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Location: Taian is located in the center of Shandong Province, at the south foot of Mt. Tai, and adjoins Jinan to the north, Qufu to the south.


Population: Taian has a population of 5.46 million, 98.71 percent are of the Han nationality, while 1.02 per cent is of the Hui ethnic groups. The main religion here is Buddhism and Taoism.


Features of Taian City


Taian is a cradle of Chinese civilization. Human beings appeared here as early as 500,000 years ago and the splendid Dawenkou Culture occurred here more than 5,000 years ago has become an important milestone in Chinese civilization. Taian has a long history and a brilliant culture. Taian served as the gateway and stopover to the Mt.Tai. Still cherished after thousands of years, Mt. Tai makes Taian an essential stop for travelers.


Culture of Taian City


Qi-Lu Culture in the Taishan Mountain Area is so magnificent that it wins people's admiration all over the world. Taishan Mountain has gradually become a famous mountain where the emperors granted titles to Buddhists and did their worship, which has lasted for more than a thousand years. So take a sightseeing of Taishan Mountain in Taian area is lot of people's choice.


Taian, with its natural treasures of nice products from the earth, also a remarkable place producing outstanding people, is an agriculturally developed area in the history. Taian City has a long history and a brilliant culture. Taishan Mountain is the key famous scenic spot of the state and the natural cultural legacy of the world.


Attractions of Taian


1. Taishan Mountain

Mt.Tai in Taian is the key famous scenic spot of China and the natural cultural legacy of the world. It has beautiful natural sights, collects historic and cultural sites. In 1987, Mt. Tai was listed as the cultural and natural relic of the world by the UNESCO.

2.  Taian Dai Temple


Most of the present attractions inside the temple were left over from the Han Dynasty. Seen from a distance, a feel of grandiosity and magnificence appears in your mind. Take a closer view and you will feel astonished by its stateliness. It is the symbol of the Chinese feudality.


Taian Food


Taian cuisine is renowned for its featured feasts and local-favored snacks. The featured feasts mainly include Tofu Feast and Potherb Feast. Tofu Feast and Potherb Feast have very long history. For thousands of years, emperors who offered sacrifice for Heaven and Earth on Mount Tai all abstained from eating meal to show their godliness. Tofu Feast and Potherb Feast are their favorite. Taian Tofu feast includes 150 dishes all made from tofu which are tasted good and nutritious. The local-favored snacks include Millet Pancake and Grilled Meat. Besides, Jiaozi (Chinese Ravioli) is really popular in Taian.

Recommended Taian Restaurants


1. The Mount Tai Restaurant--it located at the conjunction of East Xinmin Road and North Henan Road is a good choice to enjoy Tofu Feast and Potherb Feast. The grilled meat stalls of Taian concentrate in three areas: Lipangzi Grilled Meat Stalls, Huanshan Lu Grilled Meat Stalls and Pingguoyuan Grilled Meat Stalls located at the east of Taian.


2. Lipangzi Grilled Meat Stalls--It is the most famous place to enjoy the grilled meat of Taian. It is located near Dai Temple at the foot of Mount Tai. Tourist can take bus No.1 or No.3 to get there.


3. Huancheng Lu Grilled Meat Stalls--It is located at the east of Red Gate Palace of Mount Tai. The feature of the grilled meat here is that they are cut up to put on a pancake with seasons and then grilled by charcoal fire.


Shopping in Taian


Taian's local specialties include Taishan chestnuts, walnuts, apples, pangolin, Taishan ginseng, haws, peanuts and fresh water pearls. Taishan Red-squama Fish is the number one specialty. It served as tribute in the Qing dynasty, and is now one of five, rare, precious fishes in China.


Taian Travel Guide


Taian Travel Tips: transportation in Taian


1. By Air: The nearest airport to Taian is Jinan International Airport that lies 80 kilometers away.


2. By Train: The Taian Railway station is located south of Dongyue Avenue. There are 47 passenger trains starting and arriving in Taian every day. You can take trains from Taian to the major cities and ports in China.

3. By Taxi: Taxis in Taian are plentiful and all metered. Generally most taxis charge a base fee of RMB 8 for first 2km, each additional km RMB 1.8.


China Travel in Taian: Best Time to Visit Taian


There are four distinctive seasons in Taian, and Mount Taishan shows its varying beauty in the different seasons. Thus, no matter when you climb it, you will be happy with what you see. Even if you go to Mount Taishan in summer (May to Jul.), please don't worry about high temperatures, as you can enjoy the cool atmosphere under the big trees on the mountain.


Additionally, after heavy rain in summer, the whole sky becomes suffused with a red glow. At that moment, standing on Mount Taishan, you would be charmed with the dreamy color. And in fall (Aug. to Oct.), the sky is clear and the air is crisp. So, this period is ideal for you to climb Mount Taishan.

In winter (Nov. to Jan.), though the air is very cold, you can enjoy more opportunities to appreciate the sunrise. By comparison with the three seasons that have been mentioned, the early spring (February to March) is windier. In conclusion, the best time for you to visit there is during April to November. Even in summer, the temperature is much lower at the high altitudes of Mount Taishan. It is advisable to take some warm clothing for your climb.

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