Travel Tips for Tour Booking

Travel tips for China tours are important for both China tour planners and China tour packer. Throw off your papers of books and read our condensed China travel tips offering by our professional travel advisors. 


1.Travel Tips for Booking Your China Travel with Online Travel Agents

If you are the first time to come to China with online travel agents, you must pay attentions to the points mentioned below


I. Finding a reliable online travel agent whose base is in China and is in this field for years. Besides, the certifications of the travel agent are also important. 

China travel tips for booking tours with online travel advisor--Talking with Your Travel Advisor

Talking with Your Travel Advisor


II. Talking Detailes with Your Travel Advisor


A. Traveling Date of China Travel: When you want to start your China tour, 


B. Number of People in Your Travel: How many people will be in your group

C. Destinations of Your China Travel: Where you want to visit

D. Activities in Your China Travel: What you want to do during your China travel

E. Food and Accommodation in Your China Travel: What you want to eat and what kinds of hotels you want

F. Personal Taboo and other special requirements.

III. Reading your itinerary carefully and communicate with your travel advisor as soon as you get trouble with it. Besides, if you have any other new requirements, you had better tell your travel advisor quickly so that he/she can revise your itinerary and figure out the final one for you.

IV. When your final itinerary is done and you accept it and prepare for the payment, you must know the points below.

China Travel Tips--Must Reconfrim the Payment of your China tour

Making Payment

A. Most China Travel Agent accept three types of payments: credit card, telegraphic transfer and Paypal

B. The most economical type of payments for your China travel is telegraphic transfer. The handle fee is less and it is safest and reliable.

C. If you do not want to use the TT (telegraphic transfer), the Paypal is a second choice recommended for your China travel. Most China travel agents use Palpay for charging the fees. The handle fee is higher than TT, but it is also safe.

D. The credit card is the type of payment not recommended by many China travel agents. At present, more and more cases related to the credit cards are revealed and card fraud becomes a big issue all around the world.

V. When payment is done, please confirm it with your China travel agent in order to make sure all the process of booking is finished and without any problems.

Tips: If you need the travel insurance, you must tell your China travel agent


2. Travel Tips for Preparing for Your China Travel

Visiting China is not as different as visiting other countries, but there are still useful tips for your China travel especially it is your first time to come to China

I. Things You Need

A. Passport (Please check the available time of your passport before leaving for China)


China Travel Tips--Remembering Your Passport

Preparing for Your China Travel

B. Visa (At present, when you come to China, a Visa is necessary and it will be done by your China travel agent)


C. Itinerary Copy and Address Book ( The Itinerary Copy is provided by your China travel agent and the address book must record the number of your relatives, friends and number of your guide in China so that you can ask for help when meet urgent things.)

D. Necessities such as personal care, medicines, clothes and other accessories. (If you come to China in summer, please take the sun-block things such as the cream, hat and glasses. If you come to China in winter especially you come to northern China, the booths and down jackets are needed.)

E. Note, Pen and other things that can help you with communication and urgent issues. (Although your china travel will accompanied by guide, but sometimes, you may face something unexpected, the note and pen will help you)

F. Friendly Reminding, if you travel in China for a long period, you had better ask for a mobile phone which will do a great favor during your tour. With it you can call for help or get touch with your guide, travel agent immediately when you are lost or facing problems.

G. Some cashes and credit cards (VISA, Master and American Express) are also needed to take with you. It is necessary to take some cashes for you. You can use them to exchange the Chinese RMB then you can use the RMB to buy things. If you buy things in the local mall or shopping center, the credit cards will be useful!! Most malls and shopping center accept credit cards with VISA, Master and American Express.

II. General Knowledge You Must Know about China

A. Traditions, Customs and Taboos of local people. There are 56 ethnic groups in China in which there are 55 minorities. In order to avoid some troubles you may meet during your travel, knowing the traditions, customs ad taboos are a good thing for your China travel.


Ethnic Groups in China, you shuold pay attention to the taboos, traditions and customs

Ethnic Groups in China

B. The general situation of the destinations you will visit. It is good for your travel. When you get a general idea about the destinations you go, you will know where to visit and what the best is there. You will get better experience during your China travel.


