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General Information of China Zhaoqing


Another Name: Duanzhou
Population: 40.5 Million
Location: Located in the Southern China and in the Midwest of Guangdong province.


Introduction of China Zhaoqing


Located in the Pearl River Delta region, Zhaoqing is a famous tourist hub and a city with a history that can be traced back to Qin Dynasty. Zhaoqing city is China first batch outstanding tourist city with its great environment, beautiful sceneries and completed construction of infrastraction. Here, in the Zhaoqing city, its history and culture will make you love it.


Talking about Zhaoqing, there is one thing must be mentioned. The Language –Cantonese was born here. It is the birth place of Cantonese. If you are a fan of Cantonese, China travel to Zhaoqing will be good for your study of Cantonese. Besides, Zhaoqing city is the birth place of native culture of Lingnan area. This city was the core area for the exchange between Han culture and Lingnan culture and the place where the exchange between Western culture and Chinese culture appeared in the ancient time. Zhaoqing is also called the capital of ink-stone.


There are lots of beautiful sceneries such as Seven Star Cave, Dinghu Mountain, Guangning Bamboo Forest and the Ancient Wall of Song Dynasty.


Famous Attractions in China Zhaoqing


Star Lake Scenic Area: It is the state 5A-class tourist scenic spot and the Wonder of Lingnan. In the scenic area, you can find the Seven Star Cave which is famous for the inscriptions on precipices, Dinghu Mountain which is named as the Emerald on the Tropic of Cancer and is the top one among the famous mountains in Guangdong province.


Song Ancient Wall: It was built in Song Dynasty and well-kept by local people. Until now, the ancient wall is nearly the same as the time it was built. The ancient wall has four gates and the design of the whole wall is completely with the principle of defences.


Shopping in Zhaoqing


If you wan to do some shopping in Zhaoqing, the shopping environment here is great. Lots of shopping centers set up in this cities. Besides, lots of shopping streets are also the great one for shopaholics. If you want to buy something during your China travel, the Duanxi ink-stone and jade accessories are the best things to buy in Zhaoqing city.


Duanxi Ink-stone: It is the best ink-stone in China. Made of excellent raw materials and carved with delicate patterns, the Duanxi ink-stone was always the tribute in the ancient time.


Food in Zhaoqing


The cuisine in Zhaoqing is the Teochew cuisine which belongs to the Min Nan Cuisine. If you love Teochew cuisine, in Zhaoqing city, you can taste the traditional Teochew cuisine.  The famous dishes in Zhaoqing are Wenqing Carp and Maixi Carp, Luodong Beef and Longtan Steam Pig’s Feet with Lotus Root.


In Zhaoqing, there is a food street in the Seven Star Scenic Area where you can find various featured restaurants. Besides the food street in Seven Star Scenic Area, the Zhenbao Food Street is also the other one good choice for you.


Tips for Transportation in Zhaoqing City


If you want to visit Zhaoqing city, there are three ways to get to this city—subway, waterway and highway. There are several trains coming to Zhaoqing city from the main cities in China such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen. If you want to use the waterway, you can take the lines between Zhaoqing and Guangzhou, Zhaoqing and Zhongshan, Zhaoqing and Jiangmen and Zhaoqing and Wuzhou. For the subway, there are several bus station in Zhaoqing, you can choose coming here from Sichuan, Guangxi and Hunan provinces.


Best Time to Visit Zhaoqing City


The best time to visit Zhaoqing city is in September to October. During this time, the climate is good and sceneries are the most beautiful ones all year around.


Zhaoqing City, a China city in Guangdong province, is a city you shoud not miss during the China travel. Being a first batch of tourist cities in China, China Zhaoqing welcome people from all the world.

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