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General Information of Yichang


Another Name: The World Capital of Water and Electricity
Location: located at the Eastern entrance to the three gorges, in Hubei province of China
Population: with a population of 4,150,000





The scenery of Yichang city

Interesting in Yichang

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Introduction of Yichang

The bird-eye view of Yichang city

YIchang City View

Yichang Overview: Yichang is an ancient city with a history of more than 4,000 years. Yichang has abundant natural and historic sites. Mountains, caves, stone forests, and waterfalls form picturesque scenes that have brought visitors here for centuries. Besides the magnificent scenery, Yichang is famous for its local products: oranges, persimmons, Chinese gooseberries, tea, etc. They are sold in the streets and lanes and delight visitors with their excellent flavor.


Culture of Yichang


Ethnic Minority Culture in Yichang

Yichang is rich in ethnic minority culture. Altogether Yichang has 31 ethnic groups. The largest ethnic minority group is the Tujia. They make up 9.5% of the city's population. The Tujia people are particularly good at traditional ensembles of Chinese wind and percussion instruments. Many different ethnic dances and kinds of music can be found in the city. There are Tiaopi Dances, Dihuagu Dances, and Huaguzi Dances.




Famous Attractions in Yichang

The Bird-view of Three Gorges Dam Project, a famous attraction in Yichang

Yichang Three Gorges Dam Project


1. Three Gorges Dam Project: It is the world's largest hydropower project, located in the middle section of Xiling Gorge in Yichang China. The landscape along the Three Gorges is like a traditional Chinese picture, and the precious cultural relics ranging from the Paleolithic Age to the modern times add a human touch to the area.


2. Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project: As the experimental dam of the Three Gorges Dam Project, Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project is located in Yichang China. At the first sight of this giant project, people will surely be astonished at its size and the majestic waterfall pouring from water gates. It is a feast to eye and imagination.


3. Chinese Sturgeon Museum: Chinese Sturgeon Museum is a part of the Chinese Sturgeon Garden which is located in Xiaoxita Town, in Yichang China. During your China travel to the Chinese Sturgeon Museum, you will have the opportunity to enjoy seeing not only Chinese sturgeon but also Russia sturgeon, American Paddlefish, Amur sturgeon, Hybrid sturgeon and many more. What is more, you will also have the chance to see the Chinese alligator.


Food in Yichang

Famous Yichang dish

Famous Yichang Dish


Yichang Cuisine

Although Yichang belongs to Hubei Province, the traditional Yichang cuisine is quite similar to that of Sichuan and is characterized by a spicy and pungent flavor. Prickly ash, hot pepper and chili powder play an important role in the dining of Yichang people. Bacon is another distinctive dish often found here. With the improvement in people's living standard, even ordinary people in Yichang pay much attention to healthy and nutritional dining. The culture of eating has become fashionable here.


Local Snacks

The local snacks here are also popular. Liangxia (cold shrimp), which gets its name from its shape, is made of rice, corn and brown sugar. It tastes cool and is even better after mixing some ice water in it. Cold Cordate Houttuynia in Sauce, with its tender, crisp taste, is popular among the locals as well as some visitors.


Western Food

Western food is becoming more fashionable here. You can find many western fast-food restaurants, including KFC, McDonald's and Pizza Hut, in the streets and lanes of Yichang City. They stand out with their unique flavor and refined atmosphere.


Shopping in Yichang

Famous Yichang Green Tea, a good souvenir for tourists to Yichang

Yichang Green Tea


What to Buy in Yichang China


Yichang abounds in citrus fruits. It is recorded that about 2,000 years ago, citrus trees were planted here. The locals regard citrus tree as their city tree. Benefiting from its climate, the citrus here is juicy and sweet, and enjoys great prestige both at home and aboard. There are a great number of citrus varieties in Yichang, including red citrus and navel orange. Red citrus is named after its orange red flesh. It is a fine variety and the skin of which is thin and the flesh is tender. And the navel orange, which is also named as seedless orange, is big and sweet.


Yichang is also known as the “hometown of tea” and the tea varieties are no less than that of the oranges. Green tea is the best of them. Chunmei Tea, Jasmine Chunjian Tea, Yihong Kungfu Tea, Cactus Tea and Luyuan Tea are all valuable varieties and welcomed by the tea drinkers. Where there is tea, there is tea service. Zhaojun Tea Services made in painted pottery factory are smooth in color and luster.


Where to Buy in Yichang China


As a modern city, there are lots of shopping malls and department stores in Yichang China. They offer the locals a great convenience in their daily life. For the visitors, they are also a good place for shopping during their traveling. There are two commercial centers in Yichang: one is near Yiling Square and the other is on Jiefang Road.


Guomao Mansion is the largest comprehensive shopping place in Yichang China, located in Yiling Square, Dongshan Road. Yasi Shopping Plaza is a famous local chain supermarket selling numerous commodities, located in Gongyi Mansion, Yiling Road. Shi Dai Shopping Plaza is in No.52, Jiefang Road, Yichang


Apart from the above, there is a Wonder Stone Street in Yichang which sells Sanxia Stone mainly. Some other antiques, calligraphy and paintings are also visible here. It is a good place for people who are interested in Chinese culture. And Shui Jing Chang (Crystal Factory) is a tourist shopping center of Yichang. Visitors can find crystal products as well as souvenirs there.


Nightlife in Yichang

Performance of Changyang Dancing Show, a famous nightlife program in Yichang

Changyang Dancing Show


Traditional Performances

The folk culture and art of the Tujia people is a high point of Yichang's tourism. The unique Changyang dancing show, adapted from the local funeral dances, is always enjoyed by visitors. It combines entertainment and body-building and has gained a high reputation throughout the country. Now, visitors can enjoy these traditional performances in selected tourist locations. A witchcraft show is put on in Sanxia Ancient Military Camp, while the Baren dancing show and Tujia trappings show can be seen in Sun and Moon Village.


Pubs & Bars

Like most cities in China, at the end of the working day people jostle with each other in bars, discos, KTV (karaoke) and other places of entertainment. Jiefang Road and Ermalu are two popular areas for dining and social activities. Some recommended entertainment venues and cafés in Yichang are included Diamond Times KTV, Club Deluxe KTV, Tango Nightclub, Hongfan Club (nightclub style bar), Hongfan Club (nightclub style bar), Dragon Bar (modern bar), David Café and Beaner Coffee.


Yichang Travel Guide


China Travel Tips for Yichang Tour-- Best Time to Visit Yichang China
The beautiful view of Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project, a famous attaction in Yichang

Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project


Yichang is in a sub-tropical monsoon zone with four distinct seasons. It enjoys abundant sunshine and rainfall, and the average annual temperature is around 15ºC (59ºF). June and July are the hottest months as well as the plum rain seasons-a period of unsettled weather with frequent, soaking rains and the temperature is about 25ºC (59ºF) on average.

It is not wise to visit in summer; because the plum rain at this season brings great trouble for transportation. The winter is fairly cold, which is not suitable for travel either. The best seasons for visiting are spring and autumn, when the weather in Yichang is favorable and pleasant.




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