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Location: East

Population: 4.4 million


Features of Shaoxing City


It is a renowned city of water and bridge in the south of the Yangtze River and thus gets the name of "Oriental Venice".



Nightlife in Shaoxing

Having a great experience at the attractive scenery around Shaoxing during the daytime, you may need a break when night falls down. Nightlife in Shaoxing is a bit fascinating for it is the mixture of modern elements and the traditional features. The charming small water town hides some of her peaceful and gentle characters, and alternatively, the fantastic modern amusements quietly start performing.

1. Tea Houses: Known as a Town of Tea, Shaoxing is attracting visitors with its unique characters. Having tea is always a tradition of Shaoxing people and is a necessary part of their daily life. Tea houses here reserves the elegance and leisure of Shaoxing. On the west of the City Square, right at the foot of Fushan Hill locates Zuiyue Lou (Charming Yue Tea House), a pretty archaized teahouse where you could find yourselves immersed in green. Fancy viewing the river in the front and the city wall at back, holding a cup of Longjing Tea, you could feel relaxed mentally as well as physically.


2. Café: Two of the most classical coffee houses Blue Mountain Coffee and Dio Coffee House have their chains in Shaoxing. The two elegant places are perfect for personal conversation between friends as well as the business negotiation between partners. Various kinds of coffee with unique fragrances captivate the guests from all over the city.


3. Theaters: Shaoxing Grand Theater and Shaoxing Theater, two classic spots special for traditional and noble arts, have been holding music concerts, piano performances, modern drama etc. all the year round.


Culture of Shaoxing City


1. Lanting International Calligraphy Festival (Mar. 24 to Apr. 21)

Shaoxing Lanting Calligraphy Festival is celebrated in memory of the Sage of Calligraphy, Wang Xizhi. The festival was first introduced in 1985, and has a long history till now. Activities such as calligraphy demonstrations and exhibitions, poem recitations, calligraphy exchange auction and international calligraphy tourism seminars never disappoint visitors from home and abroad to Shaoxing.


2. Shaoxing Rice Wine Festival (Oct. 1 to Oct. 31)

Shaoxing Rice Wine Festival in China is a grand ceremonious event, with the famous Chinese wine - Shaoxing rice wine as the carrier, and a set of tourism, culture, economy and trade activities as its contents. The festival was initiated in 1990, and has kept for two decades.


Attractions of Shaoxing


1. East Lake: The East Lake is situated six kilometers (3.7 miles) to the east of the historic Shaoxing City. With a wonderful combination of a hill, grottoes, stone bridges, it might pass for a miniature landscape. On a par with the West Lake in Hangzhou and the South Lake in Jiaxing, it is one of the three famous lakes in Zhejiang Province. Although it is quite small, its delicacy and elegance rank it among the best resorts in Shaoxing.


2. Orchid Pavilion: Located in the southwest suburb of Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, the Orchid Pavilion is a key point of interest. The attraction of the Orchid Pavilion not only comes from its magnificent landscape and graceful southern China gardening sights, but also from its profound historical culture and its unique and vast reputation in the calligraphic field.


Shopping in Shaoxing


Shaoxing is a famous cultural city near Hangzhou. With typical “Jiangnan Water Village” characteristics, shopping in Shaoxing is another way to enjoy the literature atmosphere. The famous special goods in Shaoxing are fans, silk, rice wine (you can have a taste in Shaoxing, but as wine is forbidden in planes, so it is not recommended to buy.), and ink stone. Shaoxing Antique Market and Shaoxing Evening Street is where you should not miss.

1. Shaoxing Evening Street: Shaoxing Evening Street is where you might pick up real bargain. There are a wide collection of travel souvenir, calligraphy, toys, silk, fans, and clothes and so on. It is a good place to buy local special products.


2. Shaoxing Antique Market: With a length of over 320 meters (350 yard), Shaoxing Antique Market has more than 200 shops and hundreds of stalls, selling amongst others, antiques, cultural relics, calligraphies and paintings, jewelries, stamps, antique books, and artworks etc. You can find many interesting articles in this street. However, please be careful, because there are many false antiques in the market.


Shaoxing Food


Shaoxing dish is a main branch of Zhejiang Cuisine like Hangzhou dish and Ningbo dish. What's different is that the preferred ingredient of the Shaoxing dish is river food and poultry resulting in a dish full of the flavor of rural life. With its tender, smooth and delicate taste, the Shaoxing dish boasts a refreshing flavor and mild fragrance. Also, most of the Shaoxing dishes are cooked with mild Shaoxing rice wine so that the dishes are accompanied with the special fragrance of rice wine.

Shaoxing dishes have three main courses: 'Mei', 'Zui', and 'Jiang'. 'Mei' means preserved vegetable or food like beancurd, beancurd skin or soy bean. The typical dish of 'mei' is the Steamed Pork with Preserved Vegetables where a little sugar and rice wine is added to the sliced pork with preserved vegetables, and then steamed until the pork becomes soft and smooth. This dish possesses a good texture as well as a strong fragrance of both the pork and preserved vegetables.


'Zui' in Chinese means 'drunk'. Here, it refers to the cooking method with rice wine vinasse (the residue of the wine making). The most common dish in this style must be Zui Ji (Wine Chicken). The ingredient is the local Yue chicken with its delicate texture and the rice wine vinasse. After being boiled, pickled with some flavoring and cooked with vinasse juice, the chicken becomes more delicious with that special fragrance of rice wine.

Food cooked by the 'Jiang' method is also very popular in Shaoxing. 'Jiang' is Chinese for 'bean sauce'. Here it means pickled food with bean sauce. The representative dish is Duck with Bean Sauce. The clean dressed duck is soaked in the bean sauce for several days. Next, after being washed with boiled water, is hung in the sunshine for several days with its abdomen stretched. Then, the delicious duck with its strong flavor of bean sauce is ready.


Shaoxing Rice Wine, also Shao Wine, is one of the oldest wines of China, whose earliest record was two thousand years ago. Made of fine sticky rice and clean lake water, the wine appears clear yellow, tastes mild a little sweet with a strong fragrant smell.


Shaoxing Travel Guide


1. Subway: It takes 50 minutes from Shaoxing to Hangzhou and one hour and forty minutes to Ningbo. Except those trains beginning with the letter "Z", the trains starting from Ningbo stop in Shaoxing Station. You can also take multiple trains from Shanghai to Shaoxing, costing about two hours.

2. Air Transport: It is only 30 kilometers from Shaoxing to the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. You can take the shuttle buses at the opposite of Shaoxing Railway Station at an interval of 50 minutes. The bus departures at 6:00 a.m. from Shaoxing and gets to the airport at 18:30; the bus leaves for Shaoxing at 7:00 a.m. and arrives at 20:00. There are flights to main domestic cites including Hong Kong and foreign cities including Tokyo.


China Travel in Shaoxing


Located in the transition area of center and northern subtropical monsoon climates, Shaoxing has notable features of monsoon climate. With moist and moderate weather, it has four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall and plentiful sunshine. Its annual average temperature is 16.5°Cwith the precipitation of 1438.9 mm, the rainy time of 156.2 days, the sunshine duration of 1,895 hours.

On March and April when it is warm and flowers are in full bloom, Shaoxing enters its busy season to welcome guests from all around the world. Its rainy season lasts from June to July. Typhoon often attacks Shaoxing city on the first two thirds of August. When it visits the city, it often rains cats and dogs, and you are advised to take an umbrella with you. On September and October, it is getting cold, and then more clothes are needed. It is wet and cold in Shaoxing winter, making you feel that it is chilling you to the bone.

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