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Yichun Travel Guide 1: Main Yichun Facts


Location: Located in the northeastern area of Heilongjiang Province
Population: with a population of 1,320,000
Yichun Overview: Yichun is Manchu for place teeming with animal pelt. In recent years, the city of Yichun has made good use of its forest and ecological resources to develop forest tours. A good ecological environment has provided shelter for over 600 wild plants, many of them of medicinal and therefore economic value. In 2001 Yichun was selected by the National Tourism Administration as one of "China's Excellent Tourist Cities".


Yichun Travel Guide 2: Yichun Culture


Festivals in Yichun
Yichun Forest Eco-Tourism Festival (July); Yichun Winter Photography Festival (January)


Ethnic Minorities of Yichun
To learn more about the folklore of the ethnic minorities in Yichun, visitors can get to Wulaga Town in southeastern Jiayin County, a compact community of Oroqen ethnic minority which is one of the smallest minorities of China, and Nianfeng Township which is a major settlement for the Chaoxian (Korean) ethnic minority.


Yichun Travel Guide 3: More Yichun Information on Yichun China Travel


Attractions in Yichun


1. Wuying National Forest Park: Wuying National Forest Park, together with Fenglin Nature Reserve in Wuying County, has the largest and most well-preserved Korean pine forest in Asia.


2. Yichun Dinosaur Museum: It is the largest dinosaur museum in Northeast China on the right side of the Water Park in downtown Yichun.


3. Folk-Custom Garden of Korean: It is located in Yunshan Village of Nianfeng Korean Township which is 7.5 kilometers from Tieli City. Apart from folk performances, visitors can also please their palates by tasting the traditional food of the Korean ethnic minority.


Food in Yichun


Because of the tradition, Yichun’ s food shows the deep local color of Dongbei District. And the special point is the delicious live game, such as wild mushroom, potherb, fungus and so on.


The Yellow Flower and Edible Fungus
The Yellow Flower’s alias is Lily flower. The nutrition is very rich. Fresh product contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, carotene, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, is known alkaline food. Maize


Soup (Suan Tang Zi)
It is used the maize flour to ferment for some days. The taste is sour to help our digestion.


Fry Pork (Bao Guo Rou)
To put the pork with potato starch into the pan and to fry, the fragile and fresh taste make it became famous snack in Yichun.


Yichun Travel Guide 4: China Travel Tips for Yichun Tour


Best Time to Visit Yichun China


Yichun enjoys a frigid-temperate zone continental monsoon climate, it is cool in summer, is an ideal place of preventing sunstroke. And it is a white world covered by snow in winter.


Therefore, the best time to visit Yichun is summer and winter. Summer is best for drifting in forested areas and autumn is a colorful season to view the stunning forests and mountains. The snow-covered forests shall be the most beautiful scene in winter.


Information on Yichun Transport


Yichun is situated in the northeast of Heilongjiang province, it has a very convenience transportation, it is connected by the railway and freeway in the whole province.


By Air
Yichun is 350 km from Harbin Taiping airport, and 150 km from Jiamusi Mengguli airport. Travelers can get Yichun very easy through these two airports.


By Train
A train ride to Yichun costs 32 Yuan to 56 Yuan and takes about 8 hours from Harbin while 20 Yuan to 30 Yuan and around 6 and hours from Jimusi.


By Bus
Yichun Passenger Transportation Center offer express coach services to major neighboring cities like Harbin, Jimusi, Daqing etc. The fare starts at 1 Yuan within the city.


By Taxi
The flag-down fare is 6 Yuan, and 1 Yuan per kilometer after the first 3 kilometers. Most taxi rides within the city cost around 10 Yuan.

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