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General Information of China Xining

Another Name: Summer Capital
Location: On the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and in the province of Qinghai province
Population: 2.2 Million


Introduction of China Xining


China Xining, the largest city on the Qinghai- Tibet Plateau, is the capital of Qinghai province. Consisted by four urban areas, in 2010, the number of inhabitants in Xining city is 2208708. It is a city inhabited lots of minorities such as Tibetan, Hui, Man and Tu. Being a China city mixing various minorities, the religious in this city includes Islam, Tibetan Buddhism, Chinese Buddhism, Taoism and Catholicism.


Xining city is a city with a history of 2100 years. Once it was the commercial hub along along the Northern Silk Road's Hexi Corridor and some time it was the base of Han, Sui, Tang and Song dynasties' resistance against the nomadic attacks from the west.


Being a capital city of Qinghai province, Xining city is the center of economy, culture and politics of Qinghai province. It has abundant resources such as plants, animals, mineral products, salt lake resource, water power, oil, gas and metal. All these resources have taken Xining city new chance to develop itself and speed up the pace of economy development. Besides, being one of the important China travel destinations, the tourism resource also devote a lot to the economy.


Famous Attractions of China Xining


Qinghai Lake: Getting the fame of Green Lake, Blue Sea or Fairyland, Qinghai Lake now is a top summer resort with comfortable temperature and climate all year around. Besides, it is the largest inland and salt water lake in China mainland. If you want to close to birds, this lake is also an excellent place. At present, Qinghai Lake has a birds nature reserve where inhabits more than one hundred thousand birds.


Ta’er Monastery: It is one of the six biggest monasteries of the Yellow Hat Sect (Gelugpa Sect) of Tibetan Buddhism. It is built in memory of the founder of the Yellow Hat Sect Tsong Khapa. It is located in Huangzhong County 30 kilometers away from Xining city. This monastery is the complex of the Tibet style architecture and Han style buildings. There are three unique works of art in Ta’er Monastery referring to butter sculpture, appliques and murals.


Northern Buddhist Temple: Renowned as the Bright Pearl on the Southern Path of the Silk Road, Northern Buddhist Temple is a temple features the both Buddhist architecture and Taoist architecture. Here you will find 99 caverns with four layers including a single cave and cave groups inside Northern Buddhist Temple arraying from west to east.


Food in China Xining


Food in Xining features distinct flavor and the materials of local cuisine are originated form the local products. There is one thing should be mentioned about the cuisine in Xining. Lots of dishes here use the Flabelliform Nostoc which is recognized as an effective TCM product used to treat high blood pressure and GI problems. So it is said food in Xining city is a healthy one for people.


Recommended Food of China Xining


Niangpi: It is kind of snack and made of wheat. With the process of kneading dough, washing dough and steaming dough, the raw material of niangpi is made. Mixing with various seasoning such as vinegar, hot chili oil, chopped garlic and mustard, the delicious snack is finished.


Boiled Mutton: It is a traditional food in Xining and it can be eaten in three ways--steaming with mixed oil, eating directly with salt and frying.

Noodle with gut strings: It is a famous food in Xining city. The noodle is cooked with the gut strings and seasoned with the soup made of scallion, ginger, pepper and carrot. The noodle taste fresh and the soup is delicious.


Shopping in China Xining


Having a China travel to Xining, shopping in this China city will take you a different experience. Being a city in the Western China and a city living various minorities, there are lots amazing handcrafts and various exotic products such as the clasp knife, embroidery and butter sculpture. Xining is also well known for its abundance of excellent quality wool which is the best material for a variety of fabric.


Tips for China Travel to Xining City


Famous places for shopping in Xining

Dashizi Department Store: One of the large scale stores in Xining City, about 37,500 kinds of commodities are available here.
Address: No.53, Dong Dajie


Xidajie Department Store: A multi-services department store carries a wide variety of goods and includes restaurants, offices and a recreational center.
Address: No.43, Xi Dajie


Qingbai Commercial City: It is a shopping place attracting a great deal of customers with its wide variety of merchandise and comfortable shopping environment. Many popular brands are available here.
Address: Wusi Dajie


Drygoods Department Store: If you want to buy some local products, this store is your destination. A wide variety of local products are available here. There is an endless array of local goods such as the exotic products.


Tips for Transportation in Xining


Urban Transportation: Being one of the must-go tourism destination in China, the local government has built a completed bus network for better serving tourists. The local bus system has two kinds of buses. One is the automated collection buses and the other is the mini-buses which are none-self service. You can choose buses to get the scenic spots. Besides the buses, the taxis in Xining are also good friends of tourists. Local taxi drivers are warm and hospital and the service is great


Best Time to Visit Xining

The best time to visit Xining is in the summer, when the cool desert temperatures of Xining will comfort you and drive the heat away.T hat is why Xining gets the fame of ‘Summer Resort Capital of China’.


China Xining, the summer resort capital of China, is a city you should not miss when you plan a China travel. The history, culture and sceneries of Xining city will value your trip here.

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