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City of Roman, Zhuhai China



General Information of Zhuhai City


Another Name: City of Romance, Chinese Riviera
Location: Borders the Macau Special Administrative Region (north and west), and 140 km southwest of Guangzhou
Population: 1.56 Million (2010)


Introduction of Zhuhai


Zhuhai, one of the five special economic zones, is now entitled the Art Composing Base of Guangdong province by the provincial government due to the active and flourishing development in art composing. In Zhuhai, you will find lots of artists. If you are an art fan, Zhuhai is an ideal place for you where you can experience the leading art and in Zhuhai. Being a city of art, Zhuhai has held the Art Festival for 3 times, Sound of Seaside Concert for 17 times, Children's Artistic Flower Exhibition for 12 times.


Zhuhai is also a city with the outstanding environment and it was awarded as the Best Model of International Residential Environment Improvement by UN. Zhuhai travel is kind of travel that relax yourself, take you more close to the nature far away from the urban noise.


Information for Shenzhen Travel

Being one of top 40 travel destinations in China, Zhuhai has its own beauty to attract tourists from all over the world. Here you will see both natural landscapes and cultural heritages.


Famous Attractions in Shenzhen

The New Summer Palace: Officially opened in 1996, the New Summer Palace is a replica palace-and-gardens complex with lush green mountains bordering it on three sides, of which the nearest is Lanpu Dashilin Mountain. It is the copy of the Summer Palace in Beijing which was destroyed in Qing Dynasty.


Wai Lingding Island: Part of the Wanshan ("Ten Thousand Hills") Archipelago. Wai Lingding Island is graceful and sublime. There are luxuriant flowers and trees all the year around, providing much beauty. Wai Lingding Island is renowned for its natural beauty, its fresh sea air and its mild climate. Situated where the mouth of the Pearl River meets the South China Sea, Wai Lingding Island is the perfect island hideaway for the tourist in search of peace, harmony, and beauty.


Meixi Memorial Archways: It is an area has very beautiful garden scenery, and its service facilities are excellent. The archways are, as indicated, embellished with a mix of Chinese and Western-style motifs exquisitely carved into them, such as the legendary Eight Immortals, various auspicious beasts, human figures, flowers and fruit, and calligraphic works.


Shijingshan Park: It is a beautiful park with great scenery, there are cable cars to the top of the mountain where you can see all around Zhuhai, and also you can take the rail slide back down or walk the steps, hire boats on the boating lake and enjoy a walk round in the sunshine. The park is free of charge.


The Nightlife of Zhuhai


Zhuhai is a place for art and it also a good place for people who want to have an amazing nightlife. The nightlife in Zhuhai is energetic and in the evening. Here in the evening, you can watch lots of shows and performance in this city. If you are interesting in night cruise, it is just part of Zhuhai nightlife. Maybe you are a fan of bar and club, there are Shuiwan Bar street.


The Food in Zhuhai


Being a city in Guangdong province, the cuisine here is affected by the Cantonese cuisine. Being one of first special economic zones in China, the exotic cuisines are easy to be found in this city. If you are a food lover, Zhuhai is the destination for your China travel.


The Must-have Food in Zhuhai


  1. Hengqin Oysters (Hengqin Sheng Hao): Famous for the large size, meaty body, white color, tender taste, and crisp texture both hereand abroad. With the cooking skill of local chefs, it will make you run at the mouth.
  2. Doumen Peeler Crab (Dou Men Zhong Ke Xie): Famous for the thick, hard shells, the crabs taste tender and fresh.
  3. Baiteng Lotus Roots (Baiteng Lian Ou): Famous for the thickness and large size. Tasting particularly good in autumn, the lotus roots are a rich source of vitamins minerals. It is also a popular gift for tourists sharing with friends and relatives.


Shopping in Zhuhai

Talking about the shopping in Zhuhai, there are some places should be mentioned where you can find the paradise. Lotus Shopping Street, South Yingbin Road Commercial Area, Jingshan Road Commercial Area, Qinglv Road Commercial Area and Wan Chai Seafood Market are the best places for shopping. Besides, some big international supermarkets such as Carrefour, Vanguard and A Best are other places for your shopping in Zhuhai.


Zhuhai Travel Guide


Famous Bars, Café and Teahouse in Zhuhai city


Bars in Zhuhai city

  1. The Allen Club
  2.  Jack & Magic Pea
  3. Red Bar
  4.  Live Bar
  5. Cafés in Zhuhai City
  6. Bossa Nova Music Café
  7. Pele Coffee

Teahouse in Zhuhai City

  1. Hometown Teahouse
  2. Huoxinghu Cinema
  3. New Yuan Ming Palace
  4. Ocean Spring Resort Dream Theater
  5. Sanguiting Teahouse


The Famous Food Street in Zhuhai


  1. Yindo Food Street: Part of five-star Yindo Hotel. It is inspired by the famous Chinese painting Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival. There are numbers of restaurants on the streets and you can find both Chinese style and Western style cuisines here.
  2. Wan Chai Seafood Street: It is an excellent place for tasting seafood. Here you can buy the fresh seafood then go to the restaurant to ask for cooking. You just need to pay the fees of cooking.
  3. Wan Chai Seafood Street: It is the most traditional Zhuhai food street where you can experience the tradition of Zhuhai. Many local specialties in Zhuhai are here.


The Famous Shopping Area in Zhuhai


You can go shopping at these places: Lotus Shopping Street, South Yingbin Road Commercial Area, Jingshan Road Commercial Area, Qinglv Road Commercial Area, Zhuhai Duty Free Store, Maoye Department Store, Jusco Zhuhai Shopping Mall and Xiangzhou Department Store.


Tips for Transportation in Shenzhen


In Zhuhai, the most common means of transportation are public bus, coach/bus and taxi.


The bus is the most convenient transportation in Zhuhai city. The bus station waiting hall in Zhuhai is in a unique harbor garden style. The price for bus is that 2.5 Yuan for an air conditioned bus and 1.5 Yuan for a common bus).

Coach/Bus Transportation
The highway system in Zhuhai is developed and it near covers all the counties and towns in Zhuhai. The highway coaches run to and from lots of major southern cities in China.

It is a common one in the Zhuhai city and the fare for the taxi is not so expensive. The starting fare is 10 Yuan (it will changes when the time is after 0:00 am), plus 2.4 Yuan for each additional kilometer after that.

Zhuhai city is a city in Southern China with lots of amazing attractions. It is also an ideal tourist destination for people from all around world. If you want take a Zhuhai tour and look for tips for Zhuhai travel, this Zhuhai travel guide will be a good tool for your Zhuhai travel.

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