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Name: Wuzhen
Location:  Tongxiang of Zhejiang Province, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Hangzhou, and 140 kilometers (87 miles) from Shanghai.
Feature: Historical Water Town

General Information of Wuzhen


As its name "Black Town" suggests, most decorated archways in Chinese water town Wuzhen are black. There is an "East Village" and a "West Village" in Wuzhen—which is regarded as one of the most beautiful China water towns. East Village is mainly for tourism. However, in order not to make it too commercialized all the houses except for several spots beside the roads are closed in Wuzhen water towns in China. 

West Village in Chinese water town Wuzhen is a district mainly for tourist accommodation. There are all kinds of inns and hotels here. West Village is best seen at night. It is said that the lighting here is wonderful.

Wuzhen Chinese Water Town is located in Tongxiang of Zhejiang Province, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Hangzhou, and 140 kilometers (87 miles) from Shanghai. The world famous Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal runs through the town, which endows this ancient group of water towns in China-- Wuzhen Water Town with rivers and canals crisscrossing the whole area. 

With a history of more than 7000 years, Wuzhen Water Town in China gathers all the unique features of Jiangnan (downstream area of Yangtze River) water towns. It perfectly maintains the former styles and features of ancient water towns. 

On the river banks of Wuzhen Chinese water town, there are a large amount of ancient residential houses, workshops and stores with a total area of more than 169,600 square meters (42 acres), accounting for 82 percent of Wuzhen’s total ground area. 

Most of the buildings in this Chinese water town Wuzhen were built during the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1912). Wuzhen Water Town in China has been listed by UNESCO into the reserve list of world cultural heritages.

Among all the beautiful China water towns south of the Yangtze River, Wuzhen has become especially noted for its history and culture. Original ancient town scenery like bridges, waterways and houses are well-preserved. 

Architecture Features of Wuzhen

A special thing about Chinese water town Wuzhen is that some of the houses beside the river are built on pillars to lift them above the surface of the waterway. Wooden or stone pillars are fixed into the waterway bed, crossbeams are fixed to the pillars, and wooden boards are fixed on to form floors.

This architectural feature is called a “water pavilion”. This is part of the original architecture of Chinese water town Wuzhen. The water pavilion is really “on the waterway”. There are often windows on the three sides of this feature, facing the waterway of China water towns Wuzhen, through which people can have a wonderful view of the watery scenery.

However, with water pavilions, people in Wuzhen water town in China get closer with the water. With water pavilions, the scenery of Wuzhen becomes more charming. With water pavilions, the temperament of Chinese water town Wuzhen is more elegant. With water pavilions, the history of Wuzhen becomes more cultural. Water pavilions are only present in the water town of China water town Wuzhen and they make this place charming.
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