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Location: Located in northeastern Hebei
Population: with a population of 320,000
Xinglong Overview: Xinglong County is a county of northeastern Hebei, China, bordering Beijing Municipality to the west. It is under the administration of Chengde City, with a population of 320,000 residing in an area of 3,116 km2.


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Attractions in Xinglong

Wuling Mountain: Wuling Mountain is located in the northwestern of Xinglong County. Regards as a famous mountain from of old, The Wuling Mountain was originally known as the Fuling Mountain. It is now regarded as Yellow Mountain in North China. In its unique location, abundant with natural resources that add to the scenery, there are several natural reserves for protecting wild animals and the forests.


The four scenic areas include Waitao Peak (Main peak), Xianren Pagoda, Dragon's Pool and Qingliangjie; the seven scenes include Wuling Sea of Clouds, Sunrise at Wuling, Snow-covered Wuling, Wuling Buddha Radiance, and Wuling Forest, Sunset at Wuling, and Wuling in autumn.


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Xinglong climate has the obvious vertical variation, as it is a mountainous county. The average temperature of the whole year is between 6.5~10.3 ºC. Summer is hot and humid, while winter is cold and dry. The best time to visit Xinglong is from mid-April to mid-October, which is also the suitable time to visit Wuling Mountain.

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