Best Time to Visit China

When is the best time to visit China? You may face this problem when you make a China travel plan. To many people, they think there is a certain time when it is the best period for China tour, but in fact, nearly the whole year is the best time to visit China. Whenever you visit China, there are beautiful sceneries for you. When you decide to do a China travel, you just need to pay attention to the seasons for China travel which decide the destinations and cost of your China tour.


Beautiful Jiuzhaigou Scenery in Summer when is the best time to visit China

Beautiful Scenery of Erhai Lake in Lijiang


1. FAQs about Best Time to Visit in China

Beautiful Scenery of Great Wall in Beijing China, summer is the best time to visit it

Beautiful Scenery of Great Wall in Beijing China

Q: When is the best time to visit China?
A: Whenever it is, it is the best time to visit China


Q: When to visit China is suitable for my first China travel
A: If it is the first time for you to have China travel, September and October are the best time for you. During this period, the sceneries in the top 10 destinations such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin and Lhasa are amazing.


Q: When to go China is the best time for my family vacation
A: If you have a limited budget, the period from November to February will be the top choice for you. If you do not have such a problem, any time will be suitable for you.


Q: When to travel to China will be suitable for visiting Great Wall?
A: In four seasons, the sceneries of the Great Wall are totally different. In spring, the Great Wall is in the green sea. In summer, it is in the sea of flower. In autumn, you just see the Great Wall in golden color. In winter, the whole Great Wall wears crystalized clothes, shining and charming.


Questions above are the most common ones related to the best time to visit China. In fact, whenever you go China, it will be a best time to visit China. This marvelous land will show you the most beautiful sceneries and well prepared itself for tourists in China.

The great Emperor Palace--Forbidden City in Beijing China, best time to visit it is in Spring

Beautiful Scenery of Forbidden City in Beijing China


In four seasons, there are different travel destinations recommended for your China travel. For example, in spring, you can go to Longsheng, Guilin, Hangzhou and Suzhou. In summer, you can visit Kunming, Lijiang, Shangri-La. In autumn, Beijiing, Shanghai and Jiuzhougou are the great destinations and in winter, Sanya and Harbin will perfect your China travel. If you ask people who have been to China when the best time is for your China travel, they may ask where you want to visit and your budget. Why? This is because the travel destinations in China decide when the best time is to visit and so the budget


For tourism in China, the whole year is suitable for traveling. You may ask if it is suitable for people traveling to China all year around, why there are three seasons for tourists. If you want to know the answer, please continue.


In China, the tourism industry divides one year into three periods according to the number of tourists in China at that time. They are the high season, shoulder season and low season. The high season means at this period, the number of tourists are the biggest in one year for China travel, the shoulder one means less than the high season and the low one means the number at this period is the least of a year.



2. Best Time to Visit China-- High Season

Beautiful Scenery of Longji Terrace in Longsheng Guilin, best time to visit it is in Summer

Scenery of Longji Terrace in Longsheng Guilin


High Season: The period of high season is April, May, September and October. This season is the hottest China travel season. Most people choose this season for visiting China. In this season, the sceneries in the whole China are beautiful, wherever you visit in China, the sceneries will allure you. Besides, the climate of this season in China is perfect for tourism.


Recommended Recommended Travel Destinations in High Season: Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin, Hong Kong, Kunming, Shangri-la, Chengdu, Chongqing, Jiuzhaigou, Lhasa and Zhangjiajie


Recommended Recommended Activities in High Season: Yangtze River Cruise, Li River Cruise



3. Best Time to Visit China -- Shoulder Season

Beautiful Lavender Flower Sea in Shangri-la China, best time to visit it is in Shoulder Season

Beautiful Lavender Flower Sea in Shangri-la China


Shoulder Season: The period of shoulder season are March, June, July, August and November. During this period, some destinations may not be as beautiful as it is in high season and the climate is not perfect. The rain and sun heat are often during this period. But you must know all these do not mean this period is not the best time to visit China. If you want to see the beautiful countryside or avoid the fierce summer, this time is the best for your China travel. Besides, in this season, you can join in lots of festivals of ethnic groups in China which will lead you to know more about Chinese minorities.


Recommended Recommended Travel Destinations: Kunming, Shangri-La, Lijiang, Dali, Xishuangbannan, Anshun, Kaili, Guilin, Longsheng and Yangshuo



4. Best Time to Visit China -- Low Season

Beautiful Beach Scenery in Sanya China, best time to visit it is in winter

Beautiful Beach Scenery in Sanya China


Low Season: The period of low season is December, January and February. The climate of this season is the worst one among the three seasons. The whole season is in winter. Although winter is not very suitable for traveling, it is a good time for people who have limited budget, who want to ski and who want to experience the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival). In low season, the price for China travel is the lowest and you can visit more places with the money needed in high season.


In winter, the famous ski resorts start to work in northern China, you can ski if you travel in China in low season. From December to February, the whole world is in winter, but if you travel to China Hainan province, you will enjoy a comfortable winter vacation. It is warm here. The famous international island Sanya is in Hainan province. The cost of visiting Hainan province is less than visiting Southeast Asia, Oceania and Hawaii.

Recommended Recommended Travel Destinations: Beijing, Harbin, Sanya, Haikou and Xiamen




5. Specials: Best Time to Visit Tibet

The marvelous Himalayas in Tibet China, best time to visit it is in Summer

The Beautiful Scenery of the Himalayas in Tibet

Being a province in the area of Qinghai-tibet plateau, the period of sunshine is longer than other places in China. The special location and climate decided summer will be the best time to visit this place. In summer, the whole Tibet is in the sea of flowers and the temperature is comfortable. If you visit Tibet in August, you can join in the celebration of Shonton Festival. This festival is a big event for Tibetans. Lots of activities are held during the festival such as performing Tibetan Opera and showing Buddha paintings.


When is the best time to visit China? It is believed you may have the answer after reading the essay. Best time to visit China is decided by your plan, your budget and your travel destination. The whole year in China is the best time for traveling. If you still have questions about when to visit China, please contact us, our professional travel advisor will help you.


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