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General Information of Wuxi


Another Name: Little Shanghai, Pearl of Lake Tai
Location: Borders Changzhou to the west and Suzhou to the east.
Population: 6.37 million


Introduction of China Wuxi


Wuxi, having a nick name of “Pearl of Lake Tai”, is a charming city with distinctive characters which you can find in its dialect, art types, architectures and water way transportation. In China, Wuxi is also one of the art and culture centers of “Jiangnan” due to its devotion to the Jiangnan art and culture. Here you can find the famous Chinese writer Qing Zhongshu who wrote the book Fortress Besieged, a comedy of manners set in China in the 1930s.


Being a famous Jiangnan city in China, Wuxi now is a famous China travel destination for people who want to view the amazing Jiangnan scenery and experience the traditional Jiangnan culture.


Famous Attractions in Wuxi


Lake Tai: Wuxi is just on the shore of this lake. At present, Lake Tai has been the most important tourist resource for Wuxi travel. When you travel to Lake Tai, you must see the Islet of Turtlehead (Yuantouzhu), the Island of the Deities (Taihu Xiandao) and the star of Lake Tai where you can enjoy both lake scenery and city scenery.


Mount Xi: It is a small hill in the west of Wuxi and the classic royal Ji-chang-yuan gardens are at the foot of Mount Xi and the “second spring under heaven” too. Visiting Mount Xi, you will view the beautiful sceneries of mount and can get close to the nature world.


Lingshan Great Buddha: It is one of the most awe-inspiring sights in Wuxi and the largest stature of the Buddha in the world. The Lingshan Great Buddha is along the shores of Lake Tai in Wuxi. This bronze colossus stands 88 meters tall and its lotus flower pedestal brings the entire structure to over 100 meters.


Three Kingdoms Flim City: It is in the southwest suburb of Wuxi and is the base of CCTV Television. At present it is also a must-see attraction during Wuxi travel. Here you can find lots of architectures building in the style in ancient China and traveling here you can experience the royal life of ancient China.


The Nightlife of Wuxi


The nightlife in Wuxi is colorful at recent years. The entertainment industry in Wuxi now is developing sustainably. There are two famous bar streets. One is in Hubin Lu in the south of Wuxi and other one is the 1912 Bar Leisure Corridor. Besides the life of Bar, Wuxi is a city famous for its art and the water. There are lots of galleries, theaters and cinemas for people who are the artists or dilettantes. If you are interesting in the night view of a city, the one in China Wuxi will delight you. The night view in Wuxi is gorgeous. You will find the both side of the Grand Canal decorated by the colorful lights and the whole atmosphere is unbelievable.


The Food in Wuxi


Famous for its Wuxi-style spare ribs, the sweetened pork dumpling and fried gluten, Wuxi cuisine is among the top cuisines in China. Wuxi cuisine focus the seasonal ingredients and it use some seafood such as crab, fish or lake products to enhance the natural taste meantime it can retain the original flavor. In Wuxi, you must know there are three kinds of Wuxi cuisine. One is the Wuxi dishes, another is the boat dishes and the last one is the Capital dishes. All these dishes are popular in Wuxi and each of them has its own fans.


The Must-try Food in Wuxi


Wuxi Sweet and Salty Spare Rib: It is cooked by a special technique with the materials such as rice wine, soy sauce, ginger, anise, cloves and black peppercorns and with this technique, the food will give a rich taste.


Bean Curd in Casserole: It is kind of food which is white and soft. It tastes fresh and is rich in nutrition.


Shopping in Wuxi


Talking about the shopping in Wuxi, you cannot forget things such as the aquatic products, the Huishan clay figurines, pearl, Yixing Zisha teapot and some food products including the Sanfengqio soy sauce spare rib and honey peach.


If you want to find some shopping mall for you Wuxi travel, you can go to the Wuxi Yaohan, The Sanyang Parkson Plaza, New World Department Store and Commercial Building, and shopping streets like Zhongshan Road, Jiangkang Road, Qingshi Road and the pedestrian street near Nanchan Temple.


Wuxi Travel Guide


Famous Bars and clubs for foreign tourists


  1. DaJiuDian ABC Nightclub -- 85 RenMin Zhong Road
  2. Hong ShanHu Dance Club -- 589 NanChang Street
  3. Wuxi Xingguang Nightclub -- 9 ChangDa Street, Chongan District, Wuxi


The Famous Places for Shopping in Wuxi


Zhongshan Lu Commercial Street: An ideal street for shopping which has integrated the entertainment, shopping and restaurants. Here you can find various brands and several department stores are waiting for your visiting.
Location: Chong’an District, Wuxi


Renmin Zhonglu: It is a flourishing shopping district in Wuxi. It is a place for people who love clothing.
Location: Chong’an District, Wuxi


Tips for Transportation in Wuxi


The most famous transportation in Wuxi is the public bus. Its public bus network is famous in China. In Wuxi, you can find the buses for sightseeing. Besides the bus, the taxi in Wuxi is also a great one for your Wuxi travel. The fare is that 8 Chinese Yuan for the first three kilometers and 1.8 Chinese Yuan for each additional kilometer. If you want to leave for other cities by road, Wuxi has prepared several bus stations for your plan. In the bus station, you can catch the buses heading for the airports in Shanghai (both Hongqiao and Pudong) and other cities such as Changzhou, Suzhouu and Zhouzhuang.


Wuxi is a wonderful China city for tourists in the world and all the info above has shown how Wuxi is and how to plan your tour in this city. If you plan to have a China Wuxi Travel and want to find out something Wuxi Travel Guide, this article may be useful for you. And with it , it is believed you will have a nice time during your Wuxi travel.

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