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General Information of China Zhengzhou


Another Name: Green Capital
Location: North of the province's center and south of the Yellow River
Population: 8.62 million


Introduction of China Zhengzhou


Zhengzhou, the important city in the central China, is one of the Eight Ancient Capitals in China. It is also a major transportation hub for Central China. Located on the southern bank of Yellow River, China Zhengzhou is just like pearl on the Central China.


Zhengzhou was the capital city of China during Xia, Shang, Guan, Zheng, and Han Dynasties. In the ancient time, it was also a strategically important area in central China. At present, Zhengzhou has been the transportation hub connecting north China and south China and the west and east. Lots of trains go across Zhengzhou city, and these bring Zhengzhou a new chance to develop and improve it.

Once was the capital of China, there are many culture relics and natural scenic spots in Zhengzhou city such as Yellow River Scenic Spot and Yellow River Museum. If you want to know the history of Yellow River and the origin of Chinese, Zhengzhou travel will tell you about them.


Famous Attractions in China Zhengzhou


  1. Yellow River Scenic Spot: The Yellow River is the second largest river in China. The Yellow River Scenic Area embraces five scenic spots, namely the Five Dragons Peak, the Camel Mountain Range, the Yueshan Temple, the Stone Figures of Yandi and Huangdi, and the Ancient City of Liu Bang and Xiang Yu. Among them, the Five Dragons Peak is the central area.
  2. Yellow River Museum: Imperial Tablet the rocks of the key engineering projects of the Yellow River.


Nightlife of China Zhengzhou


If you are a fan of bar, tea house, KTV or café, the nightlife in Zhengzhou will satisfy you. In Zhengzhou city, the main activities are mainly singing in KTV or going to bars, tea houses and cafes. Besides, the famous Chinese opera Henan Opera is other choice for your nightlife in Zhengzhou. Being one of the important Chinese operas, Henan Opera (Yu Opera) pays attention to the singing and roles. It is a way for you to know the lifestyle of Zhengzhou people.


Food in China Zhengzhou


The cuisine in Zhengzhou is called Yun cuisine. Although Zhengzhou is not in the north China, people in Zhengzhou take the cooked wheaten food as the major one in their daily life. Talking about the Yu cuisine, it features the careful choice of materials and various cooking style.


The Must-have Food in Zhengzhou


Cooking carp in three styles: It is dish that you can have three tastes with the carp. The three cooking styles will used to cook the three parts of the carp. You will taste the fried carp, sweet and sour carp and the carp soup just in one dish.


Hui Mian (noodles with mutton and vegetables): A popular snack in Zhengzhou city. It cooks the noodle in the mutton soup and then adds some materials such as the cooked mutton, citron daylily and agaric. It tastes great with the fresh mutton soup.

Men Bing (a kind of stew cake): It is an improvement of layer-cake. The Men Bing contains the pot meat and some seasonal vegetables.


Shopping in China Zhengzhou


Having Zhengzhou travel, you may need some souvenirs for your China trip. In Zhengzhou, the Miyu Jade and the lacquer ware made of Chinese parasol are two great choices. The Miyu Jade feels tender and it is a source of making jewels. The jewelries made from the Miyu jade are crystal clean and shining with green color. The lacquer ware is a folk craft in China and it features not being changed easily and burst apart and bearing heat.


Zhengzhou Travel Guide


Famous Bars and Cafes in Zhengzhou city for foreign tourists


  1. Coco Conception Pub: No.221, Shangcheng Road, Guancheng District
  2. Hongla Fang Club: No.220, Zhongyuan Zhong Road, Zhongyuan District
  3. C’est La Vie Café: No.2 Building, International Trade Center, Fengchan Road, Jinshui District
  4. Wheat Café: Near the crossing of Dongming Road and Hongzhuan Road in Jinshui District


The Famous Places for Shopping in Shenzhen


There are Erqi Business Circle, Huayuan Road Business Circle and Bishagang Business Circle for your shopping.

  1. Erqi Business Circle: In this Circle, you can find the Beijing Hualian Department Store, Parkson, Dashanghai Mall, Dennis Department Store, Zhenghong Mall and Jinboda Mall.
  2.  Huayuan Road Business Circle: There, several large-scale megastores line up each other: Zhonghuan Department Store, Jiashijie Department Store, Huayuan Commercial Building, Zijinshan Department Store, Zhengzhou International Trade Center, etc.
  3. Bishagang Business Circle: It is the most prosperous business area in west part of Zhengzhou City.


Tips for China Travel to Zhengzhou


Transportation in Zhengzhou city


In Zhengzhou, the most convenient transportation is the bus. Being the capital city of Henan province, the bus system in Zhengzhou is developed one. The bus can take you to the every corner of this China city. Besides, the taxis here are always good for people who need spend less time on transportation. If you want to go to Kaifeng city, the long-distance bus station in Zhengzhou will help you. Here you can find various long-distance buses head to Shaolin temple, Kaifeng and other cities near Zhengzhou.


Tips for traveling to Kaifeng from Zhengzhou  

There are public buses between Zhengzhou and Kaifeng. The numbers of the buses are NO.101, NO.102 and NO.103. The No. 101 starts from 6 am to 21 pm, the NO. 102 from 7 am to 7 pm and the No. 103 bus from 6 am to 10 pm.


Being the capital of Henan province, there is an airport in Zhengzhou. It has the airplanes flying between Zhengzhou and other major cities in China even Hong Kong and Macau. If you want to take flight to other cities in China, by air is other way for your leave for Zhengzhou or leave Zhengzhou.


China Zhengzhou, the important city in the Central China, is the transportation hub of China and it is an ideal tourist destination for people. China travel to Zhengzhou will be a China travel that impress you a lot and will make you fall in love with this charming city.

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