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General Information of China Xiamen


Another Name: Amoy
Population: 3.53 Million
Location: Located in the southeast coast of China and in the Fujian province


Introduction of China Xiamen


China Xiamen, a coastal city in the southeastern China, is one of the famous China travel destinations. It is a city with a long history. The history of Xiamen city can be traced back to the Han Dynasty. Until Ming Dynasty when a General built the “Xiamen Castle” on the island to defend against Japanese pirates, this island was famous in China. If you have a chance to have a Xiamen travel, you can find the lots of relics in this city such as the Huishan Fortress which was built in Qing Dynasty.


Xiamen city is consisted of six districts which are Huli, Siming, Jimei, Tong’an, Haicang and Xiang’an and covers an area of 95.1 square kilometers. In 19 century, Xianmen city was a treaty port and now Xiamen city is one of the four special economic zones opened to foreign investment and trade. Xiamen is also one of the most important harbor cities and one of the international tourism cities in China.


Located in the sub-tropical zone, the climate is comfortable in four seasons which takes this city a top choice for the China travel whenever you go to China. Here you will find the environment clear, the air fresh and the people warm. The great environment and eco system make Xiamen city the home of the egret which is protected by Chinese government. The former president of America Nixon praised this city the Hawaii in the East when he visited this city in 1985.


Famous Attractions of China Xiamen

Huishan Fortress: It is listed in Guinness World Records of 2000 year and is one of the national key historical and cultural sites in China. Built in Qing Dynasty, it was used for defending the Japanese Pirates and protecting and country. At present, these are some new buildings built at this site such as the wall carvings and “rong spring” which add the more energy to this sceni spot.


South Putuo Temple: It is a famous temple in Xiamen city. This temple covers an area of 25.8 hectares and a building area of 21270 square meters. Built on the south of Putuo Mountain, the buildings of this temple spread over a mountain slop of complicated topography with a generally solemn and magnificent atmosphere.


Wuyi Mountain: Being a famous mountain in China, Wuyi Mountain is a valuable natural and cultural heritage in China with famous scenic spots such as Nine-Twist Stream, Dawanfeng (Great King Peak), Jade Maiden Peak, Heavenly Tour Peak (Tianyoufeng), Taoyuan Cave (Taoyuandong), Dazhufeng Snake Garden and Wuyi Mountain Nature Reserve and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a good destination for you to get close to the nature and the beautiful scenery of Wuxi Mountain will attract you and allure you.


Gulangyu Island: It is a place free from all the motor vehicles and serenely peaceful. There is the he " World Architecture Museum" "Piano Islet" and the Xiamen’s main landmark Sunlight Rock is on the island.


Nightlife of China Xiamen

Being one of the first four cities opening to the foreign trade, nightlife in Xiamen is colorful and diverse. There are lots of bars, clubs, KTV and cafes. When the dawn comes, the lights of the whole city are turned on and the Xiamen city seems in the daytime. If you are a night animal, nightlife in Xiamen will delight you. Lots of clubs, bars and cafes are waiting for you. They are also the best destination for party animals. If you are not interesting in these places, the night market is also a good place. The most famous night market in Xiamen city is in the Huili Walking Street and Zhongshan Road. There you can find lots of handicrafts and local specialties. If you just want to have a walk around the city, you can go to the costal, the beach and sea at night of Xiamen are also beautiful and charming.


Food in Xiamen


Talking about the food in Xiamen, the seafood must be the first one mentioned by people who have been to Xiamen. At present, Xiamen has been one of the top choices for gastronomes domestic and international. Why is the seafood the representative of Xiamen cuisine? The seafood in Xiamen is extremely fresh and there is a long history of eating seafood in Xiamen since the Qing Dynasty. With various sauces and seasonings, the seafood cooked in Xiamen will activate your slept taste buds. Besides the seafood, in Xiamen, the herbal meal is also a famous cuisine in Xiamen which is healthy and suitable for urban life.


