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Shunde Travel Guide 1: Main Shunde Facts


Another Name: Phoenix City
Location: Located in the middle of the fertile Pearl River Delta, between Guangzhou and Hong Kong
Population: with a population of 1.05 million
Shunde Overview: Shunde, a small city outside of Foshan, itself a large city outside of the mega-city of Guangzhou, is known throughout southeastern China for its delicious Cantonese cuisine, its importance to the history and practice of kung Fu, and for having one of the best Dragon Boat Festivals.


Shunde Travel Guide 2: Shunde Culture


Dragon Boat Songs

Dragon Boat Songs are an art form that is popular in the Zhujiang River Delta in southern China. It was created by a man from Shunde China more than 200 years ago. In the performance, one or two people beat drums or gongs to accompany their own singing. The sound is short but strong, an easy way to unleash one's feelings of anger or dissatisfaction. The dragon boat songs contained a lot of information about local customs and traditions. Some of the songs were introduced to the well-known Cantonese Yue Opera.


Shunde Travel Guide 3: More Shunde Information on Shunde China Travel


Attractions in Shunde


1. Mt. Taipingshan: Mt. Taipingshan is the largest mountain in the Shunde area and has been a sacred site for 1000 years.

2. Baolin Temple: Baolin Temple was bulit in 917AD and was a major pilgrimage site for Buddhist monks up until a decade ago, when the entire temple was moved to the foot of Taipingshan and renovated according to Song and Ming Dynasty architectural styles.


3. Qinghui Garden: This is a classic Chinese garden worth visiting, one of the four most famous such gardens in Guangdong Province. The garden was built in the Ming Dynasty and still largely retains the architectural style and much of the materials used then.


Food in Shunde


Though not more flourishing and more abundant than the diet of the big city of Guangzhou, some special snacks in Shunde China have history of one hundred years, taste is special, quite worth tasting.


Imperial Examinations Ox's Milk
It is a thin slice of white round form, flavor is slightly salty and sweet and delicious, mend the body in healthy tendency, weighs down the fire efficiency, can go with the porridge and go with rice.


Heavy Good Sand Bang
Mix and stir lard, south milk, white sugar batching and food that become for flour, similar to getting golden yellow butterfly, Shunde being vulgar to call butterfly "sand bang", thus come the name of.


Lunjiao Cake
The cake body color and luster is white and sparkling and crystal-clear, small eyes link to each other in any case, even in order, the texture is comfortable and soft and smooth and flexible, it is difficult to rupture, food flavor is sweet and completely cool, the tooth cheek keeps fragrant.


Fry and Pile in Longjiang
It is a kind of annual night food, starts to make on the Ming Dynasty. Integrate, glue with polished glutinous rice powder rice flour grind, make skin, in order to produce valley flower and fry peanut add, pinch loud globular like the fist, the form becomes the full sesame of rumble, put oil cauldron fry to golden yellow.


Shopping in Shunde


The Rutabaga
The characteristic is that a dish head is big, yellowish pink is golden yellow after pickled, fragrant and delightful, it is the commonly used assisting the meals product . The internal and external all parts of transportation and sales province of the products, the annual export volume is quite large.


Chinese Dry Cabbage
Litch village Lunjiao, Xiyong area shine product to be most, products inside the province marketing break of day, a considerable amount of are exported too.


Ox's Milk
The milk is cool, sweet and fragrant and delicious, rich in nutrition.


It is the main producing area in Shagao and Guizhou, Le Liu, Long Jiang, apricot jar, Junan.


The characteristic is early-maturing, listed promptly in the first ten days of every May; the pulp is loose and energetic, known as meat small bag.


Ma Zhe Stone
It is a kind of ore. The line quality is like the horse hair, called the horse hair ochre, after being forged by the fire, the texture is light and crisp, which can enrich the blood by traditional Chinese medicine.

Shunde Travel Guide 4: China Travel Tips for Shunde Tour


Best Time to Visit Shunde China


Shunde's subtropical monsoon climate is temperate and wet, with ample rainfall throughout the year, peaking in the early summer. From September through May, Shunde tends to be drier than late spring and summer, though the region remains quite humid throughout the year.


Green year round, Shunde's average annual temperature of 22ºC peaks in July at an average of 34ºC and bottoms out around 18ºC in July. So, should be relatively suitable for travelling in spring, autumn most.


Information on Shunde Transport


The nearest airport is the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. There is an airport express service that leaves the airport hourly 7AM-6:30PM. The main bus terminal in Shunde is in Daliang District. The Daliang Bus Station has coaches coming in from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong, Dongguan and also from Guangxi, Jiangsi, Hunan, Henan, Hubei, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Shanghai and other provinces.


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