China. The name is originated from the Tibetan language meaning reaching the opposite side of the lake by boat under the help of deity. The most famous sights in the Potatso National Park are the Bitahai Lake and Shuduhu Lake. The Bitahai Lake is the highest lake in Yunnan province and the Shuduhu Lake is renowned for its clear water, fish, cows, sheep and the forests around it.


Meili Snow Mountain: Known as “Prince Snow Mountain”. The most famous part of the Meili Snow Mountain is the Kang Karpo Peak which is described as the incarnation of a Tibetan God in the local legend. Meili Snow Mountain has less conquers and its peak still remain mysterious and elusive. Among all the sacred mountains in the world, it is the top one.


Songzanlin Lamasery: Looking like a mini Kunbum Monastery, the Songzanlin Lamasery is the largetst Tibetan Buddhism monastery in Yunnan. The colorful murals here is the one you should not miss. It describes the scenes from the Lord Buddha’s life and the “wheel of life”. If you come here during the festival, you should visit the scripture hall where you can see the scene of lots of lamas sitting in meditation or chanting Buddhist scripture.


Napahai Natural Reserve: A paradise of birds! The whole scenery here is different in four seasons. If you are a bird lover, it is a must-see place of your list during the Shangri-La travel.


The Nightlife of Shangri-La


Nightlife in Shangri-La is also colorful and diverse. When the dark comes, large number of people begins the Tibetan folk dance in Sifanglou Plaza. Besides, you can go to the Pijiangpo Street, where you can find lots of bars and the street is the most passionate place in Shangri-La.


The Food in Shangri-La


The most famous food in Shangri-La are Zanba with butter tea, Pipa Meat and the a non-greasy preserved form of prok, Saimi Lame, Guoben Hot Pot, yogurt and barley wine.


The Must-Have Food in Shangri-La


Barley Wine: It is called the Tibetan Beer and necessary for all the big events in Tibet. It taste sweet and in the color of light yellow. Tibetan people always toast barley wine to show their respect for honored guests.


Zanba: a kind of healthy food with rich nutrition. It is the food Tibetan people always take with themselves when have a long journey. It is a food easy cooking and dealt with. If you want to have great Zanba, you just need to mix the Zanba with the buttered tea with a bowl and add some other materials such as butter, milk powder and white sugar to it, and then a great Zanba cuisine is finished.


Buttered Tea: It is a traditional Tibetan drink. It has a function to keep boy warm and enhance the circulation of blood. It is also a great drink to increase strength and keep you out of thirsty.


Shopping in Shangri-La


The main content of shopping in Shangri-La is getting the local herbs, wooden bowls and boxes. Because the location of Shangri-La in China, it takes this land an ability to grow saffron, angelica and the expensive Chinese caterpillar fungus. The herbs here are good for people’s health. The wooden bowls and boxes here are exquisite and these crafts are great gifts for your friends and colleagues.


Shangri-La Travel Guide


Famous Streets for the Nightlife in China Shangri-La

Pijiangpo Street: A street with lots of bars and you can have nice nightlife for your Shangri-La travel here


Where to Buy the Souvenirs in Shangri-La


You can buy the herbs, wooden bowls and boxes in the local shops ran by the local residents.


Tips for Transportation in Shangri-La


There are three kinds of transportation in Shangri-La


1. The Bus
It is the most convenient transportation for travel around. You just need go to the bus station, and then you travel around Shangri-La by taking the bus. The price is reasonable.


2. Taxi
It costs no more than 5 RMB to travel within the city proper. For longer distances, you can talk about the price with the taxi driver.


3. Bicycle
Being a travel paradise, traveling the Shangri-La by bike will take you another experience of your Shangri-La travel. You can rent the bicycle in the hotels.


There is also an airport in Shangri-La which has flights to some major cities in China such as Shanghai, Beijing and Kunming.


Best Time to Visit Shangri-La


Summer and autumn are the best time to visit this China County. In summer, the whole county is with the sunshine and fresh air. It is not hot and wet. It is very comfortable in summer in Shangri-La. Autumn in Shangri-La offers the spectacular color changes, when the leaves of the trees are ablaze with color. It is the most beautiful time for Shangri-La, this heaven on earth!


China Shangri-La is a place you can only find in the heaven. The fresh air, clean water, the soft breeze and the leisure life make this land an ideal destination for the wellness. Shangri-La Travel is a must-do thing during your China tour. If you want to find some info for China travel to Shangri-La, our Shangri-La article will guide you and help you. Travel in Shangri-La, Travel in Heaven.

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