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Area: Located in the east end of Shandong Province, Weihai is surrounded by the Yellow Sea in the north, east and south with a 986 kilometers (613 miles) coastline in total. It neighbors Yantai in the west and is separated from the Korean Peninsula and Japanese chain islands by the sea in the east.      


Population: Its population is 2,804,800 at the 2010 census. 591,982 live in the built up area (Huancui urban district).


Features of Weihai City


Weihai is a famous port and tourist city in China. It has charming surroundings formed by mountains and the sea, and many relics.


Culture of Weihai City


With the development of economic construction, and the construction of spiritual civilization, Cultural undertakings in Weihai developed quickly. With complete cultural facilities and orderly cultural market, social cultural activities were colorful, literary arts were fruitful and the achievements of foreign cultural exchanges were conspicuous.


Attractions of Weihai


1. Liugong Island: It is located in Weihai Bay, at the east end of Shandong Peninsula. It is very close to downtown Weihai City, only 20 minutes distance by tour ship.
Because of its natural beauty and pleasant climate, the island enjoys the reputation of 'a fairy isle on the sea' and 'a Garden of Eden'.


2. Liugong Island Expo Park: Liugong Island Expo in Weihai is a comprehensive spot assembling the island's long history and exquisite cultural relics. It mainly consists of four huge colorful murals of jade carving--the expo is a cyclopedia of the Liugong Island.

3. Liugong Island National Forest Park: On the island, peaks and ridges rise one after another. The highest peak is at an altitude of 503.6 feet. The densely wooded island looks like a sea of black pine and verdant cypress. About a hundred spotted deer live here leisurely.


4. Weihai International Beach Bathing Center: The high quality sand, the clear-cut four seasons, the clear sea water all contribute to the prestige of Weihai Beach as a bathing center. The thousands of acres of pine forest on one side of the beach offer cool, shady respite from the sunny beaches.


Weihai Food


Weihai is the birthplace of Shandong cuisine which bears a long history, the coastline is over 900 kilometers long, rich in all kinds of valuable sea cucumber, scallop, abalone, conch, large shrimp, fish and other seafood, determining the characteristics of the Weihai food of which seafood are the main raw materials, especially the production of small marine products. Compared to other parts of Shandong Province, Weihai dishes pay more attention to slicing technique, featuring in fresh, crisp and remaings original flavors.


Shopping in Weihai


Weihai is the nearest city to South Korea in China, so you can buy many cheap Korean goods here. As a coastal city, seafood must be the most famous special products here. If you like seafood, you can buy some in the local market of Weihai. Weihai is the largest factory of fishing pole, and has a high reputation of it at home and abroad. Otherwise, several major shopping malls lie in the city center.


Weihai Travel Guide

Weihai Travel Tips: Transportation in Weihai


1. Subway: Trains commuting between Beijing, Hannan, and Hankou and Weihai are in operation and the holiday express from Weihai to Zibo is also in operation. You can also take bus No.1 and No 12 to get to the bus station.

2. Air Transport: 30 minutes away from the Weihai city proper, Weihai Airport now have flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Harbin, Chengdu, Xian, Jinan. It is only 45 minutes flight from Weihai to the capital of South Korea, Seoul.


3. Highway: Weihai Long Distance Bus Station is at No.74 Dongcheng Rd, next to Weihai Railway Station. You can also take bus No. 3、4、6、7、12、13、16、22、23.
You can also take buses shuttling from Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Dalian, Changchun, Shenyang to Weihai.

4. Sea Transportation: As a port city, Weihai has both domestic and international water transportation. Ferries to Inchon in North Korea are available on every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, departing at about 19:00, and the journey takes about 14 hours. Domestic ferries to Qingdao are available every day, which takes 7 or 8 hours.


China Travel in Weihai


Situated in the mid-latitude zone, Weihai enjoys a temperate continental monsoon climate, with four clear seasons and seasonal winds. Compared with other cities at the same latitude, Weihai has abundant rainfall. Influenced by the sea, Weihai is cold in spring, cool in summer, moderate in autumn and warm in winter. Without winter chills and summer heat, Weihai is perfect for visiting all the year round, especially in summer. 

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