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General Information of Wuhan

Another Name: Chicago of China
Location: Lies at the intersection of middle reaches of the Yangtze and Han Rivers.
Population: 10.02 Million (2011)


Introduction of China Wuhan


Wuhan city is the conglomeration of three districts, Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang. It is a city with a history of 3500 years. In fact, it is older than Beijing, Xian and Nanjing among the ancient cities in China. Its history can be traced back to Han Dynasty when Hanyang became a fairly busy port.


At present, China Wuhan is a major transportation hub and a key role in domestic transportation. It is the center of politics, economy, finance, culture, education and transportation in central China. Wuhan city also gets a name—“The Chicago of China”. It was once the national capital of a leftist Kuomingtang government.


Being an important city in central China, Wuhan city is also a China travel destination for tourists. Here you can find the East Lake, Hubei Provincial Museum, Yellow Crane Tower, Boya Terrace and Guiyuan Buddhist Temple (Temple of Original Purity).


Famous Attractions in China Wuhan


East Lake Scenic Area: It is the biggest tourist attraction in Wuhan city and the largest lake within a city in China. It covers an area of 87 square kilometers and five times bigger than the area of West Lake in Hangzhou city. There are lots of scenic spots such as the Tingtao (Listening to Surging Waves), Mo Hill (Millstone Hill), Luoyan (Diving Wild Goose), Baima (White Horse), Chuidi (Playing Flutes), and Luohong Hills. All these scenic spots have their highlights and specialties.


Yellow Crane Tower: Standing on Sheshan and at the bank of Yangtze. It is considered as one of the four great towers in China.

Guiyuan Buddhist Temple: Being one of the best temples in Wuhan city, this temple is famous for the unique and immense collection of Buddhist doctrine. It was built in 1658. Covering an area of 20 thousand square kilometers, it consists of three halls—Mahavira Hall, Arhat Hall and the Sutra collection.

Hubei Provincial Museum: As one of the famous museums in China, there are large amount of State-level historic and cultural relics. The 20 thousand cultural relics include the famous sword of Goujian and artifacts from the tomb of Marquise Li.


Nightlife of China Wuhan


People in Wuhan like the nightlife and the nightlife in this city is diverse and with passion. Here you can watch the folk performance and you can also go to bars and clubs to enjoy the alcohols. Tea, coffee, wine and whisky compose the main drink of the nightlife in Wuhan city. Nightlife in this China city is suitable for both youth and older.


Famous bar and clubs in China Wuhan includes SOHO, Bistro 98 Pub, Vox Livehouse, Yaohou Pub. If you are looking for the cafes and teahouses, the Janaicablue, Coast Coffee, Luohuo Xiangcao, Wu Family Garden and Bshan Yeyu Teahouse.


Food in China Wuhan


The cuisine of Wuhan city is one of the noted cuisines in China. The fish dishes are the main theme of Wuhan cuisine. Wuhan cuisine features lightly spicy and strong taste. The delicious soups and delicate fish dishes are two important elements in the Wuhan cuisine.


Famous Food in Wuhan City


Steam Wuchang Fish: A famous dish in Wuhan with a history of over 1700 years. The main materials include fresh water Wuchang fish, mushroom, bamboo shoots and chicken soup. The famous Chinese chariman Mao Zedong once praised this dish. This dish taste fresh and it keeps the original flavor of the materials.


Xiaotaoyuan Soups: Composed by several soups such as chicken soup, spareribs soup and duck soup. It is famous for the restaurant Xiaotaoyuan. The soups made here are fresh taste and nutrients.


Hongshan Vegetable Bolts: Made from a kind of red vegetable grown in Hongshan District in Wuchang, it is a dish taste crisp, tender and refresh. This dish can be found in each restaurant of Wuhan city.


Shopping in China Wuhan


Being the biggest city in central China, Wuhan has attracts lots of famous malls and investments for the shopping environment in this city. It is a main shopping center in central China. Here you can find lots of world renowned brands and lots of exquisite domestic brands. Besides, the local folk artworks are also must-buy things during your China travel to Wuhan.


The popular shopping streets and malls in Wuhan city include Han Zheng Street, Hanjiang Walking Street, Xianggang Street, Wuhan Mall, Wuhan Square, International Trade Square, Zhongshang Shopping Center, New World Department Store and Wangfujing Department Store Wuhan.


Wuhan Travel Guide


Famous Bars, Clubs, Cafes and Teahouses in Wuhan city


  1. SOHO: No.158, Lanling Road, Yanjiang Avenue, Jiang’an District
  2. Bistro 98 Pub: No.558, Jianshe Avenue, Jianghan District
  3. Vox Livehouse: Guoguang Mansion, NO.118, Lumo Road, Hongshan District
  4. Yaohou Pub: No.82, North Luoshi Road, Wuchang District
  5. Janaicablue: No.1616, Zhongshan Avenue, Jiang’an District
  6. Costa Coffee: No.634, Jiefang Avenue, Jianghan District
  7. Luohuo Xiangcao Cafe: Hongshan Dypass, Shuiguo Hudong Er Road, Wuchang District
  8. Wu Family Garden: No.124, Nanjing Road, Jianghan District
  9. Bashan Yeyu Teahouse: No.737, New Minzhu Road, Wuchang District


Where to Have Famous Wuhan Cuisines


  1. Kanglong Taizi Restaurant: No. 226, Yanjiang Dadao, Hankou
  2. San Wu Chun Restaurant: No. 5, Xinhua Lu
  3. Fu Sheng Restaurant: No. 1 Er Yao Lu, Hankou


Tips for Transportation in Wuhan


Known as the important transportation hub in central China, the transportation in Wuhan includes taxi, bus, train, air and coach. When you have a city travel in Wuhan, the buses are the most convenient ones. If you are in a hurry, the taxi can do you big favor. The airport in Wuhan can offer lots of domestic flights everyday heading to the major cities in China such as Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. Trains here can take you to every corner of China. Besides, there is CRH connecting Beijing and Wuhan which will just takes few hours for your China travel between this two cities.


Best Time to Visit Wuhan

The best time to visit Wuhan is in March, April and October. During the spring, the temperature is between 15°C (59 °F) and 20 °C (68 °F) and it is comfortable for your China travel in Wuhan city. And in October, it is hottest month for Wuhan travel.


Being the biggest city in central China, Wuhan city is a city with long history and advanced industry and technology. Besides, the China travel resources in Wuhan are various and that is why China Wuhan is one of the most popular China travel destinations in China. Visit Wuhan, Discove the Chicago of China.

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