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General Information of China Tianjin


Another Name: Jinmen
Location: In the northern China and bounded to the east by the Bohai Gulf portion of the Yellow Sea
Population: 12.93 million (2010)


Introduction fo China Tianjin


Tianjin, a city in the northern China and bounded the Bohai Gulf. It is one of the five cities in china which are under direct administration of the central government. Tianjin is divide into two parts—Old City and Binhai New Area. The Old City is the one which the Tianjin looks like before. The Binhai New Area is the new face of Tianjin city and it is now the important area of economy in China. At the end of 2010, 285 Fortune Global 500 companies have established branch office in this area. If you want to use some words to describe Binhai New Area, it can be called the base of advanced industry, financial reform and innovation in China. From 2008, Tianjin holds the annual Meeting of the New Champions of World Economic Forum (also called Summer Davos).


The development of Tianjin is originated from the opening of Grand Cannal of China in Sui Dynasty. In the old times, Tianjin was called “Zhigu”or “Straight Port”. Until the time of the Yongle Emperor, it was renamed Tianjin meaning "the Heavenly Ford", to indicate that the Emperor (Son of Heaven) forded the river at that point. Tianjin was promoted to a prefecture in 1725 and established as a municipality of China in 1927.


Famous Attractions in China Tianjin


Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street: Located on the west bank of Haihe River, it is famous for the special architectural styles. Coming to here, you can see lots of classic architectures in different style s and buy some local crafts and snacks. The backgrounds of those architectures are also a reason for you visiting here.


Shi Family Grand Courtyard: It is the former residence of Shi Yuanshi-the 4th son of Shi Wan cheng, one of the eight great masters in Tianjin. Located inYangliuqing Town of Xiqing District, this courtyard has 12 courtyards in Chinese traditional quadrangle style with a long paved path. Here you will find the exquisite crafts and Chinese paintings.


Tianjin TV and Radio Tower: It is sky-high tower over water. The tower is 248 meters high. Tianjin TV and Radio Tower provides service for sightseeing, city’s meteorology, environment protection, transportation, fire protection and communication. It is now a symbolic building in Tianjin city.


Nightlife in China Tianjin


Nightlife in Tianjin city is diverse. You can go to bars and clubs for totally relax. There are lots of bars and clubs which can offer lots of entertainment programs to you. If you are interested in local folk art, you can choose the cross-talk, Jinyun Dagu and Tianjin Kuaiban. They are the famous recreational art forms in this city even in China. The Tianjin Kuaiban is perforend in the Tianjin dialect and the performers follows the rhythm coming from two bamboo boards on the hands.


Food in China Tianjin


The cuisine in Tianjin is mainly about the seafood. Being a coastal city in northern China, Tianjin has an advantage to get the freshest seafood. In Tianjin city, you should not miss the Eight Grat Bowls, Four Stews and the famous snack Goubuli Baozi (steamed buns with filling). Goubuli is the brand name. Its original name was Dejuhao and due to some reason, people gave the name Goubuli to this store. Besides them, the Guifaxiang Mahua is also one that cannot ignore when you have China travel in Tianjin city.


The Must Have Food in Tianjin City


Eight Grat Bowls: Eight dishes with different meat such as mutton, beef, chicken, duck, fish and shrimp. Besides the meat, there are also another Eight Great Bowls in which are vegetarian such as gluten, glue pudding, mushrooms and elephant eggs.


Four Great Stews: It is kind of dishes that contain number of stews such as chicken, duck, seafood, beef and mutton.


Goubuli Boazi: It is the steamed buns with filling and famous for its tastes and materials. Once you bite the baozi, the delicious soup will flow from the baozi and it is fresh and amazing. The skin of it is thin and the filling is seasoned with different flavorings.


Guifaxiang Mahua: It is the twisted dough sticks. It is crisp and sweet. People coming to Tianjin always take some of them as the souvenirs for friends and relatives.


Shopping in China Tianjin


Being a modern city, there are lots of shopping malls, department stores for your shopping. If you are looking for the antique products, the Shengyang Dao Antique Market is the place for you. There are lots of shops selling porcelains, paintings, gold, silver, copper and jade articles.


Tianjin Travel Guide


Famous bars and clubs for nightlife in Tianjin city

Scarlet: A pub located on 3F, No.155, Weijin Lu, Nankai District


Seven Club: Located in No.291, Shaoxing Dao, Hexi District


Starbucks: There are three branches in Tianjin. One is on the 1 F, New World Shopping Center, No.138, Dong Malu, Nankai District, another is on 1 F, Hualian Department Store, No.200, Binjiang Dao, Heping District and the other is on 1 F, Parkson Shopping Center, No.162, Heping District.


U.B.C Coffee: Two branches are in Tianjin city. One is in No.30, Pingshan Dao, Hexi District, the other is in No.88, Qufu Dao, Heping District


Places for Shopping in Tianjin City

Places for Buying Snacks: If you want to buy some snacks as the souvenirs, you can go to the Nanshi Food Street, Heping District Food Street and October Food Street. All these food streets can provide you the most traditional Tianjin snacks and cuisines.


Shenyang Dao Antique Market: Biggest antique market in China and a good place for people who want to buy some antique products.


Shopping Malls and Department Stores: Friendship Department Store(No.21, Youyi Lu, Hexi District), Parkson Shopping Center(No.162, Heping Lu, Heping District), Jinhui Shopping Square(No.189, Nanjing Lu, Heping District)and Isten Shopping Mall(No.209, Nanjing, Heping District)


Supermarkets: Wal-Mart (Nankai District and Heping District) and Carrefour (Nankai District, Hedong District and Hebei District)


China Travel Tips for Tianjin City

Transportation in Tianjin

The transportation in Tianjin is well developed. The Tianjin Binhai International Airport is a key one in the North China and at present, there are 81 international and domestic airlines. From here, you can fly to the major cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chengdu and so on.


The train transport here is also completed. The railway connects northeast China and south China. There are four passenger train station in Tianjin city (Tianjin Train Station, Tianjin West Train Station, Tianjin North Train Station and Tianjin South Train Station). Besides the common ones, there is a high-speed railway connecting Beijing and Tianjin. It was used in 2008. It just needs 30 minutes starting from Tianjin Train Station to Beijing South Railway Station.


In the Tianjin city, the buses are the major meanings of transportation. And if you want to travel to other cities by long-distance bus or coach, there are many long-distance bus stations in Tianjin.

Lots of inter-provincial long-distance buses can take you to Beijing, Shanghai and any other major cities in China.


Best Time to Visit Tianjin


If you want to specify certain months for your China travel to Tianjin, we recommend May and June. In these months, the temperature, weather and sunlight are suitable for traveling in this city.


China Tianjin is a city with long history. It is a great city for people who love architectures and love food. Tianjin city is also an ideal city for your first China travel. Come to Tianjin and enjoy the hospitality and passion of this China city!

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