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Poetic Slender West Lake, Humanistic Ancient Yangzhou


Yangzhou Travel Guide 1: Main Yangzhou Facts


Another Name: Guangling
Location: Located in the south of Jiangsu Province, bordering the provincial capital of Nanjing to the southwest, Huai'an to the north, Yancheng to the northeast, Taizhou to the east, and Zhenjiang across the river to the south.
Population: with a population of 4.6 million
Yangzhou Overview: Yangzhou itself is a museum of Chinese culture and a beautiful Chinese garden. Small and quite as it is, you have an easy access to all latest modern convenience here, too, while enjoying traditional heritage. Through all the ages, scholars and poets have lavishly praised Yangzhou in prose and poetry, pouring their love and yearning for this city in the most beautiful language. This is the only city in China that receives such an honor and it deserves, too.


Yangzhou Travel Guide 2: Yangzhou Culture


Yangzhou culture not only has an important bearing on the value of cultural relics, but has already been considered a tradition and trend permeating the blood of local people. It is an open culture in a comprehensive and creative way. Yangzhou drama storytelling in a local dialect and puppet show are cultural forms favored by the local people. The inscriptions in ancient books belong to the precious cultural legacy of Yangzhou China, while the calligraphy and paintings from the Eight Eccentric Artists of Yangzhou have far-reaching influence on the art of Chinese drawing in modern times.


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Attractions in Yangzhou


1. Slender West Lake: The soul of natural beauty in Yangzhou China should be the Slender West Lake lying to the northwest of Yangzhou City. Like a long wide green ribbon, its beauty lies in the rippling waters, winding dikes, arching bridges, dancing willows and colorful flowers along the bank. 24 attractions along this delicate lake make up a huge water scene.


2. Ge Garden: There are many fine ingenious private gardens of some very famous figures. The Ge Garden in Yanfu Lu in the downtown area should be a representative one. The intriguing rockery layout of four seasons in the garden shows originality and intelligence, and the exquisite buildings betray the superb artistic taste of the host.


3. Daming Monastery: The part of Buddhism occupies an important place among the many influences on Yangzhou culture. The 1,500 years old Daming Monastery in the northern suburb is claimed to be the national Buddhism treasure, for it gathers lots of cultural relics and temples as well as having beautiful garden scenery.


Food in Yangzhou


Yangzhou food belongs to the Huaiyang cuisine, one of the four best known cuisines in China, which is popular in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. It first appeared in the Sui Dynasty and has a history of 1,200 years.


Huaiyang dishes have a pleasing appearance. Besides emphasis on broth, Huaiyang dishes feature high-quality ingredients and meticulous preparation, with care taken to maintain the freshness and authentic flavors of the food. Dishes incorporating freshwater-food and meats cooked in Huaiyang style are eminent. Huaiyang dishes are delicately braised, stewed or soasted and the most famous include stewed pork ball, stewed fish head, shredded pork in chicken soup, steamed hilsa herring, stewed pig's feet, etc.


Shopping in Yangzhou


What to Buy in Yangzhou China


Jade articles and lacquer wares produced in Yangzhou are famous. They are the representatives of Yangzhou handcrafts.


Yangzhou pickles have a long history. It is famous in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces. Being one of the representative snacks in Yangzhou, Yangzhou pickles taste fresh, sweet and crisp.


In addition, there are other famous local special products like fluffy toys, paper cuttings and bonsai (potted landscape).


Where to Buy in Yangzhou China


The busiest shopping street in Yangzhou is Wenchang Road. All the large shopping centers are located along the street. The Siwangting Road near the Wenchang Pavilion is a popular food street among the locals. Fluffy Toy Markets, Daqilinge Tea Snack Shop, Golden Engle International Shopping Center and Wanjiafu Shopping Center are recommended shopping centers.


Yangzhou Travel Guide 4: China Travel Tips for Yangzhou Tour


Best Time to Visit Yangzhou China


Located in the subtropical humid climate zone, Yangzhou has four distinct seasons consisting of moist summers and dry winters. July is usually the hottest month with an average temperature of 28C (82.4F) and January is the coldest with a mean temperature of 1C (33.8F). The rainy season lasts from June to July. Typhoons often occur in August and September.


Generally, the best time to visit Yangzhou is during March to April. At this time, various flowers around the Slender West Lake are blooming with a riot of color, especially the pure white Wild Chinese Viburnum. In this season, Yangzhou portrays a sunny and vigorous image of a water city. Every year from April to May, the March International Economy & Trade Tourist Festival of Yangzhou is held in the theme of carrying forward the local culture of Yangzhou. Various activities include the Yangzhou Food Festival, local theatrical performances and a cruise around Yangzhou.


Information on Yangzhou Transport


Coming and Going in Yangzhou China


Yangzhou is not connected by rail, but it is easily accessible. A bus journey from Shanghai takes about 3.5 hours, from Suzhou, about 2.5 hours, from Nanjing about 1 hour.


If you go into Yangzhou from Shanghai or Suzhou, you will pass the 3,740-metre-long Jiangyin Changjiao Daqiao, the longest bridge over the Yangzi River in China.


The nearest airport is at Nanjing - tickets can be booked at major hotels.


Getting Around in Yangzhou China


City transport is convenient, for most public buses run from 06:00 to 18:00. Taxis are cheap: Starting price of RMB5 or 6.


The bus guide for some substantive scenery spots of Yangzhou: The west bus station (Bus No.21) - Slender West Lake (Bus No.1) - Ge Garden - He Garden (Bus No.19) - the west bus station The Taxi: The started price is RMB5, and it costs less than RMB10 to get to any scenery spot you prefer to go to in the scope of the city. If you have an interest in traveling by tricycle, you should pay RMB5 more or less.

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