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General Information of China Shigatse


Another Spelling: Shikatse
Location: At the confluence of the Yarlung Tsangpo river and the Nyang River in west Tibet.
Population: 6.65 million (2005)


Introduction of China Shigaste


Shigaste, meaning the best estate in Tibetan, is a county-level city in the south central part of Tibet. Shigatse is the second largest city in Tibet and in the west Tibet. It is at an altitude of 3.84 thousand meters and at the confluence of the Brahmaputra River and the Nyang River. It was the ancient capital of U-Tsang province. In the old time, Shigatse is known as Samdruptse.


Being a city in the Tibet, the culture of Tibetan affects every parts of this city. The most famous tourist attraction here is the Tashihunpo Monastery which was found in 1447 by the First Dalai Lama. In the second week of the 5th lunar month of each year, there is a three-day festival and you will see an amazing display of Thangka. If you have a chance to take your China travel to Shigatse during this period, your trip will be more exciting and meaningful. Besides, the Samdrubtse Dzong is another famous attraction in this district. It is a fortress and looks like a small Potala Palace. Shigatse is a city suitable for people who plan to visit Tibet and discover Tibet.


Famous Attractions in China Shigatse


Rongbuk Monastery: Lies by the foot of the Rongbuk Glacier, it is the highest monastery in the world. The Rongbuk Monastery was found in 1902 by a Lama who was respected by Tibetans. There is a beautiful, large, round chorten, a reliquary with religious significance embedded in its terraced structure and crown of emblems of the sun and moon, symbolizing the light of Buddha’s teaching.


Tashilhunpo Monastery: It is one of the six big monasteries of Gelugpa in Tibet. Tashihunpo Monastery was founded in 1447 by the First Dlai Lama and covers an area of 30000 square meters. It has a golden roofs and white walls which are typical features of Tibetan monastery and there are lots of exquisite paintings which are considered as another masterpiece of Buddhist art.


Samdrubtse Dzong: A Shigatse fortress and it looks like the small Potala Palace.


Nightlife in China Shigatse


Nightlife in Shigetse may be not as fun as it in other cities. In the evening, the temperature will be lower and most people will stay at home or places they live. You can also find some KTV or clubs in this city, but they are less than you can imagine. The nightlife in Shigatse is quiet. You can view the beautiful night view by walking around the city. It is kind of relaxation.


Food in China Shigatse


Talking about the food in Shigatse city, the most popular ones are Tibetan sausage, barley wine, yak butter, some meat such as beef and mutton, sweat tea and various cookies. All these food are traditional food of Tibetan people. You can find them easily in the local restaurants or night market. Due to the altitude and weather, food here are always easy to keep and providing power. If you are dieting, maybe you can just have a try of the food made by barley or some yoghurt.


Shopping in China Shigatse


In Tibet, the best things for your China travel are the handicrafts made by local people such as the Tibet knife, Tangkar, cushion and some golden and silver wares. All these made by the local craftsmen and they are exquisite and intriguing. Taking the Tangkar for example, it is the treasure of Tibetan people. It is kind of scroll painting. It always features Buddhists, local folktales and fables. To Tibetan people, Tangkar is a religious symbol. If you are interesting in art, Tangkar will attract you and amaze you. Artistic value and aesthetic value of Tangkar are great.


Besides Tangkar, the golden and silver wares in Shigtse city are also good souvenirs. The craft of them are delicate and all the wares are made by hand. They are also decorated with some jewelries or gems. The golden and silver wares are just art works.


Other Things about Shigatse City


If you are traveling in Shigatse during the time of celebrating New Year’s Day, you can watch the Tibetan folk dance and listen to lots of local songs. In Shigatse city, there are four New Year’s Days. They are the New Year’s Day in Gregorian calendar, in Spring Festival, in Tibetan New Year and Gtsang New Year (People here treat Gtsang one is the most important one) in Tibetan calendar. During the celebration, the local people will dance, sing and perform the Tibetan opera which is treated as the precious treasure of Shigatse.


Shigatse Travel Guide


Tips for transportation in Shigatse City


The most common way in this place is on road. The traffic here relies on the high way. It is also the traffic center of Tibet where you can find highways extending to all directions in Tibet. If you want to visit other places in Tibet, you can take coaches. Besides, local government prepares the buses and microbuses for people who head to Gyantse. They can be found in the bus station in Middle Liberty Road.


Shigatse is a good place for people having China travel to Tibet. The Shigatse city attract people with the culture of Tibet and the mystery of Tibet. If you want to discover China, China Shigatse will be recommended as the top one. It is a city with clear sky, fresh air and lots of mysteries.

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