Famous Food in Xiamen

Tu Sun Dong: A seafood dish made of “Xing Chong”. It is a cold dish and this dish pay lots of attentions to the seasonings such as vinegar, chili, catsup, mustard and garlic.


Peanut Soup: It is a dessert made of peanuts and complicated production process. It is sweet and a best mate of dim sums such as steamed stuffed buns and twisted dough sticks.

Spring Roll: A kind of fried rolled pancaked filled with slices of vegetables, meats and seafood. It is food used in traditional festival.


Shopping in Xiamen


If you want to go shopping during your China travel, Xiamen city will satisfy you. Being a special economic zone in China, the shopping environment here is great. There are lots of shopping malls and shopping streets provide large scale of products such as home appliances, fashion clothes, jewelries, jade handicrafts, art wares, antiques and lots of traditional Chinese products such as calligraphy and paintings.


There are some places recommended to you for shopping in Xiamen. The first one is the Zhongshan road, which is the most prosperous street in Xiamen and with hundreds of shopping malls installed in the street. The second one is the Lady’s Street which is a fashion street in Xiamen and a street loved by ladies. The third one is the Longtouu Road which is on the Gulangyu Island and a street famous for the souvenirs. The last one is the Fushan Business Circle which is also called the “one-stop” shopping area with famous malls and stores such as Fushan Chengda Shopping Plaza, Holiday Shopping Mall, Wucun Hualian Department Store, Friendship Shopping Mall and World Trade Center.


Tips for Xiamen Travel


Recommended Restaurants for meal


Restaurants of Seafood

Jiali Seafood Restaurant: A restaurant with great environment, good service and genius seafood.
Address: 3-4F, Baofu Building, No.819, South Hubin Road


Shuyou Seafood Restaurant: A renowned restaurant in Xiamen
Address: 1-4F, Podium Building of Mansion of Bank of China, North Hubin Road, Siming District


Restaurant of Herbal Meal

Lujiang Restaurant: A restaurant with an amazing view of sea and excellent herbal meal


Other Restaurants

Huang Zehe Peant Soup Restaurant (Zhongshan Road Branch): A good place for you to enjoy the snacks such as peanut soup, oyster pancake, Shacha Noodle.
Address: No.22, Zhongshan Road, Siming District


Havana Restaurant: A good restaurant for foreigners and good at western meal
Address: No.88 Villa, Lianhua Lingxiang Lane, Siming District


Travel Tips for Transportation in Xiamen

The transportation in Xiamen is convenient. You can take flight, train and bus to this city. The airport in Xiamen is an international airport named Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport. There are flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Guilin, Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Xi’an and so on. Besides the domestic flights, there are flights to Hong Kong, Macau, Bangkok, Singapore, Manila, Seoul, Amsterdam and Osaka.


If you want to take train to Xiamen from other cities in China, there are more than one hundred trains come and go from Xiamen railway station. The big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanchang, Chongqing, Kunming have trains come and go from Xiamen. Even more, the train to Fuzhou, Shanghai and Hangzhou is the bullet trains.


Urban Transportation

There is a well-developed city bus network. More than 50 bus routes cover nearly all the main areas of Xiamen city. The cost of taking the city bus is low but the experience is excellent. Friendly reminding, there are special-line minibuses whose terminals fixed on the heads.


There is a ferry to the famous Xiamen attraction Gulangyu Island. It is operated from 5:30 to 00:20 and every 15 minutes there is a ferry shuttles between Gulangyu Island and Xiamen urban area.


Best Time to Visit Xiamen City


The best time to have a Xiamen city is in the spring and autumn when the temperature and climate are suitable for traveling around the city.


China Xiamen, a garden on the sea, is a beautiful China city. In Xiamen city, you will experience a life of leisure and relax. Xiamen travel will be a travel that takes you to experience the charm of EASTERN HAWAII.

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