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General Information of China Urumqi


Another Name: Wu City
Location: In the Western China and in the Xinjiang province
Population: 3.11 Million (2010)


Introduction of China Urumqi


Meaning the beautiful pasture, the name of Urumqi city is from the Mongolian language. Urumqi city is the biggest city in the inland in the Western China. It is also the capital of Xinjiang province. Urumqi city is an exotic city. The main ethnic people in this city are Uighurs and Hui people. Here you will find the Islam the main stream of religious faith. The Uighur is the ethnic group best at singing and dance among the ethnic groups in China. If you are interesting in ethnic groups in China, taking your China travel to Urumqi city, you will get lots of material for your study.


Being the biggest city in the western China and a commercial center and transport node, Urumqi has developed rapidly. At present, the famous trade fair China-Eurasia Expo is held here annually. Besides, it is also the central development target for China Western Development project


Taking your China travel to Umruqi city is a good choice for your China travel. Nowadays, the tourist industry has been one of the most important parts here. If you travel to Urumqi, you should not miss the Geographical Centre of Continent of Asia, Red Hill Park, Tianchi Lake, Xiangjiang Safari Park and Erdaoqiao Bazaar. All these places will give you more details about Urumqi.


Famous Attractions in China Urumqi


Geographical Centre of Continent of Asia: Getting the fame” Asia mainland geographical in the center”, this center is a concept of geography, functioning a series of source culture, source diplomacy and source ecology etc. and containing high cultural quality. Here you can see the: Heart of Asia”.


Red Hill Park: Getting name from the scenery when the sunrise and sunset, the red hill park is a park with legendries. In the park and go up to the mountain, you can get the Urumqi panorama. Here can be called the best place for you to see the panorama of Urumqi city.


Tianchi Lake: Shaped in Quaternary Glacier period, the Tianchi Lake is a famous alpine drift lake in China. It can be divided into four natural view belts and each of them has totally different scenery.


Xiangjiang Safari Park: It is a park with freshness and wildness of nature. There are various wild animals and the largest white tiger breed here. It is the best place for people to get close to animals or take photos.


Erdaoqiao Bazaar: In the center of Urumqi city, this bazaar is a trading hub for goods. Set up in Qing Dynasty, Erdaoqiao Bazaar has served for goods from all over the Central Asia for 130 years. If you want to buy some ethnic group goods, this bazaar is the most suitable place.


Nightlife in China Urumqi


Being a city lived lots of ethnic groups, the nightlife in Urumqi features unique regional culture. When the dark comes, the Wuyi Yeshi becomes busy. It is a place for local food and the most popular gourmet downtown street. Besides, the Entertainment Square of The International Garand Bazaar is busy too where the singing and dancing show starts. You will watch lots of ethnic show here. If you are looking for bar and club life, the Jiefang Nan Lu is the one for you. Lots of pubs, cafes, clubs and bars are set up in the Jiefang Nan Lu.


Food in China Urumqi


For the main stream of religious faith here is Islam, most foods in Urumqi are Moslem food. The famous foods in this city include Baked Mutton Kebabs, Ramen, Grilled Whole Lamb and Xinjiang Pilaf Hand.


Famous Food in Urumqi City


Baked Mutton Kebabs: It is the most famous one among the foods in Urumqi even in the whole China. It needs skill. The baking skill and the seasoning should be dealt with carefully. The best one should looks crispy outside and taste tender, slightly salty and hot.


Ramen: It is the hand-made noodle. The noodle needs stretched for several times in which way the noodle will taste greater and then served with beef or mutton in soup or stir-fried.


Grilled Whole Lamb: Maybe you can have the grilled whole lamb in other cities in China during your China travel, but the one in Urumqi is the top one and the originator.

Xinjiang Pilaf Hand: Cooked with fresh mutton, carrot, vegetables, rice and raisins, the Xinjiang Pilaf Hand is a dish popular at festival. It is delicious and healthy. When you eat the pilaf hand, you must wash hands three times which is the tradition here.


Shopping in China Urumqi


For shopping here, you can buy some ethnic products as the souvenirs of your China travel to Urumqi. The top recommended one is the handmade carpet which is exquisite and artistic featuring vivid color and exotic content. The material of the carpet is wool. The Atlas Silk is also recommended. It is kind of silk with fine intricate patterns and multiple and resplendent colors. This kind of silk is soft, flexible and excellent in quality. If you are interesting in some accessories, the Uygur-style hats, embroideries and jade carving are the good choice for shopping in Urumqi city.


Urumqi Travel Guide


Tips for shopping in Urumqi


If you want to buy some products during your China travel in Urumqi, you can go to places below.

  1. Er Dao Qiao International Grand Bazaar Century Ginwa Shopping Center: Located in No.35 Youhao Bei Lu
  2. Parkson Shopping Center: Located in No.30 Youhao Nan Lu
  3. Urumqi Shopping Center: Located in No. 21, Beijing Nan Lu
  4. Friendly Emporium: Located in No. 14, Youhao Bei Lu


Tips for transportation in Urumqi


Being the capital city in Xinjiang, transportation in Urumqi is convenient. You can take flight out and in this city and lots of major cities in China have flights heading here. For the travel in city, the taxi here will help you a lot. If you want to go to the regions around Urumqi, the long-distance buses will be your good choice.


Best Time to Visit Urumqi


Due to the location, Urumqi is the continental arid climate, the best time to visit this city from May to October. In these months, there will be big harvests for fruits such as grapes and watermelons. The fruits in Urumqi are famous for the quality. Due to the special climate, the fruit here taste sweeter and the color of fruit is brighter.


Urumqi is a great China travel destination for people who want to discover the exotic content and learn the Chinese minorities. China Urumqi is recommended for people who has traveled to China for several times and want to find something more exciting. Being a city connecting China and central Asia, Urumqi city is more than a city but a hub for cultural exchange.

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