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Location: A major city located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province in Eastern China, located adjacent to Shanghai Municipality.


Population: Suzhou is a prefecture-level city with an urban population of over 4 million expanding to over 10 million in the administrative area.


Features of Suzhou City


Praised as the “Heaven on earth”, Suzhou is endowed with plenty of tourist attractions characterized by enchanting natural scenery and elegant classical architecture.


Attractions of Suzhou


The Tiger Hill: A popular tourist destination in Suzhou Known for its natural beauty as well as historical sites.


Silk Factory: A view of silk production from worm to finished products.


Lingering Garden: Belonging to one of the Classical Gardens of Suzhou World Heritage Site Stunning natural landscapes.


Wuzhen Water Town: Ancient water town nearby Suzhou with a history of 1200 years Famous for its beautiful rivers and lakes.


Zhouzhuang: As the river into the street, giving Zhouzhuang a simple, vivacious and bright quiet.


Nightlife in Suzhou


Suzhou is not only an ancient city of thousands of years' history, but also an open modernized metropolis, so that it boasts a great varieties of traditional and modern entertainment options for different tourists.


Suzhou is rich in cultural heritage, Musical performances and Kun Opera (a form of traditional Chinese opera) are popular among tourists from around the world. Folk music and dancing and six other artistic performances will provide lasting memories of Suzhou City.


Suzhou Food


Most of Suzhou's local food is snacks or Xiao chi (small eats). They originated in little stands or stalls located on sides of the road. Many locals and visitors to Suzhou enjoy walking down the street and stopping at the individual stalls to buy one or two items, eat as they continue their walk, and pick up some more of the tasty local dishes further on down the street. For visitors who do not like spicy food, most dishes can be prepared without chili.

1. Pine Nut and Date Cake: It is a famous traditional snack in Suzhou. It chooses sugar, eggs, food oil, and wheat powder as the raw materials to make the skin. The nutlets, fruit flesh, and pine nuts are the stuffing. Then, the cake is baked over a slow fire. This snack is sweet but not greasy. It is very delicious. It is exactly a good choice to give to friends and relatives as gifts.


2. The Noodles in Maple Town: It is also called the white soup noodles in Suzhou. The soup is clear, and the stewed meat is crisp and soft. The noodles are thin and in a beautiful shape. It tastes delicious and refreshing.

3. Sweet-Scented Osmanthus Chicken: It uses chicken, white sugar and sweet-scented osmanthus sugar as the raw materials. The chicken are just like white jade, which whet visitors' appetite and it’s also one of famous Suzhou local dishes.


Shopping in Suzhou


Suzhou has a concentration of over 2,000 kinds of goods featuring local flavor, such as Su embroidery, mandarin coats, pure silk clothing, carvings, carpet and tapestry. Anyway, Suzhou provides tourists with various kinds of souvenirs according to their different requirements.


1. Su Embroidery: Suzhou embroidery, multi-colored and gorgeous, is regarded as a pearl of Chinese art. The vivid descriptions of animals, people, landscapes and flowers are popular themes of Su embroidery. Contemporary embroidery in Suzhou is blended with fashionable elements, yielding a unique style of embroidery that is popular all over the world.

2. Jade Carvings: Suzhou jade carvings are well-known for their exquisite workmanship. There are two types: plain or three dimensional. The designs are made based on the different shapes of materials and fine carvings are done with appropriate skills.


3. Suzhou Fan: Besides the function of cooling people down, Suzhou fan has another function of giving people a chance to appreciate the great charm of traditional Chinese culture. Well known for its long history and refining craftship, Suzhou fan is a kind of folding fan which attractes many experts to write poems and draw pictures on it.


Suzhou Travel Guide


1. Taxi: Suzhou Taxis are convenient and are generally a hassle-free alternative to public transportation. There are lots of taxis looping the city so there is usually no problem to flag one down to stop for you. The starting price is 10 Yuan for 3 kilometres, over 3 km, 1.8 Yuan/per km for a Santana and 1.4 Yuan/per km for a Xia Li cab.  


2. Rickshaw: These man-powered vehicles are a good and cheap way to get around.  The starting price is 2 Yuan, rising to between 3 to 5 Yuan for a longer trip. You can usually negotiate the price when taking a pedicab.  

3. Bicycle: The easiest way to tour around Suzhou is by bike. Pedaling from garden to garden is painless, even pleasant. This is a very popular mode of transport for the many tourists who want to explore the gardens in the city.


4. Ship Transportation: Boats running along the Great Canal can take visitors up to the north, Zhejiang, Yangzhou or down to Hangzhou in the south. Boat travel from Suzhou to Hangzhou has become increasingly popular due to the amazing country scenery witnessed during the journey.


China Travel in Suzhou


Suzhou is in its clearly defined seasons and variety of scenery, with mild, wet and rainy weather. The best travel season of Suzhou should be April to October. Then, tourists will enjoy the colorful natural scenery and seasonal local products of peach, tea and candied lotus root.

If you plan to visit Suzhou gardens and the water towns, it is better to avoid the weekends and the public holidays. In addition, most of the spots will be closed at 17:30 even in holidays, please make possible arrangements. 

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