C. The number of emergency call. Maybe you think it unnecessary to know the number, but in fact, nobody what will happen next. It is better for you to know the numbers.
Police & Patrol 110,
Traffic 120
Medical: 120
Fire: 119
Traffic Accident: 122

D. Some transportation knowledge. The first one is the size of your packages. Most domestic airlines has limited the size of packages
Carry-on Baggage--Size: 20×40×55 centimeters (8×16×22 inches)/ Weight: 5 kilograms (about 11 pounds)/ Thick: 20cm after folding
Check-in Baggage: First Class-40Kg/ Business Class-30Kg/ Economy Class-20Kg

E. Things about Tibet. If you plan to visit Tibet, you must understand there is a Tibet Permit for foreign visitors, so if you find there is a handle fee for the permit, please do understand it. And there is mountain sickness during your China travel to Tibet, so you may consider whether your physical condition is suitable for Tibet travel.

F. Things about Yangtze Cruise. It is a journey on the Yangtze River. There are two itineraries for Yangtze Cruise—Upstream (Chongqing to Yichang) and Downstream (Yichang to Chongqing). When you decide to have Yangtze cruise in your travel, please tell your travel advisor so that he/she can arrange a better ship for your China travel.

G. Things about China hotels. It is a big issue for your China travel. In China, there is a system to evaluate the standard of hotels. There are 5, 4, 3 star hotel standard. The 5 star one is the highest with the best facilities and service. The 4 star is the second level with amazing facilities and service. The 3 star one is one with the necessary facilities but the service is also great. If you have budget on the accommodation, you can choose the inns in China which are clean, comfortable and cheaper.

H. Cuisines in China are various and you can also find the western and other countries’ cuisines in this country. If you want to have some local food experience, you should know more about Chinese Food.


3. Travel Tips for Traveling in China

I. Things to Buy

A. Local Specialties: They are the representatives of local culture. They are suitable for your China travel souvenirs.

B. Ethnic Groups’ Handicrafts: They are exquisite and made by the traditional skill. And each handicraft can tell you a story of this ethnic group.

Beautiful Thangka in Lhasa, which is a traditional handicraft of Tibetans and good souvenir for China travel

Thangka, a traditional handicraft of Tibetans



C. Local handicrafts are also recommended for you. They are not expensive but their artistic value and culture value are countless.

D. Chinese Painting and calligraphy are good choices for souvenirs. They are the representatives of Chinese culture and more and more people around the world like them.

Friendly Reminding: All these you should take at the big stores or local famous stores. You can also buy them from the local shopping streets and malls. The price and quality is better than the ones from small stores.

II. Things to Eat

A. The most famous local food is recommended for your China travel. They are the representatives of local cooking culture and moreover, some of them are the representatives of Chinese dietary culture.

B. Some famous local snacks. It worth you to have a try of the local snacks, they are made with special skill and with the local specialties.

Friendly Reminding: All these you should take at the big restaurants or the local famous restaurants which are good in condition and food quality.

III. Things to Do

A. During your China travel, you have free time to enjoy your own time. For this period, you can go shopping and have fun at bars and clubs. There are lots of malls, bars and clubs in each destinations of China. Besides, the local special shows such as Chinese operas or acrobatics are also good choices.

Foreign Tourists learn Chinese Calligraphy, a recommended activity for your China tour

Foreign Tourists learn Chinese Calligraphy



B. If you want to learn some Chinese things, you can take activities such flying kites and visiting schools or take classes to learn Chinese calligraphy, cuisine, opera or some embroidery.

C. In some suburb, you can join the life of local residents. It is a big chance for you to experience the various life style of China.

Friendly Reminding, before you begin to take some activities, you should know details about them and find a reliable agent to arrange them form you.

Other Useful Information for China Travel


Top Destinations for Visiting China

If you are the first time to visit China, the top destinations in China will do you a favor. All these destinations are selected by foreign tourists who have been to China or who have been in China for years. These top destinations will be the window to show you how Chinese history and culture are and what the real life Chinese people have. They are also the guide for learning knowledge about China

Yangtze River Cruise, a popular way to enjoy your China tour

Yangtze River Cruise

I. Hot Destinations: Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Lhasa, Chengdu, Chongqing and Kunming

II. Featured Destination: Hangzhou, Dengfeng, Kaifeng, Xiamen, Pingyao, Tianjin, Dunhuang, Lijiang, Jiuzhaigou, Sanya, Macau, Yangshuo

III. Destinations for Nature Landscape: Zhangjiajie, Anshun, Huangshan, Dali, Shangri-La and Longsheng

IV. Destinations for Human Landscape: Suzhou, Luoyang, Fuzhou, Zhuhai, Changsha, Shenyang and Wuxi.

V. Destinations for Culture: Jingdezhen, Nanning, Yinchuan and Urumqi

VI. Destinations for Vacations: Haikou, Qingdao and Harbin

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